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Disney’s Blizzard Beach – The Water Park to Be

Disney's Blizzard Beach Summit Plummet

© Walt Disney World

Your Orlando attraction planning definitely needs to include Disney’s Blizzard Beach. A blizzard you say? Well, it’s been rumored a bad snow storm hit Orlando and, upon melting, left a beautiful mountainous area with coves built in. This area was the only place snow remained after the melt, but let’s be real. We know it has to be a rumor, but why ruin the fun for the kids that go there and are allowed to swim and play in pools with snow all around them? Now that is something not many people can say they’ve done. A must visit if only for this reason.

Disney World Resort includes five major theme parks and two famous water parks. Blizzard Beach is one of those water parks. This area usually is at the top of most vacationers’ lists to visit. Thrilling rides and water-based attractions, which include twenty-two water slides, make it possible for the whole family to find one to become their favorite.

Some of the fun, thrilling water rides found at this Orlando attraction is the Runoff Rapids, Downhill Double Dipper, Summit Plummet Free-Fall Slide, Snow Stormers Racing Slides, Cross Country Creek River Ride, Teamboat Springs, Melt-Away Bay Wave Pool, Springs Raft Ride, Ski Patrol Training Camp, and Mount Gush More Chair Lift. Okay, what other water park can you go to that provides ski patrols and chair lifts? This is a must-experience family vacation spot. There is also a children’s play area called Tike’s Peak for their enjoyment.

The Summit Plummet plunges you down 12 stories, straight down, while lying on your back on the water slide, or maybe you are adventurous enough to go head first. This is the fastest free-falling slide, at a dizzying 55 mph and also one of the world’s tallest. This needs to be experienced by every water park slide-lover ever born.

What is so nice about the Orlando attraction Blizzard Beach is being able to reserve a hut on the shaded private beach area. A small hut, with a front deck and chairs, can be your private hideaway from the crowd, relaxing with the love of your life. This special area includes your own personal attendant. Now that’s the kind of blizzard to be in!

While deciding a water park for your Orlando attraction to visit, Blizzard Beach is hard to beat; even its brother water park Typhoon Lagoon is rated by some visitors as a second choice. Make sure to visit on your vacation and take the 12 story plunge in the snow. It will bring you plenty of chills and thrills!

Orlando Theme Park: Epcot – A Dream for the Future to Come

Photo of Epcot fireworks show at Orlando theme park

One of the top four theme park areas to include, when you’re doing Orlando attraction planning, is Epcot. Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Built, and dedicated, to different cultures and innovation in technology throughout the world, Disney had envisioned this park to focus on the changes in the future.

Although the blueprints were finished and the stage was set to build his dream, Walt Disney passed away before he was able to see the finished Orlando theme park. The original plans caused indecision as to the purpose for the park. While some designers wanted it to signify the advancement of technology, others wanted it to represent different cultures from around the world and their customs; both ideas had been the whole of Disney’s dream.

During a meeting a model of the futuristic park had been pushed up against a model of an exhibit from world expositions; the two areas, today known as Future World and World Showcase, revealed the shape of an hourglass, and were combined. This combination, and what each represents, fulfilled the original dream. World Showcase park lives up to its name. Representing eleven countries and their cultures makes this attraction an international favorite.

This Orlando attraction, which was once connected to Magic Kingdom via monorail, was also supposed to include a small city. Disney’s dream would consist of housing for 20,000 residents, an industrial park and private airport. The design, the shape of a circle, was supposed to allow commercial areas to be built towards the center with residential areas running along the perimeter. Unfortunately, when Disney passed away, the plans for this did too.

The vast amount of uninhabited beauty does not mean it is lacking in fun. In fact, there is much to ride, see and do. You won’t be able to do it all in one day. Carefully planning events and showcases to attend around how many days you will be there, the time of year and time of day will allow you to take more in.

This beautiful, spacious Orlando attraction is twice the size of the more famous theme park, Magic Kingdom, so lack of exercise is not a problem in Epcot. These two showcased Orlando attractions will keep you busy for 2-3 days and the spacious area will give you a break from the other crowded parks.

