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Price Increase Alert: Get Tickets Now!

I’ve never been one to like surprises, and I especially don’t like to pay more than expected – for anything. That’s why the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show is making it no secret that a price increase is coming. It’s a small one, but it’s the little things that matter to some, and Big Al wants to let everyone in on the scoop.

Effective Monday, May 23rd Capone’s will be increasing general ticket prices to $73.99 for adults and $49.99 for kids (4 to 12). Children 3 years and under will remain free with a reserved seat. If you use a coupon or purchase your tickets online, you get a discount of 50%. These discount prices end up being $36.99 for adults and $24.99 for children plus tax. This is an increase of $4 per ticket, as the current regular rates are $69.99 (adults) and $45.99 (children). Group rates will begin as low as $32.99 and can be made by consulting with a group reservation specialist at 407-397-2378.

Purchase Tickets Now

Here’s the deal though. You can buy your tickets now – even for reservations after May 23 and get the existing rate! So if you are thinking of going to the show, or already have an evening in mind, buy your tickets now and save! Currently, the online calendar goes through August, so purchasing tickets now is a great way to plan an evening of summer fun. For larger groups, this can result in big savings!

To continue serving fine spirits, hearty meals and producing the best cabaret this side of Chicago, the Boss has found it necessary to pass on a portion of the inflationary costs to his guests. This is the first price increase in 5 years and we regret it is necessary.

With the price increase, Capone’s will be able to continue to provide the quality of food and entertainment it is so well-known for. As many previous guests know, the service they receive is spectacular and management is keen on keeping great staff. There are also some upgrades being planned for the theater.  It is a priority to make the dining experience at Capone’s Dinner & Show enjoyable and the show memorable. Big Al & Mama Capone wouldn’t want it any other way!

30 Years - Capone's Dinner & ShowAs Capone’s Dinner & Show enters their 30th year, the gang continues to create an experience at this Orlando dinner show nothing short of, well, a blast! Even with the price increase, I believe Capone’s Dinner & Show remains the best Orlando dinner show value around. You still receive unlimited drinks (including alcohol, which many dinner shows have stopped serving altogether!), free parking, and a show that just keeps getting better and better.

Unlike other Orlando attractions that raise their prices overnight without warning, you have now been warned…get your tickets before May 23 and save!!

* Tax and gratuity not included in these totals.
Parties of 10 or more will have minimal gratuity added at $3.50 per paying guest.


Dinner Show Tickets will Increase at Capone’s

The price of dinner show tickets will increase soon at Capone’s Dinner & Show. This smaller dinner attraction near Orlando has not had a price increase since September 2015. Before that, the last price increase happened in 2012. Today, it remains the best dinner show deal around. Even with the price increase, expected to go into effect February 1, 2018, the value-to-ticket-cost remains attractive for families and groups wanting to experience a Kissimmee dinner show.

Keep in mind, Capone’s offers half off ticket sales online or in many local coupon publications. You will not see tickets sold by resellers who mark them up.

Many of the larger theme parks in Orlando raise their ticket prices every year. The smaller attractions do so every once-in-a-while, usually to help cover the cost of higher operating expenses. In the last two years, we’ve seen food prices jump, gas prices fluctuate in a way nobody can predict, energy prices and taxes keep going up as well. Running a business with these variables can be challenging. The wise guys at Capone’s have done a great job and will continue to offer the best deal at a price that’s hard to refuse.

Any tickets bought before January 15, 2018, will be sold at the old/current price. On February 1, expect the general ticket price for adults to increase by $4, from the current price of $65.99 to $69.99*. Children 4 to 12 years of age will see dinner show tickets go from $41.99 to $45.99*. With the 50% off deal, this makes the ticket prices $34.99* and $22.99* respectively. Group tickets are still the way to go if you have 15 or more adults in your party. These tickets can start as low as $30.99* each. Group reservations must be called in to get the best deal. The phone number is 407-397-2378.

Dinner Show Tickets to increase in price

Want to save money? Purchase your tickets now! You can use the dinner show tickets for reservations up to several weeks from now and get the current rate! If you have an evening already set aside to see an Orlando dinner show, go ahead and purchase tickets now. The earlier you make your reservation, the better seats you get. You can change your date by calling in 24 hours before your reservation, however, you may lose your great seats by rescheduling. Also, you may have to pay the cost difference from the old price to the new price, if you have to reschedule after February 1st. Don’t know your date yet? Pick a date that is close to when you plan to visit the Orlando area. Just don’t forget to reschedule if your date doesn’t work out.  Tickets are non-refundable, so reschedule as quickly as you can.

