Al Shines the Spotlight on Sea World Orlando

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Sea World Orlando is a magnificent theme park it would be my first choice to visit again and again. It is fun for all age groups and less stressful then all the other Orlando theme parks.

The first attraction is the wildlife both interactive and in the many shows. The highlight is the Shamu Sea Worlds’  killer whale who performs with his trainers. It amazes me how inteligent  the whales are and the trainers skills. Sea World Orlando offers additional sea life shows including the highly inteligent and entertaining dolphins. The whale and dolphin shows are definitly the highlights of Sea Worlds shows so be sure to plan them into your day.

Sea World Orlando also offers a nice selection of rides including roller coasters just as frightening as Islands of Adventure but there are less of them. They also have tamer rides the entire family can enjoy.

Seasonal firework shows are another aspect Sea World offers bonus you can enjoy them lakeside at Sea Worlds shopping and dining district in the park.

Look for deals on Sea Worlds Tickets don’t pay gate price unless it’s peak season. Sea World truly is fun for everyone!

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Al Puts the Spotlight on Orlando’s Magic Kingdom

Hey yous Al here and you better read my writing or yous just might find yourself in cement shoes at the bottom of lake Michigan. Just kidding  really I’m a very generous and hospitable guy so no worries.

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World drastically changed Orlando forever the great Walt Disney was the visionary that made it happen, what a shame he didn’t live long enough to see his dream. The second park at Walt Disney World EPCOT was in the early planning when he died. Although it didn’t match his exact early ideas the basic principal and many aspects of the park were his.

In recent years and always moving forward the imagineers at Disney have been continuously working to make the Magic Kingdom the Grand Dame of Orlando theme parks as relevant and enjoyable as when it first opened. Countless older attractions at the park have been updated with the newest technology and innovation meeting the desires of the ever more tech savvy kids of today.

Another nice thing about the Magic Kingdom is that it offers something for everyone. So if you have teens and younger children you can let the teens go do their own thing for a while, if you are comfortable with this. The Magic Kingdom has always provided a safe enviorment. Your kids are more likely to get hurt on a ride (that rarely happens) then be the object of foul play.

Al says take the kids to Disney World they’ll have a blast

The Magic Kingdom holds the throne for the most visitors annualy in the United States and has done so for many, many years. So if you go here are some tips for maximizing your visit. If you go to the park in the morning be sure and use the monorail for the fastest access from the ticketing to the park. Depending upon what time you leave the park and how large the crowds are leaving at the same time Al suggests you might want to take the ferry from the park to ticketing center and parking. None of yous bone heads better make any cracks about Al capone and the ferry. It can be faster if crowds are heavy as the monorails will be jamed after fireworks. It’s also a nice way to end your day riding a period reproduction of a very large ferry boat on a gorgeous lake. Even if it’s not busy when yous are leaving it’s a relaxing way to end your day at the parks,

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Al Says Yous Should Visit Some of Orlando’s Cultural Attractions & Save Some Dough!

Listen up Orlando’s not only about Micky and Minnie there’s so much more instore for your gang and you can save some cash. Al sure would look favorably on you if yous should decide to spend a little of it at his prohibition era speakeasy. It’s a guaranteed blast!

Depening on your particular pleasure Orlando offers some real hidden gems. Orlando boasts some wonderful gardens such as Leu Gardens near downtown Orlando. A little culture perhaps at one of the areas many museums which often offer some traveling exhibits that next month could be in Washington D.C. or New York City. Traveling companies of Broadway shows often come to Orlando. Those are just a few of the cultural fare Orlando and it’s surrounding areas offer.

There are so many quaint downtown areas through out the region such as Winter Park, Thorton Park, downtown Kissimme, St. Cloud, Mt. Dora and many others. If antiquing is your thing then Mt. Dora is Al’s first choice however it’s the furthest from the attraction areas. Second place is downtown St. Cloud and it’s delightful lakefront area and numerous dining options. Down Town Kissimmee is quaint, historic, closer to the attraction areas but has fewer antique shops and dining options. It’s also along a quite busy road which is a distraction.

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Al says to one and all have a great Orlando vacation!

