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Al’s Notes for Tax Day – Tax Advice from Capone?

Time is almost up for next Tuesday’s tax deadline, but if you are seeking tax advice from Capone, you may want to look elsewhere. If you’re filing your return online, or using a tax-preparation service, the pressure is on for last-minute filers trying to get their 2016 forms in on time. This year, you have a 3 extra days to file your taxes. Tax Day is April 18, 2017, not the 15th, because the 15th falls on a Saturday this year. It isn’t on Monday either, because Emancipation Day is observed on the 16th, which falls on a Sunday, so it is celebrated on Monday. That has pushed Tax Day back to Tuesday, April 18.

Tax Advice from Capone and his attorney

Capone consults attorney, Mike Ahern, in 1929. Ahern, with other Capone attorneys, filed several appeals to stave off Capone’s 11-year sentence for tax evasion. The last one was rejected in May, 1932.

We don’t have to tell you the problems taxes presented for our own Al Capone. Between 1925 and 1930, Capone controlled speakeasies, bookie joints, gambling houses, brothels, horse and race tracks, nightclubs, distilleries and breweries at a reported income of $100,000,000 a year. He even acquired a sizable interest in the largest cleaning and dyeing plant chain in Chicago. The popular belief in the 1920s and 30s was that illegal gambling earnings were not taxable income. However, the 1927 Sullivan ruling claimed that illegal profits were in fact taxable. Capone never filed an income tax return, owned nothing in his own name, and never made a declaration of assets or income. He did all his business through front men so that he was anonymous when it came to income. The government wanted to indict Capone for income tax evasion, and eventually did.

Tax Advice from Capone?

Now using tax advice from Capone may not work so well today. Al wouldn’t want to give out any advice when it comes to filing taxes, so here are some recommendations from the Internal Revenue Service:

  1. E-file. The IRS said filing online is safer, saves time and gets your refund to you much faster.
  2. Double check your figures. Agents said they see large amounts of number mistakes every year. Be sure to make sure your figures and refund balance are correct. You should also double check all your identification numbers, especially your Social Security number.
  3. Don’t forget to sign it. Your signature is required on paper tax forms, and the e-filing process will walk you through submitting an electronic signature.
  4. If you owe a payment and need to write a check, make it payable to United States Treasury and send it to the correct address.

Forgetting any of these steps could delay the process. If you don’t think you can make Tuesday’s deadline, you can file for an extension that will give you until October 16. There’s no shame in putting it off, just ask Al.

Even though you won’t be getting tax advice from Capone, the wise guys would like to give out one important piece of advice…When you’re all done filing, getting the extension, evading all-together (we don’t recommend), treat yourself and your gang to a night at Capone’s Dinner & Show! Taxes are hard work and if anyone would sympathize with the pain of filing, it would be Al. Let’s take our minds off of it for a night and have a good time! Let ‘the family’ entertain and take care of you!

Successful Recipe: Capone’s Beverage Program

As a way to keep up with Kissimmee restaurants and restaurants in Orlando (and the industry in general), I came across an article by David Flaherty, the Beer & Spirits Director at Hearth Restaurant and the Terroir wine bars in New York. He listed 5 elements of a profitable beverage program. This got my attention, since one of the reasons for success at Capone’s Dinner & Show has been in part due to the beverage program.

Four Deuces Lounge successful beverage program

What are the 5 elements? Would Capone’s meet the elements an expert would deem neccessary for success? Here are the points he shared in his article:

      1. A great team
      2. Balance
      3. A moving target
      4. Systems
      5. Competition

I’m happy to report Capone’s Dinner & Show is a perfect match for his recipe. Here are the reasons, and the way I see it:

Number 1 – A great team. CHECK! Capone’s strong staff is evident by the number of servers that have worked here year after year. These mobsters are confident, well-trained and thoroughly educated in the beverages served every evening at this Orlando attraction. Their enthusiasm and passion shine with each guest served. As the Danny Meyer philosophy states “Put your employees first. If they are motivated, inspired and confident, the bottom line takes care of itself.”

Number 2 – Balance. CHECK! If you sneak up to the Four Deuces Lounge, Capone’s Dinner & Show’s pre-show bar, the items stocked there are definitely linked to the speakeasy concept and create plenty of balance for the bar. The skilled beverage professionals have put together a selection of products that span a wide range of the guests’ preferences. Although there a not hundreds of types of drinks served, the beverage menu covers guests’ need quite efficiently.

