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Excellent Service – Meet ‘Stretch’ Featured Wise Guy

Guest Service Spotlight

If you’s lookin’ for excellent service while havin’ a meal, meet “Stretch.” He’s a real goon… I mean good guy, workin’ at my Speakeasy. All the servers at my joint are special, but this month’s featured ‘bruno’ is Stretch. As yous might be able to see from his mug shot, the numbers don’t lie. Stretch is a tall fella. Hince his name.

Excellent Service by Stretch

Stretch came ‘round from the Tampa area needing cabbage ‘bout two years ago. We’s lucky ‘nough to snag him into our gang. He’s a hard worker always providing excellent service pleasin’ the guests. Even the ones that don’ seem to want to be pleased. Yous know the ones. He takes it real personal when anyone doesn’t respect the experience him an’ his pals have worked so hard to create. So show some respect next time yous see him! Capisce?!

Excellent Service at Capone’s

At Capone’s Dinner & Show, we expect extraordinary guest service and Stretch performs his duties well. So much so that guests ask for him on their return visits. This makes him feel real keen. He has a gift of blendin’ in his unique guest service skills while stayin’ true to his own character. And what a character he is!

One guest liked him so much, they licked his elbow while he was pourin’ a pitcher! We’s don’ know why. Maybe they’s were real thirsty, but we’re hopin’ it was a sign of endearment, not some way of spreadin’ somethin’ we’s don’ need ‘round here. Perhaps they thought they were in some hash house, ‘nstead of my classy joint. Either way, Stretch handled it with professionalism and performed his duties without skipping a beat.

How to Meet Stretch – Buy Cheap Tickets!

If you’d like to meet Stretch, or any of my wise guys and gals here at Capone’s Dinner & Show, we’ve made it easy. Jus’ buy your tickets online at half price! Come to our speakeasy an’ let Stretch an’ the gang show yous a great time. Your entire family will enjoy the show and receive excellent service. The food will fill yous up, and the evenin’ will be one for the history books.

Make Reservations

While you’re my guest at Capone’s Dinner & Show, be sure to meet Stretch. He’s not hard to find; jus’ look for the tallest server here. He loves to meet people of all types. After a long, frustrating day at a theme park, or doin’ whatever you’s doin’, Stretch will turn your day ‘round with excellent service. Your gang will be lookin’ up… and up …and up!

Caribbean Carnaval Dinner Show – Loews Sapphire Falls

Similar to the Wantilan Luau dinner show, the new Caribbean Carnaval dinner show is now being performed at Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. The Caribbean Carnaval dinner show is a ticketed event. You do not have to be a guest at the resort in order to experience it. The interactive show blends the music and cuisine of the islands together for an enjoyable evening.

The Caribbean Carnaval dinner show is performed only on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:00 p.m. The show starts at 7:00 pm. Reservations (tickets) are required. They cost $69-$76 (plus tax) for adults and $35-$40 (plus tax) for children ages 3-9 depending upon priority seating or regular seating. This price includes gratuity, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, beer and Planters Punch.

*show time and ticket prices are subject to change

Enjoy Getting to Know Other Guests at the Caribbean Carnaval Dinner Show!

Round tables, set for 10 guests, are elegantly set and provide a cozy atmosphere. The show itself is limited to about 150 people when food is served inside covered areas. At most about 200 guests can be accommodated including the outdoor patio area. This provides a nice atmosphere to get to know other guests.

Diners choose from a salad station, hot pots, a carving station and a min-dessert station. The menu is comprised buffet-style and includes dishes such as Ropa Vieja (shredded beef), tomato and sweet plantains, jerk chicken, grilled snapper, coconut rice, salads, sides and mini desserts. The Mojo-roasted suckling pig from the carving station draws a lot of attention. Sous Chef Carlos Castano states, “People are amazed to see the suckling pig.” There are plenty of options on the salad bar too, including grilled pineapple, organic greens, pinto bean and shrimp salad and more. Other venues on Universal Studios properties may feature a variation of one or two dishes, but most of these items can only be found at this Orlando dinner show.