So Many Choices of Places to Stay from Hotels, Rental Homes, Condos and Timeshares

Picking the right place to stay should be the second step in planning your Orlando area vacation unless you are driving to Orlando, then it should be your first step. Depending upon your needs, when your visiting, length of your visit and the number of people you are traveling with is a huge factor in deciding where to stay. It’s your vacation and picking the right place to stay can make your visit cheaper and better.

Vacation Homes are very popular in the Orlando area with most of them are  located in South Orlando/Kissimmee. The variety of choices and reasonable prices make Orlando the worlds largest vacation home rental market. I recommend choosing a neighborhood that’s all rentals. Vacationers and people living in homes schedules are too divergent for a good mix. You can find huge homes with private pools and jacuzzis for less money then you would think. Condo hotels, timeshares and town homes are all similar types of options minus the privacy afforded by enjoying a vacation in a home  The biggest draw back is typically minimum rental is a week although some do offer four night stays.

Hotels/Motels offer ammenities that you typically can’t get in a vacation home such as free transportation to area attractions, daily maid service, restaurants, lounges, meeting space, business centers, complimentary breakfasts and so much more. It’s also in my opinion better for couples and singles traveling together. It just provides more privacy plus if schedules and choices are divergent it would make choosing a hotel/motel the more functional choice.

Then you have to consider location because the Orlando area offers multiple choices of locations to stay. Should you be coming to Orlando for a meeting or convention then location is an easy choice. The Orlando Convention Center is Americas second largest located on International Drive. The cost of hotels/motels closest to the convention center will be higher. International Drive is a long stretch of road so you really need to be careful picking a property because there’s the older side of International Drive, the more manicured and newer area of International Drive and a long stretch of empty road with limited development. Highway 192 South Orlando/Kissimmee offers the most affordable location with hotels/motels, every chain restaurant imaginable, many national retailers, Old Town, Fun Spot, outlet shopping, dinner shows, independent restaurants, bars and is much closer to the Disney Parks then International Drive. Recently the 192 district was renovated adding lanes, side walks, bus stops and landscaping making it much nicer then it was. You can also choose to stay in the Walt Disney Worls Resort but it will cost you more from the lodging, to dining and shopping. Disney’s value priced properties are in less desirable parts of the Walt Disney World Resort with transportation free to many locations within Walt Disney World Resort but honestly catching one of the free shuttles in Kissimmee to the theme parks will probably get you there just as fast.

So now go do your home work and start planning a trip to Orlando!

Don’t Miss the Historic Park Avenue District in the Orlando Area for Shopping, Dining and Much More!

The Park Avenue District in Winter Park is a bit of a drive from the attraction areas, but it’s well worth the time! It’s a historic district with a beautiful park in the center of the area with shopping, art galleries, restaurants, an art museum, Rollins College and ample options to enjoy a libation.

One of the nice things about shopping on Park Avenue is the eclectic mix of shops from high end fashion to the Gap, there’s sure to be something for everyone! It has one of the largest and nicest Pottery Barns in the chain. It’s located in a historic landmark theater which was renovated spectacularly and yet retains it’s old world exterior. Almost across the street is a Restoration Hardware and down the avenue is a Williams Sonoma. There’s a large antique shop plus many independent retailers from swank to the mundane.

Park your car and enjoy walking on wide sidewalks along cobblestone streets. Park Avenue isn’t your typical tourist hot spot but it’s VERY popular with the locals. On Saturday mornings there’s a fabulous farmers market offering vegetables, plants, flowers, incredible orchids, locally fresh baked goods and so much more.

While shopping is a big part of the experience there’s no lack of restaurants from moderate priced cafes to the elegant Park Plaza Gardens and lot’s in between. If your in a hurry you can grab a quick bite at Panera or a locally owned delicatessen less than a block away.

Cigar, wine and martini bars make for a popular and hip spot to enjoy a libation. Sidewalk seating at many of the restaurants and bars are perfect for people watching and are pet friendly with Fido welcome at most establishments.

Rollins College is at one end of the Avenue an exclusive private college with a historic and beautiful campus. There’s also an American art museum and store right on Park Avenue. Browse the numerous art galleries and soak in the local flavor. It’s a very pleasant way to spend a nice day while in Orlando and it can be easy on the wallet too!

Various events are staged on Park Avenue including one of the top art shows in the country every spring. So if you’re tired of the ordinary tourist experiences try the flair of Park Avenue for an afternoon or evening of fun!