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St. Patrick’s Day at Capone’s Dinner & Show

St. Patrick’s Day at Capone’s Dinner & Show may not offer green beer, but there are plenty of colorful characters to ‘sip’ on. Capone’s Dinner & Show celebrates every holiday, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. Named after Saint Patrick (387–493AD), it is a holiday primarily celebrated in Ireland and places where there are large numbers of Irish immigrants, including the United States. For the most part, it is a reason to eat, drink and be merry! What better place to do so than at this Orlando dinner show!

St. Patrick’s Day at Capone’s Dinner & Show

With a delicious buffet; unlimited drinks (including alcoholic beverages) and a hilarious show included in a HALF PRICE TICKET you’ll be carrying on like a true Irishman. You won’t find boxty, barmbrack or shepherds pie on the menu (this is Mama Capone’s kitchen after all), however, there are plenty of American & Italian dishes to enjoy. A salad bar filled with fresh seasonal veggies & toppings. Fresh pasta with many sauce (gravy) choices. A meat carving station and a buffet filled with favorites your entire family will love. It is by far the best value of all the Orlando dinner shows. Even parking is free!

Join Al, Bugs and the rest of the gang for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration that’ll leave you feeling very lucky, especially during the gangster shoot out! Here come the big guns and the guests will be getting into the action. It’s a fun time for the entire family, no matter what age. St. Patrick’s Day at Capone’s Dinner & Show is the perfect solution if you have a group made up of several ages. Read the many testimonials, even families with children can enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

St. Patrick's Day at Capone's Dinner & Show

St. Patricks Day Celebration
Saturday, March 17, 2018
Show Time: 7:30pm
s great to be Irish at Capones Dinner & Show!

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Unlike a four-leaf clover, which is very hard to find, in Orlando you’ll find a large number of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations being held at just about every bar or tavern. If you’re already at Universal’s City Walk, you’ll not want to miss the Corned Beef & Cabbage, Corned Beef Sandwiches and Potato Leek Soup at Pat O’Brien’s and, of course, plenty of drink specials, including their Fuzzy Leprechauns. At Disney Springs there is Raglan Road, featuring Sheperd’s pie, Irish musicians and dancers, and a large selection of Irish whiskey. Also near Disney in Celebration is Mulligan’s Pub or on International Drive, the Lucky Leprechaun Irish Pub.

Other young professionals will be ‘going green’ in downtown Orlando at the Celt Irish Pub – a nice place to eat and celebrate this holiday or any day of the year. Further away from the downtown scene are other Irish favorites; the Green Parrot located in Casselberry and Fiddlers Green Irish Pub located on Fairbanks Ave. in Winter Park. These local favorites are sure to be popular on St. Patrick’s Day.

If you are looking for a fun night out, without a LOT of blarney, St. Patrick’s Day at Capone’s Dinner & Show is a safe bet. You won’t have to find a pot of gold to afford it either. Come have a toast with the wise guys…

“Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!”


June’s Grand Prize Winner at Capone’s Dinner & Show

Al and the gang wish to congratulate Cristy Miller for being June’s Grand Prize winner at Capone’s Dinner & Show Sunday, June 25th. During our “25 Years of Memories” anniversary celebration we’ll be giving some lucky stiff a grand prize on the 25th day of each month. Next month it could be you! The next grand prize will be awarded on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

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Cristy, a.k.a. Chris (now that she is one of Al’s gals) came all the way from Pennsylvania just to see the show! Imagine that. What a dedicated broad! If Chris had been around during the Progressive Era, she would know that PA has quite a history with speakeasies. In fact, in the early 1920s, there were as many as 16,000 speakeasy establishments active during Prohibition. Known for their breweries, this part of our Nation didn’t give up easily on its giggle juice. If you’d like to read more about Chris’s home state during Prohibition, Annie Anderson has written an excellent article.

This was Chris’s first visit to our speakeasy dinner show. She discovered our joint by reading an advertisement. Glad it caught her attention! Hoping to earn her approval, the gang worked very hard, as they do each evening. Of course, the prize she won would have gotten anyone’s approval. At the end of the evening, thankfully, she gave us a thumbs up! She’s not the only one approving of our job here. Capone’s Dinner & Show has recently been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for the 7th year in a row by Trip Advisor. But more on that later…back to our June’s grand prize winner.

June’s Grand Prize winner

“Chris” was the big winner of June’s anniversary prize, seen here with the gang with thumbs up indicating her approval.

June’s Grand Prize Winner Experience

Chris’s favorite part of the evening was the show. The new show really is our best yet. Experience it yourself. You’ll feel like a true part of this prohibition era speakeasy as you dodge questions from a snooping Detective, watch dancing dames, hear smooth and exciting jazz vocals, and laugh at our quick-witted gangsters. Don’t be surprised if you become a part of the show!

