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Orlando Dinner Theaters Fulfill the Senses

Orlando, Florida is a place where one can find a piece of paradise; within its boundaries are amusement parks, shopping centers, night life districts and excellent fine diners. Its main attraction which includes Universal Orlando features different actions and thrills with its two major theme parks. It’s also home for Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World, Gator Land and the Wet n’ Wild Water Park. However, if you want to go beyond the theme parks and water amusement centers where one can get heart-stopping action and get wet in exciting water activities, try a dinner theater.  Here, you will experience the amazing food and entertainment offered by what has become world famous Orlando dinner theaters.

People who love to party while on vacation are used to going out all night every night, trying out the different clubs and bars wherever they are.  For these people and even for families who are looking for a different kind of fun and entertaining dinner experience, Orlando dinner theaters are a great place to start.  These are actually restaurants that offer theatrical performances with their dinner offerings.  This creative idea from restaurateurs is becoming more popular as more people discover them.

Food offered at Capone's Dinner & Show

Those who have discovered these dinner theaters are rarely disappointed.  In fact, some of them go back again and again to sample other cuisine and to see another type of show.  Several guests of Capone’s Dinner & Show return again and again, even within the same year. Because of the huge buffet, even the meal can be different each visit. It’s a total experience that Capone’s and these other restaurants offer, from excellent food to wonderful interactive theater performances and realistic ambiance.  These days, it’s never really enough to offer just good food.  This different offering makes Orlando dinner theaters really interesting.

People always search for something else beyond the sensation of their taste buds. They talk about the ambiance, the theme, and the sounds they hear while sitting inside a restaurant. Orlando dinner theaters offer experiences for all of your senses. In dinner theaters, different shows are introduced to customers while they indulge and savor the exquisite meals that are served. Some of the more popular dinner theaters have interactive performances that allow guests to interact with one another as well as with the characters in the performance.

For vacationers, it’s all about the experience.  The entire trip does not become memorable because of one aspect alone.  Plan properly and find out about the places to visit or the activities to do that you can sign up for and book in advance.  Check out our list of dinner theaters in the Orlando area. When you are prepared, you can enjoy your vacation to the hilt.

Good Food, Happy Place, Happy Face

Orlando is the fifth largest city in Florida and the state’s largest inland city.  Well known for the Universal Orlando Resort, this city is able to generate millions of income from millions of tourists who come from all around the world every year. It’s a beautiful place consisting of different kinds of businesses, including theme parks, restaurants and many other establishments built all around the city. Orlando is also a fine place to live in, because it’s a metropolitan area that has many opportunities that can be grabbed by aspiring young professionals. Because of this draw by young talented performers, Orlando is also well-known for its entertaining factors which can be found in amusement parks and Orlando dinner theaters.

There are hundreds of attractions that can be found in Orlando; the malls that offer millions of items, the bars that take one’s night life to a whole new level, and many other places like golf and spa stations that can relieve anyone’s stress. There are lots of reasons to go on a tour in Orlando.  Among the enjoyable tours to look forward to would be a tour that lets you experience an Orlando dinner theater.  Vacation planning would not be complete without this item on the checklist.

There are a lot of fancy restaurants and diners in Orlando and the surrounding area.  This means that the competition among the different restaurants is really high.  Most of the restaurants in Central Florida are forced to come up with different bright ideas to make an impact on tourists and vacationers of all ages.  Steak houses, sea food restaurants and grilles are challenged to offer their customers more than excellent food and five star accommodations.

Due to the fact that people nowadays are easily bored with the usual dinner date stuff, restaurants started to introduce the different ways of entertaining customers with musical and theatrical shows, thus Orlando dinner theaters were introduced to the public. Because of such shows, tourists are able to enjoy every bite of their meal with high class entertainment provided by stage actors, musicians and different stages depending upon which dinner theater they attend.


Orlando is a good place to enjoy different experiences with the whole family. Whether the purpose is to have an exciting day outside to have fun, or to enjoy an intimate nice warm meal with loved ones, Orlando gives you assurance that there will be fun wherever you may choose to go. So come to Orlando, it’s a good place to be home.

Editor’s Note: If you are trying to decide which Orlando dinner theater to attend, we hope you will choose Capone’s Dinner & Show. We’re in our 20th year of entertaining locals and visitors alike.

Orlando Florida, Food and Tourism

Most people know that Orlando Florida is a fine place filled with different tourist attractions all around the city.  Starting from the ever beautiful fountain located at Lake Eola, this place is known worldwide because of the different theme parks that are located within the area – who has not heard about the Walt Disney World Resort. Millions of people all over the world travel thousands of miles just to get a glimpse of these so called attractions. But there is one thing that would never be out of trend even if a million theme parks exist in one place, its called food.

Food is one of the basic needs of mankind; and one of the greatest pleasures too.  A lot of restaurants have been built all around the world to cater to this particular need.  For tourists who spend all their days on tours and other activities, sitting down around the dinner table and being served delicious food and possibly wine or other beverage can be the perfect cap to a busy day.  Being entertained while they dine is a bonus that most tourists do not want to pass up in Orlando dinner theaters.

