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National Roller Coaster Day: Orlando Attractions Rate High

Today is National Roller Coaster Day. It is celebrated, because August 16th of 1898, was the day in which Edwin Prescott submitted a patent for the first looping roller coaster. It later became the loop-the-loop at Coney Island. So to celebrate, National Roller Coaster Day was born.

National Roller Coaster Day

When the Wise Guys originally started following National Roller Coaster Day in 2013, the folks that operate Behind the Thrills website, polled their readers. They announced the top 10 roller coasters in the United States. Our Central Florida theme parks were the best! In fact, SeaWorld Orlando landed two of the top ten. Busch Gardens, Islands of Adventure, Disney World and Hollywood Studios were also awarded a spot in the top ten.

The poll included the highest ranking roller coasters by various organizations. They were sectioned into wooden rides and steel roller rides. Our Florida theme parks did well with Rock-n-Roller Coaster in 10th place; The Incredible Hulk in 6th; Montu took 5th; Kraken was 4th and the number one roller coaster at that time was Manta.

National Roller Coaster Day Features New Rides

Zoom, loop, drop or barrel roll ahead a few years and National Roller Coaster Day looks a little different for Orlando’s theme parks in 2016. SeaWorld has added Mako. Universal Studios has added Skull Island: Reign of Kong. Busch Gardens has added Cobra’s Curse, and Disney added Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in 2014. The competition is steep and Central Florida has a lot more of it! Theme parks across the country are upping the standards with new thrills and technology.

“The virtual reality roller coaster experience is a new hot trend that hit the market this year and has the potential to be game changing,” says Colleen Mangone, spokeswoman for the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions.

No doubt the new roller coasters in Central Florida will rank high. They continue to be a big draw for many tourists. Why else would our theme parks be adding and improving them? If you are a roller coaster junky, you’ll no doubt be celebrating National Roller Coaster Day with a few minutes spent on your favorite thrill ride. Enjoy the day and the ride!

Celebrate Other Specials on the Calendar

Today has also been designated as “National Tell a Joke Day” and “National Rum Day” as well as a host of other holiday’s you’ll not find on most calendars. For thrill-seekers in Florida, you can feel lucky to have so many great roller coasters in the area to seek that thrill from. There are also plenty of places to hear and joke and drink rum.

Meanwhile, at Capone’s Dinner & Show, we are unable to help you celebrate National Roller Coaster Day. However, we’ll help you celebrate National Rum Day as well as National Tell a Joke Day. Come in tonight, or any night of the year and we’ll treat you to Al’s famous unlimited rum runners. The show is a thrill for many of our families, without the gForces, of course! Many guests do have a blast here! As for National Tell a Joke Day, well, come see the show at Capone’s. We’re sure to tell a joke or two!

The Wise Guys have updated this post for your reading pleasure. It was originally featured on Al’s Blog August 16, 2013.

Wonderworks: Wonder No More, Come Have Fun!

Wonderworks Upside Down Building

Wonderworks should be at the top of everyone’s Orlando attraction planning list. Reasonably priced to take the whole family, it is located right off of International Drive…right down the road from everything! This Orlando attraction is encompassed in an upside-down building. Those that have passed by, and have never stopped, wonder what it really is and what the history behind it is. Well, wonder no more.

With the current rainy days we’ve had, visiting Wonderworks is a fun thing to do in Orlando when it is too wet or hot to enjoy outdoor activities.

Rumor has it that the Orlando attraction, Wonderworks, started out as a scientific experiment in the Bermuda Triangle. It has been said that scientists were given the task to harness the POWER from a man-made tornado that they created. Something went amuck and the building flew into Orlando, landing on its roof; therefore, all the hundred plus interactive exhibits inside the house are upside-down.

When entering this Orlando attraction it sounds like the house is wanting to fall. Stepping inside, you become inverted in order to visit all the sites which are upside-down. Wonderworks is the ultimate place to learn and interact with science. It is perfect for the wanna-be-nerd.

After entering, you will go through a cool inversion tunnel. The rotating multi-colored tunnel contains a walkway which, upon reaching the other side, allows you to defy gravity in order to visit all the exhibits. How cool is that?!