Dinner Show Tickets Still the Best Value

Capone’s Dinner & Show remains the best Orlando dinner show when it comes to value. You will not have to pay to park as some other shows require. Your ticket includes a delicious buffet, which includes a meat carving station and salad bar. The beverages are unlimited. You can read testimonial after testimonial of the wait staff keeping the glasses filled. Beverages include draft beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. See the complete menu and drink list on the web.

Other Orlando attractions and dinner shows may raise their prices without warning, however, not Capone’s Dinner & Show. Big Al wants to…

“be square and let all yous know ‘bout this upcomin’ squeeze so as to not chisel any family member attendin’ my drum.”

As advice you shouldn’t refuse, unless facing serious consequences (as in a ticket price increase), you need to get your tickets before February and save!!

* Tax and gratuity not included in these totals.
For parties of 10 or more there will be a partial gratuity collected at check-in.

Read the 1920’s slang dictionary to better understand Al’s message/dialect. It’s fun to read prior to attending the show too!

September 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day

This coming Monday is Talk Like a Pirate Day. So Aaaarrrr ye feelin’ like talkin’ like a pirate? Talking like a pirate can be a lot of fun, especially if you are a Buccaneers fan, work on a boat dock or cruise ship, or plan to attend a certain Orlando dinner show! For 14 years, this non-traditional celebration has grown into an international phenomenon. You don’t even have to go to Davy Jones’ locker to get the treasure! It’s right here in Central Florida.

Ahoy! This fun-filled day with maties carrrrry-ing on creates plenty of yo-ho-ho-ing amongst seadogs. So much fun that many local businesses have created special events whar ye don’t have to be walkin’ the plank to get some booty. Don’t be a scallywag and hang the jib, find or create a party and get talkin’ like a pirate!

Talk Like a Pirate Day Special Events in Orlando

This is one of the first years that Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando, Florida has not offered a special for this holiday. According to I-Drive, Pirate’s Town will have a short contest prior to their show to see if guests are able to talk like pirates. Their “EFSAVINGS16” special covers the entire month of September. This is when crowds are fewer and discounts are widely used in all of the area’s attractions. Discounts lure the remaining tourists into these lesser-known venues. They also give local residents an incentive to get out and experience what is offered to visitors. Take advantage, people!

The Florida Hospitality Industry is hosting a Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Tin Roof at I-Drive 360. If you are in the hospitality industry, it should be a fun time. Special drink prices will be offered. If you win the talking contest, your bar tab could be taken care of! Other prizes will be awarded as well. The party takes place from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

An Especially Sweet Incentive on September 19

Talk Like a Pirate Day at Krispy Kreme

In addition to these fun events, the one I am most excited about is Krispy Kreme’s Talk Like a Pirate Day offer. Any landlubber who dares to enter a participating Krispy Kreme on Monday and talk like a pirate will score one free Original Glazed doughnut. Want a dozen donuts? Use a custom Snapchat pirate filter, ‘dress’ like a pirate, show your Snapchat image to a team member and score ye bounty! Here are the closest participating locations in the Orlando area:

  • Krispy Kreme Winter Park –  1031 S. Orlando Avenue (17-92), Winter Park, FL  32789
  • Krispy Kreme Millenia – 4080 Millenia Blvd., Orlando, FL 32939
  • Krispy Kreme Kissimmee – 5310 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, (192 / Mile Marker 11.5), Kissimmee, FL  34746

Mobster Talk

If you’d rather talk like a mobster, you do not need a special holiday for that. Every evening, Capone’s Dinner & Show immerses itself in the hay days of mobsters and dames. As with pirate lingo, the online 20’s slang dictionary is a blast to read through and will properly prepare you for an evening at this joint.

Take a trip back to 1930 and enjoy an Orlando dinner show for half price! You won’t incur extra charges for parking, electronic tickets or alcoholic beverages either. It’s a blast from the past that you can enjoy every night of the year, no matter how you talk.

Remember to switch your language preference on Facebook back to English from English Pirate. Otherwise, you’ll annoy your winches and scabbard friends!

Orlando Attractions & Dinner Show BOGO Offers

Anytime you can buy one and get one free (dinner show BOGO), it is a difficult deal to pass up. Who doesn’t like getting something for free?! During the month of April, you have an opportunity to purchase one orlando dinner show ticket and receive another free – or purchase an Orlando attraction ticket at half price!

Knights battle at a dinner show

The Medieval Times Kissimmee dinner theatre, is offering a BOGO deal through April 30, 2015. If you enjoy watching knights compete on horseback, take advantage of this deal. Adult ticket prices are normally $62.95 and includes a four-course meal and the two-hour show. You may call 888-WE-JOUST or log on to MedievalTimes.com to book a reservation using the promo code BOGOFL.

Of course me must mention that Capone’s Dinner & Show offers half off tickets year round!  This isn’t a Florida resident deal either! Anyone can get in on this discount attraction ticket offer. Purchasing a ticket at half price is the same a buying one at full price and getting the second Orlando dinner show ticket for FREE!

