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Mango’s Dinner Show – International Drive, Orlando

Mango’s dinner show is now open in Orlando on International Drive. If you close your eyes, you’ll think you are in Miami or a warm, tropical Latin destination. Open your eyes and you’ll think you are in New York or Las Vegas! This Orlando dinner show is a visual treat and as vibrant as shows come.

Mango’s dinner show dancers

The live music (and DJ spun tunes) are primarily Latin in flavor with a lot of disco blended in. The dancers and performers are dazzling, not to mention beautiful and in excellent physical condition. How else can they salsa like that?! The longer Mango’s dinner show is open, the better the entertainment will get and more performers will be added to their lineup, especially if the Miami Mango’s location is any indication. That iconic Ocean Drive location has become world famous amongst those that love to party in Miami.

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Mango’s Dinner Show Now Open in Orlando

Now that the party is open in Orlando, what can you expect? Mango’s dinner show touts of being a family-friendly show. While children are allowed, they must leave the premises by 10:30 p.m. The laser lights, colorful atmosphere and costumes will be an attraction for children, however, it is the young adults that will truly enjoy this experience. Older seniors will enjoy it if they are of the dancing nature and don’t mind louder music. Think Vegas – not a place to have a nice conversation over dinner – but a lively show with lots of energy. Be sure to catch the Michael Jackson show – you’ll love the choreography and authenticity.

The Wise Guys & Gals at Capone’s recommend this show for younger to older adults. If you are looking for an Orlando dinner show that the entire family can enjoy (and even be a part of), check out Capone’s Dinner & Show. At Al’s joint, everything is included in your ticket price and the evening will end up costing half of what you may end up spending at the new Mango’s Dinner Show. “We also have feathers… but understand if you are looking for some hot salsa dancing. Our gang will stick with tap shoes, fedoras and tommy guns!”

If you are looking for a good meal, Mango’s Tropical Cafe opens at 6:00 p.m. Guests are also welcome to drop in for a drink at the bar. There is no cover charge until the late night show begins usually around 10:00 p.m. Cover charges range from $5 to $20 as the night progresses and is also based on occupancy. If you want to avoid the cover charge and not stand in line, be sure to make a reservation.

Mango’s Dinner Show Reservations and Dining Options

Reservations for Mango’s Dinner Show consist of a few options based upon where you want to sit, how many are in your party, the ages of the people in your party and the time you are attending. You can make reservations online, but it might be easier to call 407.673.4422. Reservation options are as follows:

  • Dinner & Show reservations for all ages for the 7:00 p.m. show include seating in the Cafe Area and the Veranda. A deposit is taken of $10/person which is applied to your final check after the meal is complete.
  • General reservations for all ages after 9:00 p.m. in the Cafe Area and the Veranda for a deposit of $5/person added toward your final bill. Keep in mind, minors must leave before 10:30 p.m.
  • VIP bottle service reservations (21+) for the Main Bar or second floor mezzanine with a deposit of $10/person applied to your final bill. The VIP show begins at 10:00 p.m.
  • Entire table reservations for sections within Mango’s on Fridays and Saturdays (up to 5 guests) in the Main Bar VIP, the second floor mezzanine or the Vodou Room. A deposit of $10 per person is required and is applied toward your final check.

Mango’s Tropical Cafe Menu

The menu at this new Orlando restaurant includes cuisine flavored with Continental Latin, Mexican, Italian and Caribbean tastes. There is a wide variety of entrees on the menu. They including steak, ribs, pasta, chicken and pork dishes and many others. Costs range from the lower teens to the upper thirties with most entrees in the mid-twenties range. Note that an 18% service charge and sales tax are added to your check as well as a 25¢ donation to Mount Sinai Medical Center.  A late night dining menu is also offered featuring pizza, wings and other appetizers. Mango’s is open until 2:00 a.m. every day of the week, so get your fill!

Other Things You  Need to Know

A few other things you should know about Mango’s is that they often offer a happy hour. They always offer a bottle service and will soon offer Salsa Classes. Corporate parties can be arranged, as well as smaller parties such as bachelorette and birthday parties. Another item of interest is the dress code which specifies no baseball hats or tank tops after 10:00 p.m.  Valet parking service is available at the entry way. Otherwise, you’ll have to find parking nearby, which can be very difficult depending upon the day/time of day.

