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Dinner Show Talent – Not Lacking in Orlando

Orlando’s dinner show talent is extremely gifted. We are definitely not lacking in performers with a lot to offer. With bigger entertainment venues all around Central Florida, dinner theater has a wide selection of talent to pull from. It also helps attract performers from all over the world.

It isn’t uncommon for one of the characters or performers of a dinner show to also work as a performer at a theme park. Additionally, the performing arts in Orlando offer a great resource of talent. Because it can be difficult to make a living from one show or attraction, dinner show talent often split their schedules amongst various venues. Every once-in-a-while a local performer receives such acclaim they find an even bigger stage.

dinner show talent Ginger MinjTake for instance Orlando drag queen Ginger Minj. This talented performer, Joshua Eads-Brown, grew up in Leesburg and has performed in many shows. While most dinner show talent doesn’t find itself in the national spotlight, Ginger Minj has. “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is a reality show on Bravo. The show features 14 contestants vying for the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” Minj was a runner-up for the seventh season, finishing behind winner Violet Chachki.

Minj has also performed her one-woman show in New York titled, “Crossdresser for Christ — The Musical.” She has also shot a music video and traveled to several other countries. Now this dinner show talent returns to Orlando with an appearance on Friday, August 5 at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater. At this show, Eads will appear as the character of Madeline in “The Show Must Go On.” This is one of 13 rotating mysteries featured at Sleuths. For more information about this special appearance, call 407-363-1985 or go to sleuths.com.

Dinner Show Talent at Capone’s Dinner & Show

Orlando Dinner Show photo featuring a character from Capone's Dinner & ShowA majority of the performers at Capone’s Dinner & Show have had their fair share of success. Not only is the dinner show talent successful, the staff is as well. It isn’t uncommon for guests to return year after year only to have the same exceptional wait staff!

Not only are the actors talented, they have a special talent. The show at Capone’s features some of the best standup comedy you’ll ever experience. To interact with some audiences takes a gift like none other! From the loud boisterous guest to the shyest young child, the performers read the guest and interact in true gangster fashion.

Because there is so much dinner show talent in Orlando, why go to New York or Las Vegas? Save a night for a dinner show while you are on vacation in Orlando. Discover a hidden gem of ability. Whether it’s a gangster, drag queen, pirate, hula dancer or knight, Orlando’s dinner show talent is genius. See you at the show!

Orlando Dinner Show: Final Notice for Final (?) Performance

This will be the last notice concerning the final performance (or is it? – let your opinion be heard…vote below) of “Marvel Strikes Back,” showing this Friday, October 11 at Capone’s Dinner & Show at 7:30 p.m. This anniversary show began last August when this Orlando dinner show started their 20th anniversary celebration. Thousands of guests have enjoyed the new story line, costumes, songs and antics that only the talented performers at this dinner theater could execute.

Capone's Dinner & Show anniversary logo

Fans have seen Fingers and Bunny rise to the occasion of parenthood. Marvel made a strong come back. Jewel ran the speakeasy with great efficiency. Dancers & mobsters were right on cue. Romance, action, one-liners and gunfire filled the air. Must it end?

For the past few months, guests at Capone’s Dinner & Show have had a choice of 2 different shows to attend. This was a great way for previous guests to see a new show at a familiar venue. For fans of the old show “Bugs Creates Chaos,” it was a way for them to see it once again. For folks that had never seen a performance at this Orlando dinner show before, it didn’t matter which night they had reservations for; they were going to see a great show, because both shows ARE great!

After Friday evening, Capone’s Dinner & Show will return to a one-show format. Guests will see “Bugs Creates Chaos” until November 28th at which time the annual Holiday Show is performed. Out come the holiday costumes, decorations, song & dance; not to mention the delicious holiday buffet, filled with all the comforting food associated with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. It’s a great time to enjoy a night out with your gang!

The day after New Years Day the holiday show will end and back will come “Bugs Creates Chaos.” At least that is the plan for now. Will Marvel strike back? What do you think? How about let’s take a vote…

Do you think Capone’s should continue with the 2-show format and keep “Marvel Strikes Back” as well as “Bugs Creates Chaos,” or do you want this Orlando dinner show to move forward with one show only? Please vote and let your opinion be heard!


