Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus Area: Now Open – sort of…

Disney World’s first phase of its Fantasyland is now open. This is Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus area which includes the Barnstormer roller coaster, Fantasyland Station and the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction. This is, however, a soft opening and not all of the features are open, nor are the ones that ARE open guaranteed to be available on any given day.

The largest expansion in the Magic Kingdom’s history is expected to open in stages. The entire multimillion-dollar expansion will not be totally complete until sometime in 2014. Disney is quick to open the features that are complete to keep guests happy.

The new Dumbo ride at Disney World's Magic Kingdom Storybook Circus area

The Barnstormer roller coaster and the Dumbo ride now have a circus theme and it suits them very well. Dumbo is looking very vibrant in light gray with pink undersides of his feet and ears, surrounded by carousel features. The Barnstormer roller coaster now features Goofy and props such as a cannon, a smoking rocket and the “wheel of peril.”  The coaster’s rail has not been altered, but it now races through a billboard, tower and other features inspired by the short films of the 1950s that Goofy starred in.

In the coming months, the old Dumbo ride will be placed near the new one and will rotate in an opposite direction for a “big top” spinning sensation. While the old Dumbo ride is being refurbished to match the new one, the lines are sure to be long. Nearly everyone that has been to Disney with little ones knows about this line. I personally waited over an hour with my son for him to experience the (a little over a minute-long) ride. With the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster currently being rehabbed, the lines for the Barnstormer are sure to be long too. Eventually, the Dumbo ride will have an interactive indoor queue, which should make the long wait a little more bearable.

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