Number 3 – A moving target. CHECK! No, he isn’t talking about taking out a guest with one of the Tommy Guns during the hilarious show! A good beverage program needs to be moving through the majority of its product regularly.  No problem with that. Unlimited drinks is not only a good value for guests at Capone’s, it also keeps the stock moving.

Number 4 – Systems. CHECK! How the equipment and beverages are organized is vital to a successful beverage program. Big Al runs a tight ship, and the staff at Capone’s Dinner & Show will not over pour drinks or serve sloppy cocktails. Like a well-oiled machine, the bar service runs great. Very seldom do you have to wait and wait for a drink.

Number 5 – Competition. CHECK! One of the reasons the drink menu is so extensive (when compared to other dinner shows) at Capone’s is due to evaluating the competition. No other Orlando dinner shows offers as many beverages (free of charge) included in the ticket. The drink menu lists over 15 different beverages. Some experimentation has been done over the years, adding products and changing it up some. I think it is a pretty good formula.

Now that you’ve read what an expert thinks is key to a successful beverage program, feel free to comment. What drinks would you like to see offered at Capone’s Dinner & Show? What did you think about your beverage service? Along with Capone’s spectacular dinner buffet and half-price tickets, this dinner show is definitely something you should CHECK off your list of fun things to do in Orlando!

Capone’s Favorite Dinner Show – Back By Popular Demand

BIG News! Announcing a New Multiple Show Schedule

Unlike many Orlando dinner shows, Capone’s Dinner & Show has many, many repeat guests. (We like to refer to them as repeat offenders.) It is not unusual to meet people who have seen our show over a dozen times. How many other local dinner shows can say that?

The popularity and frequency is due in part to the variety of highly professional shows we have put on over the years. An all-new show was introduced just last year in December of 2012; before that, a new show (sequel to the original) was integrated in August of 2007. These new shows keep guests coming back for more, along with the fact that no two shows are ever alike, because there is a lot of audience participation and stand-up, off-the-cuff comedy performed by our talented cast.

Bugs Creates Chaos

Characters in the show at Capone's Dinner ShowBecause of this demand, Capone’s Dinner & Show is working toward integrating a multi-show schedule. Want to see the show featuring Bugs Moran, Sunny & Honey? You’ll soon be able to (again). Back by popular demand, this version of the original show’s sequel brought about a huge following, and the cast is anxious to get back into these delightful characters. The show name is “Bugs Creates Chaos” – look for it on our schedule to be announced in the coming weeks.

Marvel Strikes Back

marvel-smIf the newest show featuring Bunny June and Fingers Salvatorio as new parents strikes your fancy, then it will still be available on certain nights. This show brought back an original show favorite character, Detective Marvel. The show name is “Marvel Strikes Back” – schedule to be announced in the near future.

The current show features an exciting gangster shoot out where guests who “catch a bullet” win big! The shoot out is so popular, it is being written into both shows, so guests attending either production will have a chance to win prizes. Bring out the big guns!

Either show, you’re going to enjoy a delicious dinner buffet. Included with all of the Italian/American food favorites is an all-new meat carving station with steak, turkey and pork tenderloin. Recently added, as well, is a fresh salad bar filled with seasonal favorites. Unlike many other Orlando dinner shows, we feature a beverage selection in which ALL choices are included in the ticket price, including wine, beer and cocktails. Perhaps this is another reason our guests return again and again to Capone’s Dinner & Show.

The multiple show schedule may begin as early as August. Check the web site’s show page for updates. As soon as the schedule is set, the wise guys will be sure to rat it out, um, I mean, let you in on the rumble (news). Until then, enjoy the current show – the sequel to the sequel “Marvel Strikes Back.” It’s a blast!

Capone’s Dinner & Show New Show Workshop

Capone's Dinner & Show is celebrating 20 years!

Capone’s Dinner & Show is offering an opportunity to Facebook Fans to attend a preview version of our brand new show scheduled to open in October. Entering our 20th year of “dinnertainment” the show is anticipated to be better than ever! This special preview will be held Sunday, September 16th at 2:00 p.m.