If you are looking for a lively night out on the town or missing the Miami nightlife, give Mango’s Dinner Show a try.  They are located at 8126 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. Make a reservation online or call 407.673.4422The venue is spectacular, and you’ll be in the heart of all the fun on I-Drive. Have a Mojito and enjoy seeing “Michael” dance his way back into your heart and the Orlando nightlife.

Cirque Magique – New Orlando Dinner Show

This dinner show is no longer running. It has been replaced by a show for guests aged 13 & up called Cirque by Night. It offers show dates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. Tickets are approximately $64. The following article is for reference only as to what WAS the Cirque Magique dinner show.

Cirque Magique dancers

Cirque Magique – New Orlando Dinner Show

Orlando has gained another dinner show – The Cirque Magique. This new production joined the Pirate’s Town family of shows in July which now number four different productions (Pirates, Treasure Tavern [no longer in existence], Three Musketeers [no longer in existence] and now The Cirque Magique). With Treasure Tavern being exclusively for adults, why not offer something tailored specifically toward kids? Wa-la! The Cirque Magique show fits the bill.

Not quite a traditional circus with tigers and elephants, and not just a comedy show served with dinner; The Cirque Magique is an interactive and entertaining mix of circus “lite.” The show features circus performances which include magicians, dancers, acrobats, clowns and even pets! You’ll experience plate spinning, juggling, magic, illusions as well as comedy acts involving the audience. There is also singing, dancing and some dog tricks mixed in. It is fast-paced which appeals to a younger audience, especially children.

The Cirque Magique

Dinner Show Menu

The food at The Cirque Magique Orlando dinner show consists of your choice of a cheeseburger, chicken sandwich or a hot dog. Entrees are served with French fries and onion rings. Kids are served chicken nuggets with macaroni & cheese. Be sure to save room for dessert! It is a 3-scoop ice cream sundae (one vanilla, one chocolate and one strawberry) with sprinkles, whipped cream, caramel and chocolate syrup. Beverages are included (soda and water) with free refills. If you are still hungry, popcorn and cotton candy may also be available. Dinner is served on large plates (not the ones spinning on poles) and the tables are covered with table cloths to achieve a nicer dinner setting. Do not be tempted to pull the table cloth off the table with everyone’s meal in place! Let the performers do all of the tricks!

Dinner Show Tickets

Regular price for these Orlando dinner show tickets are $45.95 for adults; $32.45 for children (3-12) and free for 2 and under. Look for special ticket deals on their web site. Currently they are offering discounted tickets at $32.95/adult and $25.95/child which make the value a little more in line with what you’d expect from this production. Prices do not include gratuity; you leave it with your server (performer) or on the table before you leave.

The Cirque Magique show is performed Tuesday through Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and at 3:30 p.m. on Sundays. Call 407-206-5102 for tickets, or go online to book your tickets at www.thecirquemagique.com. All online reservations must be booked an hour in advance. The Pirate’s Town Dinner Theater Complex is located at 6400 Carrier Drive, Orlando, FL 32819.

If you want to get your money’s worth, arrive an hour before the show when the doors open. By the way, the entrance is the same one used for Treasure Tavern. Another reason to arrive early is to find parking. Be prepared to pay for it. The show is just a little over an hour long – short by most Orlando dinner show standards. Say abracadabra, snap your fingers, and it seems it is over!

Kid-friendly Dinner Show

Cirque Magique is an Orlando dinner show for kids. If you are an adult, attending this show with other adults, chances are you will feel like Bozo the clown, and not enjoy this type of dinner theater. While the performers are outstanding and extremely talented, the target audience is children. The clowns are not scary. The magic tricks are not overly complicated. The jokes are a bit corny, and the dog acts are just down right adorable. The show is “Big Top” for families, and your kids will not be disappointed. Unlike Bozo, they’ll join Chuckles, Giggles and Snickers with plenty of smiles.

Spotlight: DRIP Orlando Show

Why not Drip this weekend?

So it’s the weekend and you’re looking for something different to do. You don’t exactly feel like dressing up, but you are wanting to let loose. What do you do? Why not check out Orlando DRIP?! It’s Night Life + Arts & Culture + Theatre all in one, plus you get to be messy!

DRIP may be one of Orlando’s best kept secrets if you are into in-your-face (and all over your body) entertainment. The performances are held mainly on Fridays and Saturdays with an occasional show on Thursday. Most shows are for 21 years of age and up, although they do offer a rare show where minors are allowed if accompanied by an adult.