Thanks for the Support!

Illustration of Al Capone in a baseball uniform ready to swing a bat.Big Al here. Jus’ wanna thank everyone for the fine support shown to me and my gang this past weekend. Those Irish thought they had enough support to take over my joint. We sure showed them. I suppose Bugs will be hangin’ around a little while longer though. Pesky racket that one.

Lookin’ ahead, plans are in the works for my 20th anniversary celebration starting later this year. You’ll definitely want to make a return visit for that party! The wise guys are workin’ on something very special, so stay in the loop – check back here for details.

In the mean time, there is a pretty good contest being held over on the Facebook wall for Capone’s Dinner & Show. With tax season comin’ up, I like rewarding those who deserve it. Are you deserving? While the government taketh away, I’m givin’ it back. Be sure to enter the contest. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your support.

The History of Dinner Theatre – Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, the 1970s were the heyday of dinner theaters, and in 1976, there were 147 professional dinner theaters in operation.  It was very popular back then to use former movie stars in these productions.  A few stars who found success in dinner theatre are JoAnne Worley, Shelley Berman, Jane Russell, Van Johnson, and Lana Turner.  A few stars even owned their own dinner theaters, such as Burt Reynolds and Earl Holliman.

The dinner theater boom declined towards the mid-1980s, with many of the theaters closing down.  The aging stars started receiving offers for work in television and commercials, and so they stopped performing in dinner theater.  With TV or commercials, they were making more money. Show costs and food costs are the largest cost areas, and the main reasons for the drop in the popularity of Dinner Shows and Dinner Theaters.  The reduction in professional dinner theaters went from 147 in 1976 to 9 in 1999.

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However, since that time, vacation destinations such as Las Vegas, Nevada; Florida; Branson, Missouri; Anaheim, and Los Angeles have seen the emergence of specialty dinner theatres, where the show stays the same for an extended run because the vast majority of their customers are tourists, not local residents.

Orlando, Florida, the most popular vacation destination in the United States, had more than a dozen competing for a share of the $17.3 Billion that tourists spent in 1999. Through the 1990s, sixteen Dinner Theaters opened and closed here.  The Orlando area has still managed to keep several entertaining dinner shows, including Capone’s Diner & Show; visit our dinner show directory for more information.  Most of the professional theaters still exist because they put on a great show, with a lot of audience participation.  Some of these specialty theaters include themes such as murder mystery, pirates, equestrian shows, and gangsters.

Spotlight: Arabian Nights Dinner Show


Although we’d rather have visitors choose Capone’s Dinner Show over any other dinner theater, many guests attend multiple shows during their vacation. Therefore, we’d like to provide our ‘review’ of the other shows in the area. In this post we spotlight Arabian Nights Dinner Show. We’ll give you our favorable comments – as well as some insight as to why Capone’s may be your better choice – if you’re only attending one dinner show.


Read our review…


Arabian Nights claims to be “the most honored dinner show in the world” yet there are no testimonials, awards they have won or reviews on their web site. I am not saying that it is not a good show, but I doubt they are the most honored dinner show in the world. I searched for a Facebook page for them and was not able to locate it (in fact I searched for many of Capone’s competitors on Facebook and found none with an official page). Capone’s has an official Facebook page where visitors can post unfiltered remarks about Capone’s Dinner & Show.

Arabian Nights is certainly one of the largest Dinner Shows and overall they have a good reputation for the quality of their show. The story line revolves a young girl who wishes to become a Princess and the two genies that embark with her on the adventure. While this is the story line for the show, really the main attraction is their sixty plus horses (in the video it said eighty plus so not sure which is correct). Acrobatics involving the horses and actors to me is the highlight of the show.

Dinner includes a house salad, rolls, dessert and your choice of entrees. Draft beer and Pepsi products are also included. Entrée choices (pick one) grilled steak, grilled chicken, chopped steak, vegetarian lasagna, pork tenderloin and chicken tenderloins with macaroni & cheese is the only kids choice available. Most of the entrees also include mashed potatoes and vegetables.

If you and your group enjoy a fantastic horse show with talented performers Arabian Nights is a great choice for you. Visit them at www.arabiannights.com for more information on one of Orlando’s longest running dinner shows.