The show will be presented in a workshop format to enable the talented performers to fine-tune the show based on your feedback. How cool is that! There is no cost to attend, but you must register. Seats are limited and are being reserved on a first come first served basis until capacity is reached.

If you have seen the current show, this is a great way to experience the NEW show before the rest of the public can see it! All new script, all new music (except for one returning hit “Anybody Who Is Anybody”) and all new dance numbers from all your favorite characters. Plus a gangster shootout in which you can WIN BIG! We’re betting you’ll want to return again after October and see the final product. After all, the Wise Guys indicate that this is an offer you better not refuse!

What is the new show about? Here is a short synopsis:

The show takes place approx. 1 year after the current show and the big news is Bunny & Fingers are now the proud parents of Francis Alouicous Salvatorio Jr. AKA “Little Pinky” (get it? Fingers – Pinky). Of course Fingers struggles trying to juggle the responsibilities of fatherhood with the pressure of being a big time gangster in Capone’s organization while Bunny is selling “cheap crap” from the gift shop to raise money for Pinky’s college fund.

Which brings us to the return of a favorite character from the original show: Detective Marvel – now demoted to Beat Cop – determined as ever to shut the joint down. To raise money, Fingers has reluctantly taught Bunny to play craps which leads to her and Babs and Bubbles getting arrested – and it’s up to Fingers to bust them out of prison. Of course he fails miserably but not to worry – The girls manage to escape from the chain gang without his help and return to Capone’s “on the lam;” a little depressed but not so much that a good tap number can’t  cheer them up. Marvel follows in hot pursuit and interrogates the guests to try and track them down.

It all works out in the end as the girls are set free, the rat is revealed and Jewel & Marvel end up handcuffed together (in a good way).

To attend the workshop, go to our Facebook Page. Like us, if you haven’t already, and then click the contest tab. If you can’t attend the workshop but would still like to provide us your feedback, click the survey tab and help by answering a series of questions. It helps if you have seen our show prior to filling out the survey.

We’re very excited about the new show and hope you will be too. Thanks for helping make the next 20 years as successful as the last 20!

Friday’s Feature: Orlando Dinner Show Photo & Review (8/24/12)

Each Friday, the wise guys and gals at Capone’s Dinner & Show feature an outstanding Orlando dinner show photo sent in by a guest, as well as a review (or two) about our Orlando dinner show. We are happy to share our guests’ experiences and hope the photos and reviews will help influence you to experience Capone’s for yourself!

This Friday’s Orlando dinner show photo was sent in by Justin. This was one of the most popular photos submitted in Capone’s Photo Contest held earlier this year. Looks like the young gangsters had a good time dressing the part!

Orlando Dinner Show photo

This Friday, we are submitting two Orlando dinner show reviews. This first review was sent in by ‘AM163’ from Nelspruit, South Africa, a senior contributor on Trip Advisor and was written August 13, 2012.

“Fun, fun, fun!!!”
5 of 5 stars

We loved the show! Even my 7 year old daughter (for whom English is a second language) enjoyed every moment, especially when they chose her to make fun of. Bullet, our waiter, was very attentive and made sure our glasses were full throughout the show. The photo package is good value for money at $30 for a whole bunch of things. The food was lovely as well.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I will recommend this to anyone.

This second Orlando dinner show review for this week was sent in by ‘Donald N’ from Live Oak, Florida, on Trip Advisor and was written August 21, 2012.

“A Great Evening of Enjoyment!””
5 of 5 stars

We attended this Great Dinner Theatre as a Surprise Birthday Party for Our Son-in-law on July 29, 2012. We loved everything about this Buffet Dinner & show from the Half Price tickets we aquired on the Internet, to the wonderful welcome from one of the performers who was in character as we arrived at the front door of the show for the evening. We arrived early and went to the upstairs lounge for drinks before being seated in great seats for the Dinner and Show. We found the food on the Italian-American themed Buffet to be Hot and Delicious! The show was both entertaining and wonderful and we all had a very enjoyable evening and will definetly be back as we would all like to see it again!!

The wise guys and gals, and myself, Al, here at Capone’s Dinner & Show are happy to accommodate your gang, no matter what age or size.  We’ re open every day of the year for your enjoyment!