How can Capone’s do this? Most dinner show attractions sale their tickets to resellers. The reseller marks up the ticket price to match that of the attraction so that they can profit from the ticket sale. Capone’s tickets are sold directly to the guest – no middle man to mark up the cost! What’s the catch? You simply need to use their online coupon or purchase tickets directly on their site. Easy-peasy.

Gatorland Half Price Ticket Special

Also during April, Gatorland is offering a 50% off (half price) ticket special for Florida residents. This makes a day at this Orlando attraction very affordable for an entire family. You may love it so much, at the end of the day, you will want to purchase an annual pass!

• Adults – $13.50 per person
• Children (3-12) – $9.50 per person
• Seniors (55+) – $10.80 per person
• $29.99 zip line special

Gatorland will let you apply the cost of this half price ticket towards your annual pass! This is a great offer, especially if you live in the Central Florida area and think you’ll return to this attraction again within the year. An annual pass also provides discounts on extra costs you can explore when you attend this attraction. Check out their Adventure Hour or Off Rookie Wrestlin’ Experience. The pass also discounts your gift shop purchases as well as many food and beverage purchases.


If you are a professional photographer or bird enthusiast, look into the special deal just for you. Free admission is available if entering the park by 7:30 a.m. on Thursdays – Sundays. Stay until dusk on Saturdays through June 14. Call (800) 393-JAWS for restrictions and more information or visit their site online at gatorland.com.

Get out and enjoy an Orlando attraction or Kissimmee dinner show during the month of April. Soon the Summer crowds will show up. Enjoy these deals while they are here; the BOGOs will be ByGones soon enough.

Government Employee Specials & Discounts in Orlando

We deeply regret that we are no longer able to offer this Government Special

Orlando dinner shows and theme parks are well-known for their military specials. Almost every Central Florida attraction offers some type of discount prices for the military. It is a great way to show appreciation for their service. However, not all of these discounts apply to government employees. These public servants are often left out and do not receive special discount prices to area attractions, dinner shows and accommodations.

Capone’s Dinner & Show is currently running a special offer for government employees. The way we see it, as a government employee, you’ve served a lot of folks. Now it’s YOUR turn to be served. For the low price of only $19.99, every person in your party can enjoy an excellent evening of “dinnertainment!” Let the wise guys and gals at this popular Orlando dinner show serve you a big meal with lots of laughs at a ridiculously low price. It doesn’t matter if you work for our federal government, or are employed by a state, county or city government agency, you can take advantage of this great ticket deal. One thing that makes this discounted ticket offer really stand out, is the fact that not only YOU get this low price, but every person in your party also gets this price! The only bad thing about this special offer is that it ends October 15, 3013.

What do you need to do to take advantage of Capone’s government employee offer? You can print this flier (link will open in another browser window), or go to this page on Capone’s website and print it out. Call 1-800-220-8428 to make your reservation. Tell the mobster on the phone that you’ll be bringing in the coupon for the special deal, how many people are in your party, and what date you’ll be attending the show. Be sure to bring the coupon and your government-issued i.d. with you when you come to the show. Check-in at the box office and everything will be arranged for you. If you’ll be celebrating a special occasion when you attend the dinner show, let the gang know that too. Special recognition for any occasion is blast!

Flapper dancers and beat cop

Capone’s Dinner & Show is not the only Orlando attraction to offer government employees a special deal. Many other Orlando dinner shows, theme parks, and hotels also show their appreciation by providing great ticket deals or discounted prices. You can usually find these deals by going online and performing a search in the topic for which you are interested.

If traveling to Orlando from out of town, there are several hotels that offer government special prices. Marriott, Aston Hotels & Resorts, DoubleTree by Hilton, and Embassy Suites are just a few of the hotels where you can show your government-issued id and receive a discount on lodging. A fantastic place to stay if you have young children and will be including the area theme parks during your stay is Nickelodeon Family Suites.  They have a lot of activities for the kids, so it might be a good idea to plan NOTHING for one day during your vacation just so you can have fun right there at the resort!

If you travel a lot, it might be wise to sign up for a free account on a website such as Gov Vacation Rewards. By being a member, you’ll have access to special offers on cruise lines, resort stays, and many of the theme parks and attractions located throughout the United States! Not only will you get a good deal, but a portion of the proceeds from this organization is donated back to servicemembers through government-run departments such as the MWR (Morale, Welfare & Recreation) department, Wounded Warrior Program, and Vacations for Veterans.

Regardless of where you stand on our government’s actions and policies, it is a nice gesture to thank the employees that help keep this great country running. If you happen to be one of these people, take advantage of the special offers while they last. When they expire, please know that our appreciation continues every day. Thank you for your service!