Wonderworks Earthquake ExperienceExperiencing an actual earthquake can be a scary thought. However, when experiencing an earthquake inside Wonderworks, it is scary yet exciting. This Orlando attraction recreates an earthquake measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale. This exhibit is based on the 1989 San Francisco earthquake that stopped the World Series. It is very realistic. Visit the Disaster Zone for this experience.

Even though hurricanes can be experienced in Florida, people are usually in safe zones when they do hit. This Orlando attraction allows you to experience what 71 mph winds of an actual hurricane feel like. This is also in the Disaster Zone. These should be experienced by everyone.

In Wonder Coasters, a part of this Orlando attraction, you are able to build your own roller coaster, with twists, turns and loops. Taking the coaster for a spin is the ultimate thrill in the virtual coaster ride.

In the Space Zone visitors put on Astronaut suits and explore the universe. A souvenir picture in a famous exploration environment is available. There are so many interactive exhibits at this Orlando attraction that to name them all, or even a fraction, would be difficult. Visiting is a must for your vacation.

Along with the many exhibits there is a laser tag and rope climbing area available. Dinner and a comedy club dinner show is available with reservations. This is the perfect place to have the young scientist in your families’ birthday party.

Wonderworks is the ultimate scientific Orlando attraction. Seeing and experiencing it all should be on everyone’s bucket list. Make your plans to visit soon. Arrive early to get the best seats, or sites, in the house. Wonderworks is the place to learn all about the world and why things happen, all while having fun…and being upside-down.

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park: Swim with the Fish

Crush and Gusher Attraction

© Walt Disney World

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, one of two water parks within Walt Disney World Resort, was marked as the most-visited water park worldwide based on 2008 records. An odd tidbit to ponder is that, even though this water park was created and is owned by Disney World in Orlando, it happens to be the only theme park that is in the city boundaries of Lake Buena Vista.

The other five Orlando attractions from Disney are inside the nearby City of Bay Lake. Curiously, all Disney World mail is sent to a Lake Buena Vista address. A lesson here would be: It doesn’t matter if we are in different cities or not. What matters is we are still family and all important information can be sent to a central place. It will then be given to the intended.

With that lesson out of the way, let’s explore this one-of-a-kind Orlando attraction. Covering an area of 56 acres, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon houses the biggest outside wave pool in the world through studying wave propagation and generation before opening for visitors. Tests to determine shapes of waves, surf board duration, and the degree in where a wave will create normalcy were performed. With the ability to produce perfect surfing waves, an artificial beach became a surfer’s dream.

Another Orlando attraction at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Shark Reef, allows visitors to swim with fish and small sharks for free. Snorkel gear is included with park admission and allows visitors to swim over the reef viewing sharks more clearly. An overturned sunken tanker with portholes offers non-swimmers the opportunity to experience sea life without getting wet.

Other Orlando attractions are: The relaxing Castaway Creek which gives visitors a relaxing journey through invigorating waterfalls and cool mists. The Crush ‘N’ Gusher which is a water coaster twisting, while climbing to heights up to 420 feet. Three park-made drop areas give the ultimate water slide experience. Mayday Falls provides guests the longest and most intense water slides in the Typhoon Lagoon Park.

A favorite for this Orlando attraction is Sandy White Beach; a white-sand tropical beach with scenic waters, beautiful palm trees and lush landscapes. This is a perfect spot to rest, relax and feel that you are in a tropical island vacation.

Upon entrance, choose the option to rent a locker. The Orlando attraction can become crowded, and if you hit all the water attractions, you will want to make sure your personal belongings are safe. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is the place to be when the other theme parks become too hot.

Swim with the Dolphins at Discovery Cove

Swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove

If you love dolphins and other ocean life, you will love this Orlando attraction. Discovery Cove, a sister theme park to SeaWorld, allows you the chance to “talk, touch, play and swim” with bottlenose dolphins. For many visitors, it is a chance of a lifetime.

