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Dinner Show Gift Card from Capone’s

The perfect gift is a dinner show gift card from Capone’s. Here’s why. Black Friday came and went. Cyber Monday’s deals are being extended by everyone. Yet, you are still looking for that perfect gift! Even when Valentine’s Day rolls around, finding the perfect gift can be quite a task.

dinner show gift card from Capone's

Here are 5 reasons why a dinner show gift card from Capone’s is a perfect gift:

  1. It’s easy to order, easy to redeem, easy period. Just go to https://alcapones-shop.com and purchase it. The wise guys will take care of the rest.
  2. It’s appropriate for all ages. From great, great grandparents all the way down to the little kids, the show at Capone’s is fun and enjoyed by all.
  3. It means a special night will be made into a date – an evening to remember. Special memories are hard to beat when it comes to gift-giving.
  4. It’s affordable. A dinner show gift card from Capone’s doesn’t have to be expensive. Select options from $20 to $100 – or secure a reservation or VIP reservation.
  5. It’s unique. Who else on your list is thinking about giving such a great gift?! Plus, Capone’s only has one location in Kissimmee/Orlando. Feel free to add it to a vacation or staycation. Better yet, give it as a ‘teaser’ gift to let your family know you’ve planned a trip to Central Florida! What a brilliant gift!

Dinner Show Gift Card for Any Occasion

A dinner show gift card is appropriate for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday or any other special occasion. In fact, any time you feel a gift is an appropriate gesture, think gift card. Think Capone’s dinner show gift card. It’s a perfect gift.

Want proof? Here a just a few testimonials…

“As a mother and grandmother, I couldn’t have asked for a better present. My family surprised me with an evening out to your dinner show. It was very special having my kids and grandkids all there together. A good time was had by all. It was a gift I’ll never forget.”
– Cheryl M., Apopka, FL

“We got gift cards to your show for a wedding present. We had never been before and had the best time. It was a great date night and we loved every minute of it! We are already planning a return trip with some friends.”
– Bill and Stacey H., Tampa, FL

If you are still looking for the perfect gift, you are certainly not alone. Here’s some advice… Let the sales and special deals keep coming (and they certainly will). You’ve got this! Buy a dinner show gift card for each person on your list. Then (as the wise guys say), forget-about-it!

Happy shopping everyone!

Gift Cards to Capone’s – Perfect Inexpensive Present!

Gift Cards make wonderful presents, especially for people that are hard to buy gifts for. You know the ones…picky, picky, picky. You probably have a few people like that on your list. Maybe it’s your boss, or your mother, or your friend that already seems to have everything. A present for them needs to be good, but not cost too much. Heaven forbid should you give your boss a cheap gift (or your mother-in-law)!

That is why gift cards make perfect inexpensive presents. A gift card to see an Orlando dinner show makes the present even better! You are providing:

  • an evening out, all pre-paid, the recipient doesn’t even have to pay for parking!
  • a great meal – delicious buffet filled with holiday favorites
  • funny show and fabulous entertainment – guests can even win prizes during the gangster shoot out
  • great memories – how can you put a price tag on that?

Plus, the recipient gets to choose the evening they want to ‘redeem’ the gift! Purchase gift cards from Capone’s Dinner & Show, and you’ll pay half price for the tickets! That’s a steal of a deal!

Dinner Show Gift Cards

As a gift for someone else, or a present for yourself, dinner show tickets make great cheap gifts! Gift cards are sold for $20, $25, $50 or $100 in cash value; or you can purchase an adult ticket or VIP ticket. Cash value gift cards can be applied for adults or children ticket reservations. Currently** ticket prices to Capone’s are $65.99 & $41.99, however, if the recipient makes their reservations online, tickets are half price! With the discount, prices are $32.99/adult and $20.99/child. You can upgrade and include the VIP package for an additional $12/adult or $9/child (no infants – 3 & under). That is sure to impress the picky person!

