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Movie, Theme Park & Capone’s = Perfect Weekend

If you are looking for something fun to do in Orlando when the weather isn’t cooperating, chances are you’ve thought about going to a movie. This weekend regardless of the weather, a movie and a theme park are in order. “The Lego Movie” will be released tomorrow and it should do very well at the theaters. After all, who hasn’t enjoyed playing with Legos and imagined them full of character?

In celebration of the movie’s release, Legoland Florida is holding a movie-themed weekend event. This Saturday and Sunday, February 8 & 9, 2014, special activities will take place. They include:

  • “The Lego Movie” Scavenger Hunt held at Miniland USA
    Help save the day by finding Emmet, Wyldstyle, Lord Business and MetalBeard (movie characters) who are lost in Miniland USA. Prizes will be awarded for entries received.
  • “The Lego Movie” Video Game Challenge at theWarner Bros. Games Zone
    Play the latest video game based on the movie and test your gaming skills.
  • Build Your Own World Competition – Imagination Zone
    Use your imagination to build your own Lego model. A winner from each event day will be selected to receive a Lego prize pack.
  • “The Lego Movie” Mural Build – Imagination Zone
    Help create a giant Lego poster of “The Lego Movie.”
  • Character Meet & Greets – Lego City
    Emmet and Wyldstyle stars of “The Lego Movie,” will be on the red carpet greeting fans.

The cost of this event at Legoland Florida is included in your Orlando theme park ticket. The entire family will enjoy a day at this attraction. For tickets or more information, go to legoland.com.

As for the movie, watch the official trailer (below). It looks very funny to me. Special appearances by several stars and characters throughout the movie keep it fun, fresh and entertaining. Who wouldn’t love a singing batman? Reviews have stated that it is entertainment that the whole family will enjoy. The Lego Movie is rated PG and will be shown at regular theaters as well as in 3D.

This weekend, why not go to the movies on Friday or Saturday, then experience “The Lego Movie” in real life with more Legos than you could ever imagine by attending Legoland? Sounds like a great plan, regardless of the weather!

To make it a perfect weekend… The evening you are not at Legoland or watching the new Lego movie, enjoy a family night out at Capone’s Dinner & Show. The characters at this joint sing, dance, tell jokes and are as entertaining as any “brick” you’ll meet! This Orlando dinner show is a fun thing to do any day of the week and in any kind of weather. Save a night for Capone’s and have a perfect weekend!

Theme Parks & VIP Tickets – worth it?

Capone’s Dinner & Show is working on implementing VIP tickets with special perks. A little over a year ago, the option to add dress-the-part costumes to your online ticket order was implemented and has been very popular. Who doesn’t like a boa or a fedora to wear when attending a speakeasy? Yet Capone’s is very aware that most people are on a tight budget, and want to make their Orlando dinner show experience an affordable one for everyone. Other local attractions offer expensive options…

Most Orlando theme parks offer upgrades and special services of some type. Depending upon the park and what you get for the extra money you spend, it may well be worth it. However, are you willing to pay nearly $500 for a VIP tour? Some might if it meant seeing one of the top attractions in Orlando behind the scenes, no waiting in lines, and a host of other special perks. But…. Would you pay this amount to go to Legoland?

Legoland Florida VIP Tour

Orlando attractions appeal to families of all economic classes, including the wealthy, and this is what Legoland is counting on. It is a bit of a drive out to this theme park located in Winter Haven, and it caters mostly to families with children age 2 – 12, yet the “Legoland Florida VIP Experience” could very well boost visitor spending for this Merlin Entertainments Group. At least the theme park will be getting more money out of their wealthiest guests.

The cost of the “Legoland Florida VIP Experience” will start at $495 per adult and $445 per child (ages 3-12). It will include your family’s very own private host, tours of a “secret” model shop, a session with one of the park’s master model builders, lunch, front-of-the-line ride access and other perks and gifts. If you want a private cabana, beach towels and a locker at the water park area of the attraction, you’ll pay an additional $100. Mind you, this is for a single day ticket!

Obviously, this VIP package is not for families looking for discount Orlando theme park tickets. This caters specifically to families that have no problem spending well over $1,000 to go to an Orlando attraction. Some families are willing to pay even more, especially during special events. For example, during Red, Brick & Boom (July 4th), Christmas Bricktacular and the Kids New Year’s Eve celebration other perks can be purchased with the VIP tour. Extras will include a VIP picnic and a designated viewing area for fireworks.

While many families are hard pressed to purchase a single day pass at any Orlando attraction, there have been, and always will be, families that can afford to spend a great deal of money while on vacation. It is good for our local economy and good for the area theme parks. Hopefully it is equally good for the VIPs, and they find the extra expense well worth it.

If you happen to be one of these VIP-types and want to make a reservation, or want more information on Legoland’s VIP experience, call 855-753-7777. Details can also be found on their website.

