Half Off Tickets to These Hot Attractions!

Wet ‘n Wild and Capone’s Dinner & Show Offer Half-Price Tickets

Editor’s Note: The Wet ‘n Wild closed for good December 31, 2016. This post is for reference only to what was an awesome Orlando water park. Capone’s continues to thrive and STILL offers half-price tickets when purchased online.


It’s a hot summer, and one of the best ways to cool off (other than seeing the show in Capone’s air-conditioned theater) is by visiting a water park. Even better is visiting a water park at half the cost! Now through August 16th, 2014, Wet ‘n Wild is offering tickets for guests that arrive at the park after 5:00 p.m. at half price! You’ll have four hours to cool off!

Wet 'n Wild Orlando Aqua Drag Racer

The Aqua Drag Racer™ was delayed in its opening from June until just this past week. It is Florida’s tallest and fastest water-based racing attraction of its kind. Standing 6 stories tall, it sends guests down through twisting tunnels at 15 feet per second. Since four guests start at the same time, the race is on! Riders must be at least 42” tall.

Wet ‘n Wild is widely known as the most family-friendly Orlando water park. There are more than 15 themed rides and attractions. There are also more multi-person rides than any other water park in the Orlando area. They have an entire area for small tots (children 2 and under are free) which makes it very enjoyable for supervising parents.

Need great water shoes? Check out this in-depth resource.

Tickets to this Orlando water park are normally $56, although you can get $10 off when you purchase tickets online. With the half off discount, the after-5 price will be $28 for adults and $25.50 for kids 3-9 years. Other attraction tickets deals are available for Florida residents. Wet ‘n Wild is located at 6200 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. For tickets and more information, go to wetnwildorlando.com.

Half Off Tickets to this Orlando Attraction

It’s not often that you can get into an attraction at half the cost, unless you are talking about Capone’s Dinner & Show. Our tickets are always half off when you purchase them directly through Capone’s online ticket site. While we are not one of the BIG attractions, neither is Wet ‘n Wild, but the smaller parks and attractions are often the best. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your visit to our Orlando dinner show, AND to this Orlando water park. We’re just up/down the road from each other, so you can hit Wet ‘n Wild one night during your vacation, and ‘get hit’ at our dinner show another evening!

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