Quick, Easy Purchase

Purchasing gift cards from Capone’s Dinner & Show is easy too. You can stop by the theater, call in your order (toll free 1-800-220-8428) or order them online. Gift cards are sent electronically, so there is no shipping fee. The wise guys in the gift shop will send it to you – it’s up to you to keep it or send it on to your boss, mother or friend! While you’re in the gift shop, you might find a few other items to stick in with the present.* They have shot glasses, mugs, T-shirts and more.

Gift Cards from Capone's Dinner & Show

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift, a great stocking stuffer, or some brownie points at work, a gift card from Capone’s Dinner & Show is a wonderful solution. While you’re at it, buy tickets for yourself! Take an evening off from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and see a dinner show. The laughter will do you good, and you’ll enjoy a great meal out of your own kitchen.

The Christmas show at Capone’s Dinner & Show will continue through New Year’s day. This Orlando dinner show is the perfect place to celebrate any holiday, and they are open for all of them. Now get that gift card and cross that hard-to-please person off your list!

*additional items require shipping charges if ordering online or via phone
**prices are subject to change

Cyber Monday – Safe Tips for Shopping Online

Cyber Monday means a lot of people will be shopping online today. Are you one of them? At Capone’s Dinner & Show, every day is Cyber Monday, because our online tickets sales are always half off!

Cyber Monday Safe Shopping Tips

Shop Safe & Smart – Tips for Shopping Online on Cyber Monday

For some shoppers, the only thing holding them up from shopping online on Cyber Monday is security. It is a known fact that there can be risks. To minimize those risks and have a safe shopping experience, here are some tips from the Wise Guys for shopping online safely:

  • Don’t click links in E-mails. Instead, open up your Web browser and enter the URL to the site offering the discounts you’re looking for and do a search for the items yourself.
  • Don’t click on web ads. Stick with e-commerce sites you know are real. Go directly to those websites.
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Check out the retailer before you purchase. Many legitimate retailers offering Cyber Monday deals are listed in the National Retail Federation’s list of legitimate retailers.
  • Make sure the check out page is a secure page. Web pages that use SSL (secure sockets layer) security begins with “https://” and not “http://.” Most browsers will also show a lock icon in the corner of the browser window.
  • Only pay for online purchases with a credit card as opposed to a wire transfer or other non-plastic payment method. That way you can dispute the charge if it is a scam.
  • Make sure that you’re operating system and antivirus software are up-to-date with the latest security patches and other updates. You should also use a modern web browser such as the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.
  • Beware of using free Wi-Fi, especially if a retailer is offering a free gift when using their Wi-Fi. Use VPN software (virtual private network) on your phone, or stick to your cellular connection.
  • Use the same credit card for all of your holiday shopping. Never use your debit card, and check your bank account often (using a secure site).
  • Download Apps directly from the verified site that the App is for. Numerous fake Apps are developed by scammers offered online hoping you install it and give them all of your personal financial information. You’ll shop and shop not knowing any better until you never receive anything you order. Talk about a grinch!

Cyber Monday Statistics

Since 2015, Cyber Monday has beat out Black Friday shopping sales. For many retailers, a strong online sales season can make the whole year a success, while a weak holiday sales season can spell disaster. This year Cyber Monday is anticipated to be a huge winner in overall sales.

Here are some statistics to consider:

  • Cyber Monday sales hit 3.19 billion dollars in 2015.
  • Cyber Monday sales averaged $123.43 per order.
  • While shopping on mobile devices increased 53%, the highest percentage of sales still come from desktop computers.
  • Smartphone sales are higher than tablet sales by 3%.
  • Female shoppers edged out male shoppers 59% to 41% with the 35-55 year old age group containing the highest number of shoppers spending the most amount of money.
  • While there were more at-home shoppers (by a narrow margin), the shoppers at work spent on average more money.
  • iOS users accounted for more than 3 times as many sales as Android users (21% vs 6%).
  • The number of orders placed by shoppers in China on Cyber Monday increased 78% from last year.

If you have a list of items to purchase, Cyber Monday is a great time to go ahead and purchase them. Most retailers offer free shipping, so the bargains are all that much better. It is also a great opportunity to purchase something for yourself!