Orlando Attraction Expansion – Legoland

Build a Raft at Legoland

Attractions in Orlando are constantly expanding and adding new rides and features. It helps keep visitors returning year after year. When Legoland opened in October of 2011, it has been in a constant state of building. A “Star Wars” section was added to its Miniland USA area this past year. Also, the water park section, which was added last year, has added twice as many Lego bricks as it had when it opened. Other features have also been added to the water park. They include:

  • An intricate Lego entrance now welcomes guests at the 1,000-foot lazy river experience where swimmers (of floaters) can build their own Lego rafts.
  • While floating along, be sure to check out the new 200,879 Lego Duplo bricks that make up a huge whale, none other than Moby Dick.
  • What water feature would be complete without a mermaid? The 15-foot tall Lego mermaid is made of 176,210 bricks and spouts bubbles intermittently at the water park entrance.
  • Friends of the mermaid include a Lego shark and scuba diver. You’ll find them at the 583,000-gallon wave pool.

World of Chima comes to Legoland Florida attraction

Legoland has also announced a future expansion of their Central Florida theme park. Around July of this year, the “World of Chima” will open. The expansion includes a new interactive ride, a 4D movie and more. This area will be presented by Cartoon Network because of their animated TV series based on the Legends of Chima. They will also have screens placed sporadically around the park where you can view their network.

The new interactive ride will consist of a family-friendly water ride where guests will enter the World of Chima through a stone and moss covered entrance. At the Lion Temple, guests will join the Lion tribe in a battle to recover the stolen CHI orbs. Guests will enjoy helping their hero with the use of water cannons.

The expansion featuring the 4D movie experience will bring the World of Chima characters to life on the big screen. There will be daily meet and greet sessions where guests can interact with Laval the Lion Prince and Cragger the Crocodile King. Of course, young guests will want to save up their money so that they may purchase the Lego sets of Legends of Chima and Speedorz.

You will have to wait until late this summer to experience the World of Chima, however, the water park is open now. During Spring Break, the park, which is commonly closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. During the cooler months, it is not uncommon for this section of Legoland to only be open on the weekends. It is best to double-check the hours before you head out to this area theme park.

If you haven’t been to Legoland, or it has been a few months since you’ve gone, check out their expansion. The bricks just keep piling up! Building with Legos has always been fun; this is just at a grander scale. In fact, it is the grandest! Legoland Florida is the largest Legoland park in the world!

Legoland to Add Water Park!

With the mild temperatures this Winter, even the Orlando Water Parks are enjoying good-sized crowds. Orlando experienced 80 degree weather on Christmas day! It’s no wonder Legoland Florida is planning to expand and include a water park in 2012.

Starting next summer, visitors to Legoland Florida will be able to cool off at a new water attraction. It will feature a wave pool, tube and body slides, rafting river ride and an interactive water-play splash area, called the DUPLO Spash Safari.

Admission to the water park will be included with the Legoland Premium Pass, which offers a year of admission to the theme park and seasonal admission (most likely summer to early fall this first year) to the water park. If you are visiting the park on a single-day ticket, an upgrade ticket to the water park attraction can be purchased for an additional $12 per person (children under 3 years are an additional $3).

The expansion of the water park is a great sign that Legoland Florida is committed to making Central Florida a great place to vacation. Adding a water attraction will help draw their target audience (3 – 12 year old children and their families) offering a greater incentive to attend the park during the hot summer months. Currently, the theme park is still limiting the days in which they are open, and adding well thought out blocks helping to build a successful theme park.

Legoland Christmas Bricktacular

Legoland Florida is enjoying its first holiday season having opened mid-October. Beginning December 5, their Christmas Bricktacular begins. At the Florida theme park’s entrance a 30-foot Christmas tree made of 270,000 green Lego and Duplo bricks is being erected. That’s a lot of Legos! Other areas within the park are also being decorated, and the first lighting ceremony will take place Monday, December 5. After this ceremony, each night, a family will be selected to help light the tree between December 8th through December 31st.

What holiday party would be complete without Santa? Children would say “none!” So Santa Claus will make special daily appearances in the historical botanical gardens. On the last day of the Christmas Bricktacular, New Year’s Eve, the Orlando theme park will host a Kid’s party with music and fireworks at 7:00 p.m., which Legoland calls midnight KST (Kid Standard Time). This special event, along with the Christmas Bricktacular is included in regular park admission.

With every Orlando theme park offering a special Christmas show, it is great to see Legoland offering a tree lighting. Look to see the attraction offering more next holiday season. Perhaps they will also open every day in December. Only time will tell. This year, however, please note: Legoland is closed December 6, 7, 13 & 14 (Tuesdays & Wednesdays). Their operating hours can be found on their website at www.florida.legoland.com.