The least favorite part of Chris’s experience was “nothing.” Nothin’! Zilch! Zippo! A big goose egg! Just the way we like it. From the time you enter the theater to the time you depart, our mob is trying to make your experience at our Orlando dinner show great in every way.

Chris’s prize was two and a half Cs in her pocket, plus a C note to spend in our very own gift shop. But wait, that’s not all. She also received 4 free tickets to Capone’s Dinner & Show! Now she can become a repeat offender and drag some other members of her gang in with her. You’d think she would spend her winnings on her return visit here, but no. She claims she is spending her winnings at some clip joint called Disney. Guess the mouse will be glad to hear that!

Again, we’d like to congratulate June’s grand prize winner, Cristy Miller. The gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show hopes that the evening’s experience was the cat’s meow and will be a great memory for years to come.

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25 Reasons Guests Love Capone’s Dinner Show

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know that in honor of our 25th Anniversary, we counted down the top 25 reasons guests love Capone’s Dinner Show. Since social media posts can often get buried, we decided to list the 25 reasons here on Al’s blog.

With so many incentives to love our show and anniversary celebration, it wasn’t very difficult to come up with 25. It was difficult to prioritize them. They are somewhat in order by popularity, sort of. Did the top reason YOU love Capone’s Dinner Show get listed?

25 Reasons Guests Love Capones Dinner Show

Here They Are… The Top 25 Reasons Guests Love Capone’s Dinner Show

25th reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…Free Parking! You may be charged to park at other attractions and theme parks, but not at our joint! We can even accommodate tour buses!

24th reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…Facility Rental. Yep. You and your gang can have the entire joint to yourselves for a private event. Visit the website for more information.

23rd reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…Matinee Shows! All the fun and food as an evening visit, but held early in the afternoon. Great for tour groups and early birds. Visit the matinee show page for more information.

22nd reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…reviews and testimonials! We know how valuable recommendations are, and rest assured, the boss listens to your input. We currently have over 1,900 reviews on Facebook and over 2,400 on Trip Advisor – most with 5 stars. It is a testament to our 25 years of success.

#21 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…location! Our theater is just far enough away from the busy I-Drive area, yet close enough to the tourist area, making it just right. Tourist and residents can easily find us. Locate us tonight and celebrate!

20 Reasons to Go…

#20 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…the singing & dancing! Our speakeasy wouldn’t be complete without the spectacular cabaret-style show. Beware! The tunes are catchy and can get stuck in your noodle! It is also hard to resist our beautiful dancing dames. Just ask the suckers, um guests, that get lured, um invited, on stage!

#19 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…the secret password! Your adventure begins in a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor where your party will knock three times, say a secret password and enter Gangland Chicago 1931. Can you keep a secret?

#18 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…promotions! Big Al is offering more special promotions this year than ever before! The best way to know about them is to continue following us on Facebook or sign up for Al’s newsletter.

#17 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…the photo package! While most people avoid having a mug shot taken, our guests love this option. Photos make great souvenirs and a perfect way to capture great memories. Smile and say, “bada-bing!”

#16 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…special recognition. Guests love to celebrate special occasions at our joint, partly due to the acknowledgement we give our honored guests. Birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions and even marriage proposals are all part of the family business (& everybody else’s business whether you like it or not!).

Top 15 Reasons

#15 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…15 adult group discount. “Yous heard us right, with only 15 adults in your gang, yous quality for a group discount.” Just call 407-397-2378 and talk with a group specialist.

#14 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…holiday specials. Every day is special at Capone’s and holidays are celebrated with specials deals. On many of the nationally recognized holidays, each paying adult guest receives a free Capone’s shot glass, and each paid child ticket receives a fedora hat!

#13 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…gift shop souvenirs. From T-shirts to key chains and a plethora of other great items, our gift shop has something for everyone. Who doesn’t like “cheap crap” from the gift shop?! Be sure to check it out during your next visit.

#12 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…wise guy’s advice. Al’s blog is a helpful tool, especially for tourists looking for information from local wise guys. At times it can be very entertaining, but it is always advice you can’t refuse!

#11 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…the family-friendliness. Even when families disagree (we all have our moments), most concur that our show is great for the young and young at heart. Is a night at our joint one of your family’s traditions?

Top 10 Reasons

#10 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…the large drink selection. We offer a lengthy beverage menu. Order Al’s original Rum Runner, a Cape Cod, Bud Light Draft or a glass of wine. Tea teetotaler? No problem. We have sodas, tea, coffee & more. Drinks are unlimited! So, what are we toasting tonight?

#9 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…the gangster shoot out. Talk about a blast! We bring out the big guns every night. As the action heats up, the “ammo” begins to fly! Who doesn’t love winning prizes?!