End your day at World Showcase watching “IllumiNation’s: Reflections of Earth”; you will not be disappointed. If you have a free evening during your Disney World vacation, end your day with a dinner and show at Capone’s. Tickets are half price when purchased online, and the show is a favorite among all ages.

Spotlight: Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando

Orlando attraction planning is not complete until you have added Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Called “the most high-tech theme park in the world,” it is one of the best additions to Universal Studios Florida. The great thing about this thrilling theme park is it does not limit their shows and rides with themes based only on Universal films.

Islands of Adventure Spiderman Ride

With the exception of three “lands” themed around Universal, the remaining themed areas were created about characters licensed to their rival studios. These studios do not own their own theme parks. Adding attractions at Universal’s gives them the representation they need through excitement.

Islands of Adventure = 5 Theme Parks

This Orlando attraction is almost like going to five theme parks in one day. The five different themed islands allow you to live the adventure each one represents. The five popular areas at Island of Adventure at this Orlando attraction are listed below. The first three are the only ones licensed through Universal.

Port of Entry – The Pharos Lighthouse, the park’s iconic centerpiece, marks the park’s entrance. Port of Entry, the main entrance is home to Guest Relations, aptly named The Open Arms Hotel. Multiple gift shops are in this area.

The Lost Continent – Ancient myths and epic legends provide enjoyment of going back in time.

Jurassic Park – Named after Universals famous movie, this “Island” is a perfect place for science. Used as magic, it brings things back to life. Made famous for its distinctive dinosaur experiences, it is the largest of the islands at this Orlando attraction.

Marvel Super Hero Island – Watch your favorite Super Heroes battle against the world’s notorious diabolical Super Villains.

Seuss Landing – Enjoy whimsical tales played out right in front of you by your favorite Dr. Seuss characters.

Toon Lagoon – The name says it all. This hilarious cartoon island will have everyone in your family non-stop laughing.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Orlando photoNew Attractions Added

These are just a few of the islands available to visit. Its newest attraction, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” should not be missed. It is by far the most popular attraction currently featured at Universal Orlando. Travel over the towering Hogwarts castle gateways. See the sights of the familiar passages, laboratories and corridors.

There is so much to see at this Orlando attraction. You will want to purchase a multi-day ticket. Make sure you visit Universal Islands of Adventure. Being immersed into the action through shows and rides will have you living the adventure with the characters. You haven’t lived until you are chased by a giant dinosaur. Let the adventures begin.


Disney’s Renovation of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom Orlando

A major renovation of Fantasyland has been in the planing stages for some time now, but now Disney has begun hiring contractors for the massive renovation. Starting in early 2012 Disney plans on opening it’s new Little Mermaid attraction and Pixie Hollow a new meet and greet area for Disney’s various fairies and princeses to interact with guests.

While Universal Orlando prepares to open it’s newest theme park within a theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the coming weeks. The appeal at Universal Orlando’s expansion will be mainly aimed at boys.

Disney’s revamp of Fantasyland will be going after the girls. It should be interesting for families with boys and girls begining in 2012 with options for both girls and boys at Orlando’s two premier attractions. Start saving now or plan a trip this year to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and then plan on early 2012 to visit or revist the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Electrical Light Parade Coming Back to Orlando

Several years back the Electrical Light Parade was moved to Anaheim California but this summer it is coming back to Orlando. The night will again be lit at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World by multitudes of lighted floats. Billed as the summer of Nighttastic a rejuvenated parade returns to Orlando updated with all new LED lights. Many Disney fans are going to be delighted to see it’s return.

Disney is making a strategical move to help it’s key summer season business and my belief is it’s part of Disney’s plans to try and keep their key childrens market. They will be facing a huge new player when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens inside Islands of Adventure Universal Orlando this spring.

Speaking of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter have you seen Universal Orlandos new commercial that debuted during the first half of the Super Bowl? I have seen it one other time on TNT since then and the commercial almost makes it seem that it’s open but at the end of the commercial it says coming this spring. An official opening date has yet to be announced.

I will keep you posted and as soon as I hear the official opening date I will be sure and get it on the blog fast.