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Forever Florida Cypress Canopy Cycle Adventure

Cypress Canopy CycleIn July of 2011, Florida EcoSafaris introduced a new eco-adventure now called a Cypress Canopy Cycle. At the time, Florida EcoSafaris called it a Cypress FlyCycle or SkyCycle adventure. A few things have changed. Florida EcoSafaris has merged under one entity called Forever Florida. Additionally, the Cypress Canopy Cycle, which has been inactive for the past year, has had some updates made to it. Now it is back up and running, um,  peddling.

What is a Cypress Canopy Cycle?

The Cypress Canopy Cycle is a one-passenger reclining cycle that is suspended beneath a steel cable. Customers pedal themselves through a one-hour course (possibly faster) that goes through some gorgeous parts of the Forever Florida Wildlife Conservation Area in Kissimmee, Florida. This nature park includes pine flatwoods, forested wetlands and a pond that’s home to George, a 13-foot alligator.*

The course covers varied heights allowing you to experience different levels of this natural attraction. The adventure reaches treetop heights up to 25 feet. The Cypress Canopy Cycle can be enjoyed by guests ages 8 and up who weigh between 70 and 265 lbs. It’s as easy as peddling a bicycle and requires no steering at all! Just peddle away.

Reserve Your Adventure

When introduced, the Cypress Canopy Cycle was the second course of its kind in the world, and the first in Florida. Therefore, it isn’t every day that you get the chance to do this type of excursion! Tickets for the Cypress SkyCycle cost $39.99 per person. Combo tickets that include the cycle adventure and zip lines have been offered in the past. Look for them to return. Other ticket combinations include horseback safaris and coach safaris. Reservations are required and can be made by dialing 407-957-9794 or toll-free 866-85-4-EVER.

This one-hour experience has been very well received. The only thing that could make it better (in my opinion) would be a cycle built for two. Hanging from a wire all by myself for an hour looking at all of Florida’s wonders would be nice to share with a friend. Then again, some tourists may be looking for an excuse to get away for an hour by themselves! Good idea. Enjoy.

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This post was originally written July 19, 2011 and has been updated for our readers’ benefit. *Some information may no longer be applicable.

Spotlight: Silver Springs

Explore the natural beauty of Ocala at Silver Springs, a natural spring that pumps out 550 million gallons of natural water daily.  Surrounding the springs are animals and foliage unique to the area.  There are several river cruises you can check out, including the Lost River Voyage, Fort King River Cruise, and Glass Bottom Boats.  The Lost River Voyage takes you back to ‘untouched’ Florida, the way it was thousands of years ago.  See wildlife such as osprey, turtles, and alligators in their natural habitat.  The Fort King River Cruise is a historical journey that includes displays and interactive exhibits such as a late 1880s train depot and riverboat dock, 1830s Fort King Army stockade, a Seminole Indian village, and more.  The glass bottom boat tours give you a view only scuba divers could have – clear views of underwater life such as crawfish, shrimp, snails, clams, turtles, and 70 million year old shells.

There are several wildlife exhibits including the World of Bears, the largest bear exhibit of its kind in the world.  You can also check out Big Gator Lagoon, a swamp habitat featuring some of Florida’s largest gators.  Ross Allen Island showcases many other animals native to Florida, such as turtles, otters, snakes, and spiders.  Don’t forget to visit the Panther Prowl and the Kritter Korral petting zoo.

There are also rides, shows, shopping and dining.  You can witness the alligator and crocodile feedings, a non-venemous snake show, and reptiles of the world.  The lighthouse ride takes you up 80 feet above the springs for a panoramic view of this natural spring area.  Other activities include Kids Ahoy Playland, where you’ll find mini motorboats, a ferris wheel, slides and crawl tubes, and more.

Exotic and native plants are featured at the beautiful Botanical Gardens, where you can see more than 138 varieties in floral sculptures and flower beds along the river.

While you’re there, cool off at the Wild Waters water park. You can soak up the sun and cool off in the 450,000 gallon wave pool or on the many water slides.  (Seasonal – check website to make sure they’re open.)

Tip: Like music concerts? Check Silver Springs’ web site before planning a day there. They have a great concert series and many performances begin in the middle of the afternoon. Go early to the park and enjoy a relaxing concert in the afternoon. Tickets are additional, but a great way to spend an entire day!

For more information about Silver Springs, visit their website. Feel free to leave a response below about your visit to Silver Springs and share your tips and experience!