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Forever Florida Cypress Canopy Cycle Adventure

Cypress Canopy CycleIn July of 2011, Florida EcoSafaris introduced a new eco-adventure now called a Cypress Canopy Cycle. At the time, Florida EcoSafaris called it a Cypress FlyCycle or SkyCycle adventure. A few things have changed. Florida EcoSafaris has merged under one entity called Forever Florida. Additionally, the Cypress Canopy Cycle, which has been inactive for the past year, has had some updates made to it. Now it is back up and running, um,  peddling.

What is a Cypress Canopy Cycle?

The Cypress Canopy Cycle is a one-passenger reclining cycle that is suspended beneath a steel cable. Customers pedal themselves through a one-hour course (possibly faster) that goes through some gorgeous parts of the Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area in Kissimmee, Florida. This nature park includes pine flatwoods, forested wetlands and a pond that’s home to George, a 13-foot alligator.*

The course covers varied heights allowing you to experience different levels of this natural attraction. The adventure reaches treetop heights up to 25 feet. The Cypress Canopy Cycle can be enjoyed by guests ages 8 and up who weigh between 70 and 265 lbs. It’s as easy as peddling a bicycle and requires no steering at all! Just peddle away.

Reserve Your Adventure

When introduced, the Cypress Canopy Cycle was the second course of its kind in the world, and the first in Florida. Therefore, it isn’t every day that you get the chance to do this type of excursion! Tickets for the Cypress SkyCycle cost $39.99 per person. Combo tickets that include the cycle adventure and zip lines have been offered in the past. Look for them to return. Other ticket combinations include horseback safaris and coach safaris. Reservations are required and can be made by dialing 407-957-9794 or toll-free 866-85-4-EVER.

This one-hour experience has been very well received. The only thing that could make it better (in my opinion) would be a cycle built for two. Hanging from a wire all by myself for an hour looking at all of Florida’s wonders would be nice to share with a friend. Then again, some tourists may be looking for an excuse to get away for an hour by themselves! Good idea. Enjoy.

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This post was originally written July 19, 2011 and has been updated for our readers’ benefit. *Some information may no longer be applicable.

Orlando Zip Line Attractions: The Thrill of Nature

Nearly every Orlando vacation consists of seeing major theme parks and water parks, however, have you ever considered visiting one of the Orlando zip line attractions? When people plan a vacation, it usually consists of seeing the famous theme parks. A different kind of Orlando attraction many people do not consider is Zip Lines. Most Orlando zip line attractions center around nature and the thrill of viewing it from above.

Orlando zip line attractions show off Florida nature.

With all the focus of the thrill being on “death defying” drop offs and being turned upside down on roller coasters, a new type of thrill is becoming popular in Central Florida. Zip Lines add to the thrill by allowing a person to fly through the air at 25mph, attached to a line only by a harness. Now that is a real thrill ride.

Choices for Orlando Zip Line Attractions

There are four major Orlando Zip Line attractions to choose from. Several are within a short drive of the Orlando attraction area. Due to their popularity, more zip lines will most certainly be added to various Central Florida attractions.

  1. Florida EcoSafaris
  2. Zip Orlando
  3. Screamin’ Gator Zip Line
  4. Zoomair Sanford

Most locations also offer more than just a fly on a line through the air. They offer other things to see and fun things to do. Many offer a nature experience unique to Florida. The zip line being the main focus though, it should not be overlooked.

Most Popular Zip Lines

Florida Eco Safaris has you soaring 68 feet off the ground along seven different Zip Lines and three sky-bridges. Being scared of heights is not an option at this park. An Orlando attraction to surpass any, it does offer a Cypress Canopy Cycle Zip Line for those not wanting to soar across the tree tops by a harness. On this cycle line, people are able to sit and pedal the way across the tree tops while suspended from high tension steel cables.

This nature park is home to the first major Zip Line roller coaster in the United States, The Rattlesnake. Along with The Rattlesnake, four other Zip Line adventures are available.

Also at this Zip Line Orlando attraction, Coach Safaris and Horseback Safaris are available. For one admission price into the park, a person can view the conservation wildlife areas at the 4700 acre eco-ranch in a new way. This untouched area includes Cypress Domes, Pine Flatwoods and Marsh. Soaring across the tree tops, or on a safari, a person is given the opportunity to a lot. Nature offers black bears, alligators, the endangered Florida panther and over 200 species of birds in a safe habitat.

This zip line park, although located in the Orlando/Kissimmee area (St. Cloud/South Osceola County), it is still a great Orlando attraction that should not be overlooked. The great thing about this park is that it involves day and moonlight night packages. Another amazing fact about this nature viewing area is that it donates thirty percent of its revenue back into conserving the surrounding wetland areas.

Family Thrills for All Ages

Visiting famous theme and water parks should be the main focus of your vacation to Orlando. However, do not forget to add Orlando zip line attractions to your agenda. Viewing endangered wildlife conservation sites is a wonderful learning experience for the entire family. Being able to see all this while soaring across the tree tops at 25 mph, now that is another thrill all on its own.

Spotlight Attraction: Florida EcoSafaris Forever Florida

Get in touch with your wild side at Florida EcoSafaris Forever Florida.  Experience natural Florida that most people do not get to see.  Choose your own fully-guided adventure from the Coach Safari, Horseback Safari, and the adventurous Zip Line Safari.  This special attraction boasts 9 Florida Ecosystems!  This wildlife conservation area is home to many native plants, flowers and animals. These include the white-tail deer, black bear, alligator and the endangered Florida Panther. All in their natural habitat.

The Adventures at Florida EcoSafaris Forever Florida

The Coach Safari is an open air coach. It takes you on a 2-hour tour through the beautiful 4,700 acre Forever Florida wildlife conservation area.  Midway through your adventure, you’ll get a chance to walk the boardwalk. It winds through 500-year-old cypress trees and takes you over the Bull Creek floodplain.

Florida EcoSafaris Forever Florida horseback ridersFeel like going back in time? If so, try the Horseback Safari where you can ride the historic trails the native Americans used back in the 1500s.  Choose between a 1, 2, or 3 hour ride through the wildlife conservation area.  Horses are individually picked for each rider. The tour is fully guided, so no need to worry if you aren’t an experienced rider.

For those ready for an aerial view, zipping up to 25 miles an hour, the Zipline Safari is for you! Your guided tour will let you soar through the tree tops 55 feet off the ground. The runs span up to 750′ in length and make way across two sky-bridges. What a great way to enjoy Florida’s natural flowers and wildlife!   (That is if you can keep your eyes open- what an adventure!)

In conclusion, Florida EcoSafaris Forever Florida allows you to see a side of Florida that has been preserved as nature intended.  It is located approximately 50 miles from the Orlando area. This smaller Central Florida attraction offers some tours you can go on for free with your Go Orlando Card. A discount card for area attractions. It is definitely worth the drive and the adventure.