Reservations are needed since the park only admits 1000 people per day allowing for a relaxing experience. When calling to reserve your family entrance into this Orlando attraction you have three packages to choose from; non-dolphin swim, dolphin swim, and the “Trainer for the Day.”

The cost may seem expensive, but it is all-inclusive admission including; unlimited food and drink, consisting of lunch and breakfast, equipment rental; snorkels, fins, wet suits, towels, etc. Since Busch owns the park you also receive a free ticket to your choice of one of its sister parks – SeaWorld or Busch Gardens in Tampa. You will experience all of Discovery Cove’s attractions and a full day’s fun at another theme park. With all of this included, the price is quite reasonable.

What can you expect on your visit when entering this Orlando attraction is tranquility; surrounded by a tropical oasis while being treated like royalty by the staff. When arriving, an informative video and talk with your trainer is held. Then, if the dolphin swim package was selected, you head there. If not, there is a lot more activities to enjoy.

The “Dolphin Swim Experience” allows you to interact with your dolphin, along with a trainer, and then take a ride across the pool and back holding their fin. The experience of playing with these magnificent creatures last 30 minutes and the pool area is limited to six to eight guests at a time.

Afterwards, go snorkeling at the Tropical Reef along with stingrays, tropical fish and coming eye to eye with sharks and barracudas. Before tiring yourself out, it is highly advised to casually swim down to the Wind-Away River where you can enjoy waterfalls, a rain forest, waterfalls, an underwater cave as well as a beach and rocky terrain area. The surroundings will relax you beyond belief.

There is more to see at this Orlando attraction so experience all there is at the Tropical Reef and Wind-Way River, but do not forget to save time to experience other amazing opportunities offered at Discovery Cove. Explorer’s Aviary allows you to see tropical birds at a close distance and Serenity Bay; a surreal area with sandy beaches, waterfalls and a pool.

Orlando attraction planning needs to be done in order to save up, then make reservations. Be sure to take advantage of the second park for free that Discovery Cove offers. Two theme parks for the price of one! You won’t be disappointed.


Orlando Theme Park: Epcot – A Dream for the Future to Come

Photo of Epcot fireworks show at Orlando theme park

One of the top four theme park areas to include, when you’re doing Orlando attraction planning, is Epcot. Epcot stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Built, and dedicated, to different cultures and innovation in technology throughout the world, Disney had envisioned this park to focus on the changes in the future.

Although the blueprints were finished and the stage was set to build his dream, Walt Disney passed away before he was able to see the finished Orlando theme park. The original plans caused indecision as to the purpose for the park. While some designers wanted it to signify the advancement of technology, others wanted it to represent different cultures from around the world and their customs; both ideas had been the whole of Disney’s dream.

During a meeting a model of the futuristic park had been pushed up against a model of an exhibit from world expositions; the two areas, today known as Future World and World Showcase, revealed the shape of an hourglass, and were combined. This combination, and what each represents, fulfilled the original dream. World Showcase park lives up to its name. Representing eleven countries and their cultures makes this attraction an international favorite.

This Orlando attraction, which was once connected to Magic Kingdom via monorail, was also supposed to include a small city. Disney’s dream would consist of housing for 20,000 residents, an industrial park and private airport. The design, the shape of a circle, was supposed to allow commercial areas to be built towards the center with residential areas running along the perimeter. Unfortunately, when Disney passed away, the plans for this did too.

The vast amount of uninhabited beauty does not mean it is lacking in fun. In fact, there is much to ride, see and do. You won’t be able to do it all in one day. Carefully planning events and showcases to attend around how many days you will be there, the time of year and time of day will allow you to take more in.

This beautiful, spacious Orlando attraction is twice the size of the more famous theme park, Magic Kingdom, so lack of exercise is not a problem in Epcot. These two showcased Orlando attractions will keep you busy for 2-3 days and the spacious area will give you a break from the other crowded parks.

End your day at World Showcase watching “IllumiNation’s: Reflections of Earth”; you will not be disappointed. If you have a free evening during your Disney World vacation, end your day with a dinner and show at Capone’s. Tickets are half price when purchased online, and the show is a favorite among all ages.