If you miss out on Cyber Monday, mark your calendar for Green Monday sales (usually the 2nd Monday in December). This sale date is often associated with the last day you can order items and not pay for rush shipping (if free shipping isn’t offered) in order to receive it by Christmas day.

Every day is Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Green Monday at Capone’s. This year, be sure to purchase a dinner show gift card. They make great stocking stuffers! Everyone loves a night out that includes a great dinner and a wonderful show. An evening with the gang is an easy way to please nearly anyone on your list. Be sure to make your reservation before January 1st and enjoy the special holiday show. It is a blast!

Happy shopping! Oh, and Al says…“Get back to work!”

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Kissimmee Restaurant Gift Cards

‘Tis the season for giving, and Capone’s Dinner & Show would like to remind you that one of the best gifts you can give (or get for that matter) is a gift certificate to enjoy at Capone’s! It is a bargain (at 50% off), and can be used by the recipient any time of the year. Big Al will even mail it out to your recipient with your personal message! If you are shopping for gift cards to Kissimmee restaurants, keep Capone’s in mind. They make a great stocking stuffer or gift that can be mailed with your Christmas card.

If you are searching other Kissimmee restaurants for gift certificates, there are a lot that offer them. Of course, gift cards are available for almost all of the chain restaurants, including Bonefish Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Smokey Bones, Miller’s Ale House, Applebee’s, Houlihans and dozens of others. However, there are some other restaurants in Kissimmee that offer gift certificates or cards that the person on your list might enjoy just as much, and have possibly never tried before.

Here are 3 deals worth checking out:

Mexican food dish from Abuelos Kissimmee restaurantA chain restaurant not mentioned in our previous post of Kissimmee restaurants that you should check out is Abuelo’s located at 2431 West Osceola Pkwy., Kissimmee, FL 34741. When you order gift cards from them, you’ll receive a $10 VIP card too! This Mexican restaurant in Kissimmee is highly ranked. Their food is fresh to order, and the restaurant is decorated beautifully. During the holidays, who can resist the decadent Capirotada?

Free BJ's MugPerhaps you’d like to throw in a pint glass, T-shirt or baseball cap with your gift card. Check out BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. Their gift cards and merchandise are easy to order online, and can be sent directly to the person you are buying it for. They even offer eGift Cards that are sent electronically to your friends and family for free. Best deals of all… a free BJ’s mug with a $50 gift card purchase; a mug and holiday surprise card with a $75 gift card; a set of mugs and a holiday surprise card with a $100 gift card purchase. After January 1st, one lucky person holding a holiday surprise card will win a trip for 2 to New York City!

Logan's custom gift cardIf you’d like to send your gift card with a custom greeting card, even including your very own photo, go online to Logan’s Roadhouse. You can design your own gift card and greeting card, making a gift that may not seem all that personal to seem really personal! Whether you have it printed and mailed, or sent electronically, your gift from this Kissimmee restaurant is sure to please and be unique.

If none of these Kissimmee Restaurants work for the picky eater on your list, many local restaurants participate in gift certificate or voucher programs through restaurant.com, giftrocket.com or other websites you can order gift certificates through. A few of the restaurants in Kissimmee that participate include:

  • Chef John’s Dockside
  • El Tenampa Mexican Restaurant
  • Tarantino’s Italian Restaurant
  • Jerusalem Restaurant
  • Azteca’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Giordano’s
  • Sydel’s Restaurant
  • Taste of Punjab
  • China Restaurant
  • Garibaldi Mexican Cuisine
  • Mi Sushi & Chinese
  • Philippine Fiesta Restaurant
  • 3 Sisters Speakeasy
  • and a host of others

Just remember, only one Kissimmee restaurant mentioned here offers dinner & an evening of entertainment. Purchase a gift certificate from Capone’s Dinner & Show. Then load up the gang and enjoy an evening of ‘dinnertainment.’ It will be a gift full of laughs and wonderful memories.