Adults will enjoy the rum punch. They also provide a fruit punch which is alcohol-free. Limited beer and wine selections are also served. Kids attending the Caribbean Carnaval dinner show even get their own buffet!

Caribbean Carnaval Dinner Show - Loews Sapphire Falls Resort

An Island Escape

During dinner guests are entertained by performers mingling with the diners. You’ll be welcomed by a stilt walker and other friendly islanders. You may even have a custom song performed just for you!

Following dinner, a lively show is performed. Musicians and dancers take guests on a “tour” of the islands through song and dance. Many guests get in the action. Afterall, who can resist a congo line?

Savor the vibrant colors, delightful tastes and rich sounds by ‘escaping’ to the islands. Are you ready to do the limbo, jump into the conga line or take part in the festivities? Purchase your tickets. Call (407) 503-3463 or purchase online at universalorlando.com.

If you’d like to experience an evening during the prohibition era, Capone’s Dinner & Show is a short drive away from the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. Al’s gang of goofy gangsters and delightful dancers are ready to take you back in time to the 1930’s Chicago gangland. Tickets are half price when purchased online. So enjoy the Caribbean Carnaval, then grab your gang and come to Capone’s. It’s a blast from the past.

Orlando Dinner Show Featured on Food Network

If you enjoy watching chefs, food contests, discovering restaurants, and just about anything food-related, chances are you’ve tuned into the Food Network a time or two while watching television. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, you have the opportunity to see one of our very own Orlando dinner shows being featured. Pirate Dinner Adventure will be one of the restaurants included in the series called “Craziest Restaurants in America.”

This particular show is titled “Big, Bigger, Biggest.”  Where will this dinner adventure fit in? The only clue given is that the episode will cover restaurants “from a 15,000 square foot saloon in a cave, to an eatery where amazing high flying divers make a splash.” Since the Pirate Dinner Adventure features a ship and audience participation, it doesn’t sound like the “craziest” location that will be aired in this show.

Other episodes within the series have focused on “Eat at Your Own Risk” which covered restaurants such as the Catfish Plantation, a 120-year-old Victorian house said to be haunted; Joanies Blue Crab Cafe in the Everglades, surrounded by alligators; and Heart Attack Grill where you can order the Octuple Bypass Burger (see photo below). In another episode called “Too Hot to Handle” cuisine such as the triple hot wings, guests can ring a bell to be rescued with milk, vanilla ice cream or other soothing remedies. Other upcoming series are titled “Weird, Weirder, Weirdest,” “No Passport Required,” and “Off the Eatin’ Path.”

Tall Hamburger

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas offers the Octuple Bypass Burger. Eat at your own risk!

Chef Graham Elliot is the host of the show and features restaurants all over the U.S. He finds the most-unique, most-outrageous, most-outstanding and even the most-bizarre food establishments that dish out delicious meals and memorable dining experiences. Of course, not all restaurants are as crazy as an underwater cafe or a zombie-themed bistro, however, most of these restaurants leave their customers saying, “Wow!”

Tune in on Wednesday, June 17 at 10:00 p.m. or on Thursday, June 18 at 1:00 a.m. to watch the “Big, Bigger, Biggest” episode when Orlando’s Pirate Dinner Adventure will be included in the list. If you want to see it in person, this dinner show is located at 6400 Carrier Dr, Orlando, FL 32819. If you enjoy a smaller venue that features a crazy cast of characters, “tune in to” Capone’s Dinner & Show which features a great menu and show every night of the year just south of Orlando in Kissimmee.

