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Mother’s Day Special at Capone’s Dinner Show

Mother's Day Special Jailbirds

Break the dame in your life outta the ‘jug’ on Mother’s Day and bring her to Capone’s Dinner & Show!

EDITOR’S NOTE: You may need to reference our 1920’s Slang Dictionary to fully appreciate (and understand) Al’s written intentions within this message.

Mother’s Day Special!

Break the dame in your life outta the ‘jug’ on Mother’s Day! Maybe she hasn’t exactly been locked up, but it sure feels that way sometimes. It’s nice when the family gets out to enjoy a special occasion. So treat her to a special dinner & show at my joint.

Make Plans Now! Mother’s Day is May 9, 2021, and we knows hows yous chumps are. You’ll mess ’round an forget to plan somethin’ special for the dame in your life. So’s we decided to give yous an early reminder to make plans for Mother’s Day…now!

Don’t dangle or start nothin’ else ’til yous click the button below an’ make your reservation. It takes less than 5 minutes. The earlier yous do this, the better seats yous get. Capisce?!

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Make plans now to treat the dish in your life to a special dinner & show at my joint! On Mother’s Day, every dame that walks through the door to the speakeasy will be treated special by me an’ the gang. Plus, yous should see the menu (4-course meal) Mama Capone is puttin’ out! And, hey, nobody’s got to do the dishes! How great is that?! She’s your cat’s meow, so’s don’ mess it up!

Bring your frau (wife), bring your mom, bring your kids. All ages love Capone’s Dinner and ShowPlus, it’s a great value!

per adult for this Mother’s Day Special on May 9, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

$39.99Children ages 4-12
Infants 3 & Under FREE

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VIP Tickets

Treat your squeeze like the kitten she really is! Go on, spend a little dough. Upgrade your ticket to VIP status! For an additional $10/ticket, VIP tickets will get yous these extras:

  • early admission into Al’s Four Deuces Lounge
  • tokens for table games (when available)
  • a free shot glass
  • center section seating, or choice private tables
  • first-in-line privileges (entrance, seating and meal service)
  • possible kiss from your skirt (please note, I’m not promisin’ this one)

Purchase VIP Tickets

Sure, yous could give your bim some ice or marbles on Mother’s Day, but why not save a few fins and spend some time with her and the family?! Join Mama Capone & the rest of the gang. After all, there are many reasons you owe your mother…

We look forward to seeing yous Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. If yous can’t make it on Mother’s Day, we’re open other days of the year, so join us on a day when it’s convenient for your gang. You’re gonna have a blast!

Alphonse Capone

Mother’s Day Treat

Mother’s Day isn’t too far away and if you are going to be vacationing in Central Florida, that may be all the “treat” your wife or mother expects to receive that Sunday. However, for the locals, as well as visiting guests, I would like to suggest a perfect treat for your mom – a dinner and a show. In particular, Capone’s Dinner & Show.

All too often families take mom out to dinner, give her a card and possibly flowers and call it a day. While that is nice and thoughtful, why not treat mom to an evening she’ll remember? Something different. An evening that is lively – fun – entertaining AND EVERYONE will enjoy! Plus, Mother’s Day at Capone’s Dinner & Show will cover the dinner and flower part of your gift for mom.

This year Capone’s is offering an early show (5:30 p.m.) and  late show (8.30 p.m.) a spectacular show on Mother’s Day (please check showtimes). This is great for families with young ones needing their sleep for school the next day, as well as the adults and families that stay up later, are on vacation, or enjoy the later dining option. The show is family friendly, so if you need to treat your mom, grandmother, wife and children, this is the show for you! Everyone will enjoy the singing, dancing, drama, action and comedy of Capone’s show. You’ll enjoy the price too!

While both shows are fairly inexpensive, Capone’s is offering a deeply discounted adult ticket for the 8:30 show. Only $34.99 per adult (plus tax). Even if you want to attend the early show on Mother’s Day, you can download Capone’s coupon and the cost is only $34.99 per adult. Kids tickets are even less ($22.99)! Moms will receive a flower on Mother’s Day along with their show ticket and also includes their delicious dinner buffet, all-you-can-drink variety of beverages and dessert.

It’s an incredible price when you think of how expensive just a nice dinner out can be in Orlando. You’re getting dinner AND a show for about the same price! Plus all of the extras!! For details, click this link. Once you are on their site, you can print the page out and place it into the mother’s day card that you give your mom or wife. You DO plan on getting a card for her, right?!

Reservations are filling up fast, so don’t delay. Call 1-800-220-8428 to make your reservation. Treat your mom to Capone’s Dinner & Show on Mother’s Day. It’s fun for everyone and will make a memorable night for mom and the entire gang.