Drip Orlando

The venue is located at 8747 International Dr., Orlando, FL 32819, behind Denny’s and Señor Frogs. They are in the same building directly behind Denny’s. So if you are looking to experience an Orlando dinner show, you’ll have plenty of places to grab a bite to eat either before or after the show. Doors usually open around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. with the show starting soon after. The performance lasts about 50 minutes. Most people will stay for the party after until midnight. Where else can you go and drink orange, yellow, red and blue beers on draft? They also serve wine, champagne cocktails, sangria and saki shots.

This is one show that will appease your artsy friends. The performances are highly visual…and messy. Imagine colored sand, raining paint and flying water which most likely will land on you. The show’s music is composed by David Traver of the Blue Man Group, so you know the senses will be excited.

DRIP Orlando Show Tickets

Tickets range in price from $35 to $79 and can be purchased online. If this is something you really want to do, be sure to pre-purchase your tickets. Only 100 people are allowed into the show. There are no seats. This is “rock concert” entertainment and you are in the splash zone (the entire building is considered a splash zone). The audience stands throughout the show.

Tickets include a white DRIP t-shirt. Be sure to dress down. Jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops and anything else you don’t care to ruin is best. Before the show starts, you have the opportunity to have your shirt styled and cut by one of the DRIP fashionistas. You can even get a little messy before the show starts! Drinks are not included in your admission ticket. Parking (first come first serve) is free, however, it is limited so you might want to consider the $5 parking in front of Señor Frogs or next door at Hooters.

Parties and Events

This weekend Orlando dinner show might also be a great way to celebrate a birthday or a location for a bachelorette party. Even corporate events are held here. They offer plenty of bathrooms, a prep kitchen, green room, backstage area, audio/visual equipment and other amenities that appeal to the meeting planner. They can even come to you and offer off-site performance installations large and small and have mastered the ability to contain and control the mess.

Even if you aren’t planning to go to I-drive on a weekend, you may want to now. If you are a neat freak, get over it! You’re going to get messy. You’re going to have fun. You’re going to DRIP!

For more information, go to www.ilovedrip.com or call 347-855-3747.

If you want to dress up (just a little) and not get messy, Capone’s Dinner & Show is just down the road. Dinner and show is included in your ticket for about the same price as DRIP. Oh, and drinks are included too!

New Kissimmee Dinner Show Still Singing Along


It has been replaced with the Big Bang Burlesque.

While Capone’s Dinner & Show featured a new show in celebration of twenty years, this past May a new Kissimmee dinner show made its debut. A slice of Las Vegas came to Kissimmee, specifically to Pacino’s Italian Restaurant reuniting the “Rat Pack and Friends.” After four months, the dinner show is still singing along.

The Rat Pack & Friends is a dinner and tribute show celebrating the days when Las Vegas entertainment meant one thing only – the Rat Pack ruled the strip. Frank, Sammy and Dino brought visitors to the desert by the thousands and were joined by Joey Bishop and other friends raising the bar for live entertainment across the nation. Now this incredible entertainment can be seen right here on Highway 192 in the upstairs theater of Pacino’s Italian Restaurant.

The Rat Pack and Friends

Wind back the clock and settle in for a show that features the “Rat Pack” as well as many other entertainers such as Marilyn and Elvis. Okay, so the entertainers are impersonators – Elvis really has ‘left the building,’ but you may have to look twice (and do not trust your ears) to see that these professional singers are not the real deal. Fast forward the clock and enjoy more recent entertainers such as Gaga, Michael, Katy and Adele. The performances are incredible!

Pre-show entertainment features some of Orlando’s top comics. During their performance guests enjoy a four-course family-style Italian meal. The food has received great reviews, despite a somewhat limited menu. This Kissimmee dinner show naturally shares chefs with the restaurant and thereby benefits greatly, since their cuisine receives high marks from most visitors. Pacino’s has been around for over 25 years and is well-established in the Kissimmee restaurant scene. The dinner show menu includes salad, bruschetta, chicken piccata or lasagna. Included in the cost is draft beer, wine, coffee and soda, and of course, dessert is included – homemade cannolis and puff pastries. For the kids, the menu offers pizza or spaghetti bolognese. Food is served family-style, so be prepared to share your table and pass the plate to new “friends.”