#8 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…dress-the-part accessories. When you’re part of the ‘outfit’ ya gotta wear the right outfit! Prohibition era costume accessories turn an ordinary evening into a party! It’s amazing what a feathered boa or a fedora hat can “do to the ‘tude” (attitude that is). Anyone need the 10% off discount code?

#7 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…audience participation. Guests love to participate in the show, and we enjoy it as much as they do! (If you’re the shy type, be sure to ask for a private table.) In no time, you’ll be humming the songs, walking the walk and talking the talk! Just don’t go talkin’ the coppers; it might not be so good for your health!

#6 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…the VIP Ticket Option. Be treated like a big boss or significant skirt and enjoy a free souvenir shot glass, great seats, first-in-line privileges and a friendly game of cards prior to the show. Only a select number of high pillows are allowed each night!

Top 5 Reasons Guest Love Capone’s

#5 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…attentive wait staff. Keeping “in character” at all times our attentive wait staff receive glowing reviews. They keep our guests happy, and play a vital role in the show. “Yous could say they is extremely vital to the organization.”

#4 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…a delicious buffet. No other Orlando dinner show features the variety that we do. You don’t have to wait for the food to be plated, brought to you and possibly get cold. We won’t make you eat with your fingers either! With the addition of the meat carving station and salad bar, our fill-your-own-plate buffet is a great way to dine with ‘the family.’

#3 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…half price tickets. Purchase online or use a printed coupon and save 50%. It’s a bargain that no good fella or dame can refuse!

#2 reason guests love our dinner show and anniversary celebration is…impromptu comedy! Our wise guys and gals are quick-witted and pretty funny too. They keep our guests laughing all evening, especially during the impromptu comedy portion of our show. Lighten up and come to Capone’s for a laugh or two, or three, or…

And Now…

The #1 reason out of 25 reasons guests love Capone’s Dinner Show is…an all-new show debuts tomorrow! The new show features dazzling costumes, new musical numbers and dance routines that are anything but routine. Repeat offenders (guests) relax! Your favorite characters return and some of your favorite tunes. The new show promises to be another hit!

0 out of 25 reasons guests love Capone's Dinner Show

The new show at Capone’s is a hit – just as ordered!

All New Show is a Top Reason for Loving This Orlando Dinner Show!

Now that our all-new show is being performed, we think it will remain #1 out of the top 25 reasons guests love Capone’s Dinner Show. The reviews have already started coming in and the show is (just as ordered) a hit!

If you’ve been to Capone’s Dinner Show before, there is a great reason to visit again. Become a repeat offender and make your own wonderful memories as we celebrate 25 years! It’s a blast!

Dog Days of Summer

Now that August is here, the Dog Days of Summer are upon us. For most people, this means that it is so hot, the only smart thing to do is to lay in the shade, relax and do absolutely nothing! However, if you own a dog and want to do something together this weekend, the Dog Days of Summer have a totally different meaning.

Dog Day of Summer at Bok Tower GardensFor the first time in the 82 year history of the Bok Tower Gardens, leashed and friendly dogs will be invited to visit during their Dog Day of Summer event. Members and visitors with dogs will be able to help support the Humane Society of Polk County which will receive 50 percent of the event proceeds by attending this event. Dog admission, including a doggie gift bag, is $5 per dog. Regular human admission rates apply: $10.00 (adults), $3.00 (ages 5-12), Free (under 5), Free for Members.

Tips on health, safety, dog grooming and adoption as well as some special friends who need a good home will be available from 9 a.m. to noon. “Ask a Vet” and “Ask a Trainer” experts will be on hand to answer questions and doggie boutique items will be for sale. In addition to photos with Santa, judges will select the cutest, most unusual, owner look-a-like, most talented and best kisser with prizes provided for the top three winners in each category. Water bowls and kiddie pools will be located throughout the Gardens.

Visitors are encouraged to bring a plastic bag to dispose of pet waste. Visit boktowergardens.org or humanesocietyofpolkcounty.org or call 863-676-1408 for more information. Bok Tower Gardens is located at 1151 Tower Boulevard in Lake Wales, FL.

If you live closer to Leesburg, take note. The Bark For Life of Lake and Sumter will also be held this Saturday, Aug, 6, 2011 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  This event is a non-competitive walk for dogs and their owners and benefits the American Cancer Society. All dog owners must show proof of current canine’s vaccinations. Pre-registration is just $10 per dog. Registration at the event is $20. Dogs will receive a bandana. The event will include Stupid Pet Tricks, food for dogs and humans, pictures, caricatures and more. For more information visit their web site.

The Dog Days of Summer may be heating up, but the cast at Capone’s Dinner & Show are enjoying each evening in their beautiful air-conditioned theatre. You are invited to join them every day of the year. They’re serving up a hilarious show and a delicious dinner buffet. Join them! It will give you something to bark about!