As Orlando is a home for countless theme parks and entertainment centers, it is also a great place to experience fresh sea foods, five star meals, and even exotic cuisines. There are hundreds of different kinds of restaurants and dining establishments that can be visited in Orlando.  The most common are the sea food restaurants and the Orlando dinner theaters such as Capone’s Dinner & Show.  Every place is unique with its food and entertainment offerings.

Oceannaire seafood restaurantOrlando dinner theaters pride themselves for the assortment of delicious menu offerings they have as well as the creative stories they stage every night.   These are things that every member of the family will surely enjoy.  For example, they have The Oceanaire Seafood Room which serves the best sea food you can ever taste in your entire life. There are also grilles and wine bars all over the place with matching jazz performers that ought to sweep the worries off with the enchanting sound brass instruments. All of these can be enjoyed in many other places in the world but Orlando dinner theaters can bring the entertainment up to a higher level.

It is always said that there is no place better than your own home, and such a phrase is absolutely true. A person always feels better when he is home.  But, there are times when you just have to take a vacation and stay away from home even for just a little while.  In these instances, Orlando can be your home away from home.

Great Night: Dine at an Orlando Dinner Theater

Photo of downtown Orlando skyline at night

Orlando is an absolutely fine city which sits at the central region of the state of Florida and is considered as the 79th largest city in the United States. This city is also called “the city beautiful.” It’s quite a charming phrase and a well-deserved title.  Now if somebody might ask “what do they have to offer in Orlando?” there is a long list of answers that come to mind.  Orlando, Florida like many other cities in the United States of America is home for a lot of business establishments.  There is a lot that this place has to offer to both its residents and tourists.  The thriving local economy is evidence that consumer activity is as exciting as ever.  Anyone who wishes to have a good time will find a lot of interesting things to do in Orlando.

Orlando dinner theaters are popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Restaurants and fine dining establishments offer a vast range of entertainment menus that match full course meals served for the customers. Nothing beats watching a great movie while enjoying a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda, but that’s a tad too ordinary.  Wouldn’t it be a better idea to enjoy your plate of steak, salad and potatoes while being entertained by a wonderful theatrical performance? There are countless themes to encounter in Orlando dinner theaters. Some use mafia themed shows (Capone’s Dinner & Show), some create musicals, and some offer interactive stories that involve the audience as well aside from scenes that go on up on the stage.

For business owners putting up these dinner theaters, picking a location and investing wisely is the right thing to do.  It should be a place where people looking for food and entertainment can easily go to.  Those who wish to check these locations out should find out if there are any of these dinner theaters near the places where they are going to stay.  These Orlando dinner theaters can be found near the commercial areas where other establishments frequented by tourists are situated as well.

Orlando attracts millions of tourists every year, and it’s not a surprise that these numbers appear on the economic status reports all the time. It is just human nature to search for places and do many different things just to avoid the feeling of boredom; this is the main reason why tourism is such an effective way to generate income in different places in the world. This makes Orlando dinner theaters a great place to be, because nothing beats five star food with five star entertainment.

Orlando Is the Place To Be

Fine dining is one of the most profitable businesses known around the world, lots of entrepreneurs venture into this kind of business even though the competition can be tough.  Creativity and innovation is the name of the game.  The restaurants that offer more value for their customers will naturally get more patronage.  The first challenge to these establishments is to attract the customers and draw them in.  These days, the trend attracting more and more customers is the concept of dinner theaters.  Orlando dinner theaters are well known for their own brand of delicious food and entertainment.

Most Orlando dinner theaters are often offered on cruise tours, but there are already several restaurants that offer this kind of dinner entertainment.  The experience of having an enjoyable meal and being entertained by a cast of professional actors and musicians is appealing to a lot of people.  Diners who have this experience walk out of the establishments with a full stomach and a satisfied thirst for the arts.

Capone’s Dinner & Show, one of a few Orlando dinner theaters offers a wide variety of meals through their delicious buffet that can be enjoyed by customers.  More than just delightful American and Italian food, the establishment also runs a musical show filled with dance numbers and different characters which are bound to capture the hearts of many.

This is the kind of entertainment that many people are looking for in their vacation.  They often go out of their way to find special entertainment options.  This is why a large number of business establishments have also taken the time to come up with and advertise various creative offerings that visitors can enjoy while having their dinner.

Orlando dinner theaters work as a magnet for customers who enjoy watching artists perform while they enjoy a bowl of soup or a platter of pasta.  These special theaters give more than just an ordinary dining experience.  The interactive nature of most of the shows even adds to the attraction of these dinner theaters.  The interiors of these innovative dining establishments are also built as stages to match the theme of the theatrical presentations.

Orlando is an exquisite place, so fine that different cultures and races enjoy every moment of their stay in this destination. The scenery, the landscape, and everything that can be witnessed in Orlando can bring such pleasure that you may never want to leave.  These dinner theaters are just a part of what Orlando has to offer.  Enjoying all the other offerings of this destination completes your vacation.  Be sure to check out Orlando dinner theaters as well as all the other vacation activities in this place while planning your Orlando vacation.