Featured Orlando/Kissimmee Dinner Shows

Medieval Times Dinner Show and Tournament Orlando/Kissimmee area

Medieval Times Dinner Show and Tournament delights audiences with jousting Knights and pageantry fit for royalty.  It’s one of Orlando’s best Dinner shows for families with young children. The arena is divided into cheering sections for each Knight. A tasty medieval feast is included. One thing I really don’t care for is they do not provide silverware. In keeping with the era you eat dinner with your hands. Select non-alcoholic beverages are also included.


Capone’s Dinner and Show Orlando/Kissimmee area

Capone’s Dinner and Show is celebrating twenty years of delivering Orlando’s best dinner show deal! An all new show, funtastic  gangster shoot out with great prizes, huge beverage menu and much more to enjoy!  It’s 1931 gangland Chicago and your gang is invited to join the “family” at Al Capone’s prohibition era speakeasy and cabaret. Tickets include Mama Capone’s Italian/American Buffet, unlimited Bud Light Draft, three wine selections, three cocktail choices, Pepsi products, lemonade, fruit punch, fresh brewed iced tea, coffee, hot tea, kiddy cocktails and dessert

Trip Advisor Award of Excellence 2011 and 2012

Some recent comments by Capone’s Dinner and Show Facebook fans:

Brought our family there for a great time…and that is what we all had…A GREAT TIME!!! Thank you, Mickey, for wonderful service and lots of laughs!!!

Great show and excellent service if you’re in Orlando u gotta check this out best show in town!

I think it is one of the best bargains in that entire area…just sayin’

What a fun time, and the food was fantastic

Visit Capone’s Dinner & Show on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Caponesdinnershow


Dinner Show Restaurants in Kissimmee

Since we’ve covered restaurants in Kissimmee that are fast food restaurants, chain restaurants and dine-in restaurants with various cuisine choices that are NOT part of a chain, this week, we’ll be covering our favorite subject – DINNER SHOW restaurants in Kissimmee! This is the time of the year, just before and during the holidays, when Central Florida is alive with holiday spirit and tourists. Even locals get into the festivities and get out to experience the theme park’s specials. Dinner shows are no different. Most in this area put out a few extras in the way of holiday cheer. Of course, at Capone’s Dinner & Show, we feel that we put out the BEST holiday show and dinner buffet of all the dinner show restaurants in Kissimmee.

Capone's Dinner & Show in Kissimmee, Florida

There are several dinner shows in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. You may click on any name to view a post or article written about each dinner show. Covered articles are:

  1. Capone’s Dinner & Show (visitor’s review)
  2. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
  4. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure
  5. Treasure Tavern
  6. Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows
  7. Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show
  8. Disney’s Hoop-Dee-Do Musical Review (multiple show cancellations)
  9. Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding (no longer running)
  10. Sea World’s Makahiki Luau (no longer running – read more) replaced with Dine With Shamu

The wise guys could give you a lot of advice concerning the other dinner show restaurants in Central Florida (read here), however, we don’t want you to waste your time. If you are in the area, you’ll want to come to Capone’s Dinner & Show. We get all spiffy for the holidays and put out a festive spread on our buffet.

We understand families, and want to invite your family into ours. Every age loves the show and delicious dinner buffet. What kid (or grown-up for that matter) doesn’t like pizza and chicken bites? And there is so much more. Read our menu for the full buffet. Plus, during the holidays, we fill our buffet with holiday favorites of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and more.

Our new show is very entertaining and the gangster shoot out is becoming a fan favorite! We load up on the ammunition and you won’t mind taking a hit! Win prizes and get in on the action. It’s a blast!

We know you have several choices when it comes to dinner show restaurants in Kissimmee and Orlando. We would love the chance to have you experience our unique dinner show (take advantage of our 50% off coupon). Unlike the chain dinner shows you can see in other cities, Capone’s is only located here, in Kissimmee, where many tourists and local residents have the opportunity to see something a little different. If you have a favorite dinner show where you live, be sure to tell us about it. Feel free to leave a comment. Happy eating!