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Orlando Attractions & Dinner Show BOGO Offers

Anytime you can buy one and get one free (dinner show BOGO), it is a difficult deal to pass up. Who doesn’t like getting something for free?! During the month of April, you have an opportunity to purchase one orlando dinner show ticket and receive another free – or purchase an Orlando attraction ticket at half price!

Knights battle at a dinner show

The Medieval Times Kissimmee dinner theatre, is offering a BOGO deal through April 30, 2015. If you enjoy watching knights compete on horseback, take advantage of this deal. Adult ticket prices are normally $62.95 and includes a four-course meal and the two-hour show. You may call 888-WE-JOUST or log on to MedievalTimes.com to book a reservation using the promo code BOGOFL.

Of course me must mention that Capone’s Dinner & Show offers half off tickets year round!  This isn’t a Florida resident deal either! Anyone can get in on this discount attraction ticket offer. Purchasing a ticket at half price is the same a buying one at full price and getting the second Orlando dinner show ticket for FREE!

How can Capone’s do this? Most dinner show attractions sale their tickets to resellers. The reseller marks up the ticket price to match that of the attraction so that they can profit from the ticket sale. Capone’s tickets are sold directly to the guest – no middle man to mark up the cost! What’s the catch? You simply need to use their online coupon or purchase tickets directly on their site. Easy-peasy.

Gatorland Half Price Ticket Special

Also during April, Gatorland is offering a 50% off (half price) ticket special for Florida residents. This makes a day at this Orlando attraction very affordable for an entire family. You may love it so much, at the end of the day, you will want to purchase an annual pass!

• Adults – $13.50 per person
• Children (3-12) – $9.50 per person
• Seniors (55+) – $10.80 per person
• $29.99 zip line special

Gatorland will let you apply the cost of this half price ticket towards your annual pass! This is a great offer, especially if you live in the Central Florida area and think you’ll return to this attraction again within the year. An annual pass also provides discounts on extra costs you can explore when you attend this attraction. Check out their Adventure Hour or Off Rookie Wrestlin’ Experience. The pass also discounts your gift shop purchases as well as many food and beverage purchases.


If you are a professional photographer or bird enthusiast, look into the special deal just for you. Free admission is available if entering the park by 7:30 a.m. on Thursdays – Sundays. Stay until dusk on Saturdays through June 14. Call (800) 393-JAWS for restrictions and more information or visit their site online at gatorland.com.

Get out and enjoy an Orlando attraction or Kissimmee dinner show during the month of April. Soon the Summer crowds will show up. Enjoy these deals while they are here; the BOGOs will be ByGones soon enough.

Orlando Dinner Shows & Their VIP Treatment

Most Orlando dinner shows offer some type of VIP upgrade with their ticket options. This VIP treatment could turn an ordinary visit to a show into an extraordinary evening. For some guests who are looking to make an extra special night out, it is a no-brainer. They will pay the price for extras and the best dinner show ticket options. For others that just want to have a nice night out, and stay within a budget, the VIP ticket upgrade is usually not of interest. Bargain tickets are perfect for them.

At Capone’s Dinner & Show, everyone is treated like a VIP. However, if you’d like to have preferred seating, bump your ticket up by $11 (when you purchase online) and get center section seating or choice private tables. You can also get early admission into Al’s Four Deuces Lounge with casino chips for table games and a take-home souvenir glass. These discount tickets are regularly $63.99 for adults and $39.99 for children (4-12), however, you can purchase online for half price. For less than $10 you can also add a prohibition era costume accessory, such as a boa or fedora to your outfit for the evening and dress in style. It’s hard to beat this great Orlando attraction deal.

At the Arabian Nights Orlando dinner show, the VIP experience expands on the General Admission ticket to include seating in the front three rows of the arena, and allows access to the stable tour during the pre-show. Their VIP guests have the opportunity to meet and speak to some of the performers in the show. VIP Experience tickets start at $81.99 per guest, taxes and fees included (gratuity not included). THIS ORLANDO DINNER SHOW IS NOW CLOSED!

Medieval Times VIP Package

Medieval Times offers 3 levels of upgrades at their Orlando dinner show, the most luxurious being the Kings Royalty Package. It includes guaranteed seating in the first-row of any section (or second-row, center section), entrance group photo, Knights cheering banner, commemorative programs and a Behind the Scenes DVD. The cost is an additional $20.00 per person. Regular ticket prices are $62.95/adult (+tax & processing fee) and $36.95/child 12 and under (+tax & processing fee). Other VIP dinner show packages can be purchased for $10 and $16 per person.

At The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show you’re visit might include the dinner show, a visit to the Wonder Works attraction, as well as a game of Laser Tag. For $48.99/adult and $37.99/child, this VIP experience can be a lot of fun and fill an entire afternoon and evening. Save the Orlando dinner show for last, so your food will settle. The games and interaction can really be fun and exciting with a lot of energy expended.

Pirates Dinner Adventure regular tickets start at $65.95+ tax for adults and $39.45+ tax for children. Add an additional $15 to $30 per ticket and you’ll gain access to various VIP treatments. These upgrades seat you in the front row (or near) with access to the show area, gift shop discounts, and in some cases, interaction with the pirates and a champagne toast. Other piece meal offers include a souvenir program ($5) and a photograph ($15).

Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Shows does not offer a VIP ticket to their show, but does package a hotel stay at a discounted ticket price. Their regular ticket prices are $59.95 + tax for adults and Children 3-11 are $28.95 + tax. The Orlando vacation package costs start at $134.90 for 2 adults and one night’s lodging. If you’re in Orlando for more than one evening, check out their comedy shows and have some great laughs.

If planning a day at SeaWorld and you’d like to be treated to a VIP dining experience, check out the “Dine with Shamu” offer. Pricing varies, but you can expect to pay about $29 per person on top of your park admission ticket currently at $50/week days or $82 any day for adults. You’ll be treated to a great meal while watching trainers interact with the animals.

If a day at Disney is on your vacation list, and you’d like to catch an Orlando dinner show, you can stay within the property and head over to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and catch the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. This Orlando dinner show offers 3 tiers of seating, so if you want the VIP treatment, choose the main floor (category 1) and enjoy the best seats for this frontier-style dinner show. Prices run $69.99 for adults and $35.99 for children.

So no matter which Orlando dinner show you attend, get the VIP treatment and indulge a little! Make a fun evening of it and go all out. Everyone should feel like a very important person when dining out in Orlando. Splurge and enjoy!

Packages and Discount Orlando Tickets

Orlando is an ideal place to have a vacation in because it is a basically a city that has everything that anybody could ever want in a vacation.  This trip is made accessible to everybody because of discount Orlando tickets and different package deals. Going to such a great and versatile place like Orlando has never been more affordable.

The trip may be affordable, but once a person is there, the different amenities that tourist will require during their stay will also have to be considered. This is why so many visitors look to find a complete package deal with discount Orlando tickets. The package takes care of necessities during the trip such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, different restaurants and even dinner shows such as Capone’s Dinner & Show.

There are a variety of packages that people can find. All they have to do is choose which one they like most. This is great, because people can have tours and go to different attractions that they will enjoy.

There are also packages that are great for the entire family. It is a way to make sure that every member enjoys their trip to Orlando. This city has theme parks for the children, spas for moms and golf courses for dads. It also has art attractions and it has a lively night scene. This trip has something for everyone.

Different kinds of people can afford this trip, because of the discounted Orlando tickets that are out there. No matter what you do, people all need a certain kind of break from the pressures that working for a living comes with.  A vacation to Orlando is also a great way to get the family together and spend some quality time. Great memories are waiting.

Discount Orlando tickets can also get people a great price for different occasions such as weddings that are to be held in Orlando. It is a city that really does have everything for everyone. It is no wonder people go there for their vacation, or even their honeymoon!

Visitors may wonder how they can get their discount Orlando tickets. The truth is that it is actually pretty simple. They just need to be resourceful. Research can be very helpful. The internet is a great resource to have. It seems to have an almost unlimited amount of information. A person can easily read about how other trips to Orlando went, and how people saved money on their trip. People should also research different promotions and offers a travel agency has. Be sure to do your homework on the company itself and only purchase from those that have high ratings, good references and accreditation.

Have fun planning your trip. That too can be part of the fun. Get the family involved and enjoy your Orlando vacation!

Finding Discount Orlando Tickets Online

­Discount Orlando tickets make trips to Orlando very affordable. It is a great way to take a break and have a little bit of rest without putting too much pressure on your finances.  With these discounts, people can go on their vacations without worrying about how much will be left in their bank accounts afterwards.  Orlando is a place that everybody can enjoy, and it is even more enjoyable because of great deals you can find.  One thing that is true about all vacations is that people have more fun when they do not have to spend so much.

There are different ways for people to get a hold of discount Orlando tickets. To be able to save money, they have to research and use every single resource that is available. The most obvious one to use is the internet just because it has a huge amount of information. There are different promos and discounted packages that different travel agencies offer. People have to be constantly connected to these travel websites to get first rate deals.  There are subscriptions and notification services that can help you get updates on the latest discounts available.

People should also visit official websites of different airlines. Acquiring discount Orlando tickets is all about timing. The discounted rates to Orlando usually come at a specific time of the year. This is when people planning to go there should book their flights.  Searching for deals in advance often lets you find the best deals possible.

People should also access the online community. They should read different blogs, reviews, and comments regarding their trip. This is a great way for people to save as much money as possible. Reading other peoples reviews can also be helpful in arranging the trip itself.

Different people will usually post about their trip and they will recommend where people should go to. When reading a post online on discount Orlando tickets, people should not just stick to one post. The whole point of using the internet as a resource is gathering as much information as possible.

When using the internet, one should not only look for affordable tickets. There are different reliable sources online that offer discount Orlando tickets along with cheap packages. There are also different kinds of coupons that are offered.

One may think that coupons will not do much to save a significant amount. Well, if people use different coupons, it will all add up, and eventually, it will save people a lot of money. People should also consider discounted rates for families. Generally, the more people who travel to Orlando, the bigger amount they will save. This makes it a great trip for friends and families to take.

At Capone’s Dinner & Show, a discount coupon is available for your entire party. It saves half off the original price of the ticket. They also offer a nice group package. This is a great way to spend one night of your vacation, and should not be missed! There are many other discount Orlando tickets, so have fun planning and finding the best deals out there!