General admission is $59.95 for adults and $39.95 for children 3-11 years. If you want to sit in the VIP reserved seating and receive a better wine selection, upgrade to the VIP for $20 extra. The package also comes with a group photo with the cast members. Now if you really want to go all out, choose the VVIP seating where you’ll dine and drink with Frank at his very own chairman’s table. This package includes seating stage left, full liquor bar, cast photo as well as a post-performance meet-and-greet with the artists in the green room.

Reviews of this Orlando dinner show continue to be mostly positive. Guests say they would return again, and those that have been to some of the big dinner show areanas enjoy the smaller venue. It does help to have a love for this type of music and performances. While the pace of the show is quick, the type of “action” you’ll experience isn’t like some of the other dinner shows. There are no pirates swinging from ships, horses galloping by or gangsters firing machine guns – just great impersonators singing it up for the audience.

The 1 1/2 hour show has limited performances usually scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You’ll not be able to book very far in advance, as they appear to still be trying to fill the theater for the show week by week.  You may purchase tickets through reserve Orlando, or get more information by calling 855-99-RAT-PACK (1-855-997-2872). Rat Pack & Friends is located at 5795 West Irlo Bronson Hwy. in Kissimmee, FL 34746.

So if you’re looking for a dinner show inside an Italian restaurant, check out Pacino’s as well as Capone’s. Capone’s Dinner & Show continues to be a superior choice when it comes to food quality, value and Orlando dinner show opportunities. Make a reservation up to 6 months in advance on any day of the week. Capone’s is open year-round and has a show every night! You may book a private table (if you want some privacy) as well as a VIP package for about the same cost as the Rat Pack and Friends. Be sure to check out Capone’s online coupon.  No, you will not see Sammy or Dean at this Orlando dinner show; just Al and his gang of misfits. If at all possible, save a night for both dinner shows. The live entertainment is sure to take you back in time to either Las Vegas or Chicago, all while never leaving Central Florida!

Orlando Dinner Shows Offer Deals to International Visitors

Orlando dinner shows have seen an increase in international visitors. Other Orlando theme parks have too. At one time, most of our foreign tourists came from the United Kingdom and Canada. While these countries are still producing visitors vacationing in Orlando, there has been an increase from other countries, particularly Brazil.

Mickey Mouse waves to visitorsWalt Disney theme parks set attendance records this last fiscal quarter showing a 7% increase in international traffic in Orlando and Anaheim, CA. In fact, 18 to 22 percent of Disney World’s total attendance is from the overseas market. This is great for Orlando resorts, hotels, dinner shows and even some of the smaller Orlando attractions. These visitors come and stay for more than a day or two and are willing to spend money keeping busy for the entire length of their stay.

Orlando ranked 8th in the top U.S. cities for travel in the first 6 months of 2013 (based upon total hotel room nights sold), losing out to some of the larger cities, such as New York, Las Vegas and Honolulu. One reason for this is the drop in hotel rates. Some of the larger chains located in these cities offered huge hotel discounts luring visitors toward larger cities and beaches. Rates in the Orlando area have held fairly steady this past year.

Another reason for international travel to Orlando theme parks, is from tourists putting together their own travel plans, instead of looking for packaged hotel deals. If they shop around for cheap airfare, locate a great hotel deal, they can then shop for discounted theme park tickets of their choice. They do not have to stay and do as a packaged deal restricts. This is another reason for the higher attendance at Orlando dinner shows by foreign tourists. Packaged deals are very uncommon for dinner shows. They stand on their own quite well, and tourists like to be able to make last minute plans to attend an Orlando dinner show of their choice.

With foreign visitors spending an estimated $87.1 billion on U.S. travel and tourism-related goods and service during the first 6 months of 2013, the attractions in the Central Florida market must keep up the great work of offering a great experience at a great price. The Orlando area depends upon foreign travelers coming here. It is good for every industry.

Capone’s Dinner & Show is happy to provide international tourists the opportunity to see a one-of-a-kind dinner show only found in Orlando. We’ve even teamed up with Kissimmee’s CVB and have a special deal for our Canadian visitors. If you are an international visitor planning to visit Mickey Mouse, and would like to have big “Al” put together a special deal for your group (no matter what country you’re from), let us know! Fill out this easy form and let a group specialist (A.K.A. Wise Guy) hook you up with a fantastic dinner show special! While we may not speak your first language, we definitely speak the language of great deals when it comes to our Orlando dinner show!