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WWE Event at Mango’s Dinner Show in October

If you enjoy wrestling entertainment and are a fan of “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, the WWE event at Mango’s dinner show is for you. Prepare yourself for leg drops, clotheslines, and cheap shots. This event, being tagged as the “Epic NWO Reunion,” will also feature wrestling superstars Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The knock out followed by a Q & A session happens Saturday, October 27, 2018, from 12 pm – 3 pm.

In contrast, Mango’s Tropical Café usually has live stage entertainment featuring tributes to Michael Jackson, Selena, Joan Jett and others. Instead, on October 27th, the main event at Mango’s dinner show will showcase WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). A wrestling ring with brawn, sweat, wrestling antics and big personalities will fill the venue. Mango’s Orlando accommodates up to 2,000 guests. Who knows how many fans will show up on this particular afternoon. The venue will no doubt host a cheering crowd. Add to it the venue’s party-like atmosphere and this event is sure to be “2Sweet.”

WWE Event at Mango’s Dinner Show

Hogan will Headline the Event at Mango’s Dinner Show

Hulk Hogan was the WWE’s #1 draw in the world for over a decade. The event at Mango’s Dinner Show will reunite the “iconic New World Order” to the delight of millions of fans around the world. The smackdown will most likely be featured far beyond the International Drive dinner show on the WWE Network.

Furthermore, Hogan was recently reinstated back into the WWE Hall of Fame after a 3-year suspension. Perfect timing to spark life back into WWE’s long-term fans. Speculation gave way to a fevered pitch when Hogan recently tweeted, “October 27th is the biggest day ever, history will be made again in the world of wrestling, 2Sweet HollyWood Hogan 4 Life.” 

Mango’s Tropical Café Attraction

This afternoon entertainment event at Mango’s dinner show is unique. Mango’s Orlando usually features shows Monday through Wednesday at 7 pm. Thursday through Sunday, there are two shows; one at 6 pm and one at 9 pm. While it claims to be family-friendly, if you have children, go to the early show. There are plenty of visuals to keep the young one’s interest even before the adult nightlife atmosphere fully kicks in.

In the future, you can expect to see more concerts and celebrity appearances at this I-Drive attraction area. Hollywood Plaza, an art deco $30M entertainment complex, adjacent to Mango’s Tropical Café, is set to open “soon.” It will feature a rooftop restaurant at 140’ with 25’ vaulted ceilings. Above all, this addition will add more much-needed parking for this nightlife and entertainment experience in Orlando.

Information and Tickets

Mango’s Tropical Café in Orlando opened in 2015. Read our previous post and earlier post. It is located at 8126 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. For more information, hours of operation, booking inquiries, menus and more, visit www.mangos.com or call 407-673-4422.

For tickets to the WWE event at Mango’s dinner show, go to hulkhogan.com. General admission tickets are not on sale as of the writing of this post. However, you can sign up and bid on tickets! The top 100 highest bidders will receive VIP tickets that include priority seating, a picture with the wrestlers and more.

In contrast, if ‘skinning the cat’ is not your cat’s meow, there is another Orlando dinner show option just down the road. The gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show does not perform curb stomps, chop blocks or wind-up punches, but it does deliver a great entertainment takedown and an ending that will knock your socks off! Shows are performed nightly* at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are available online at half price. Read more about this Orlando dinner show.


In closing, the wise guys and gals at Capone’s Dinner & Show wish Hogan well. We believe this history-making wrestling event will be a success. May it even be “2Sweet.” Here’s to another signature finishing move!

*Times vary per season. Please confirm on showtimes page.

Orlando Nightlife: Drink, Dance, Party and Save!

Have you heard where the party is? It is in Orlando! Summer is nearly over but the heat in Orlando is still burning up with lights, loud music, and fun parties!

When you hear “nightlife,” loud music, clubs, parties, and drinks immediately come to mind. You do not have to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to experience the best nightlife, as some would think. Orlando is just the perfect place for you and your friends to party. It is not only known for its grandest attractions and activities but also for its life at night. Nightlife in Orlando is one of the most sought-after events to visit and experience by adults and young adults.

Tired of wasting your money for disgusting drinks and boring parties you have been to before? Or are you just looking for a place that you and your friends will enjoy and have the time of your lives? Orlando has the most talked about clubs in Florida, where some have hosted the most exclusive parties providing a VIP experience of all time.

Some people are unable to enjoy their nightlife, because they are short on money. If you are worrying about the amount you will pay on cover charges, food, or drinks, stress no more. There are several web sites that offer Orlando coupons with discounts offered by various bars and restaurants around town.

You can experience the hottest and liveliest clubs in Orlando without spending too much. Is that right? Yes it is! You’ve read it right. By availing Orlando coupons, you will have discounts and privileges to access exclusive bars! There are also many scheduled nights at bars with free admission, free drinks and other inexpensive ways for you to enjoy Orlando nightlife.

Check out Night Life Approved. They list special offers, schedules of specialty parties, ways to save money and more. While in Orlando, or out of school on summer vacation, you should have a good time and treasure it for a lifetime – without breaking the bank. Orlando coupons are your best bud in town.

Vintage Lounge Orlando Nightlife

The Vintage Lounge

Just in downtown Orlando alone, you can find many nightclubs. They are so close together, you can walk from one to another. Depending upon where you are staying, a cab will be easy to find. You can also use a free shuttle bus. Check out The Beacham, Antigua, Firestone Live, The Vintage Lounge, Skysixty, Touch and Latitudes/Chillers. These clubs are fun and offer a great place to drink, dance, party and save. Most of them offer a discounted drink night, if not other great Orlando nightlife deals.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that sparkly outfit and let it shine in the middle of the crowd while enjoying the loud music and the best party with your friends or acquaintances. Orlando nightlife is hot, hot, hot!



Fun Things to Do in Orlando at Night

If you’re an evening person who enjoys dimness with blinking and flashy lights, then you’ll enjoy Orlando’s night life, too. There are many fun things to do in Orlando which can be achieved even in the darkest and coldest (cooler) hours of the night. The urban area in Florida tagged as “The City Beautiful” is indeed a picturesque town which standouts between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico – Orlando, Florida. Aside from amusement areas and eco-adventure parks, the night life in Orlando is also an attraction for tourists of different nationalities. Fine dining and world-class music of different genres are always available for tourists’ consumption and satisfaction.

B.B. King's Blues Club Orlando

Some fun things to do in Orlando are best offered at night in several restaurants. Consider B. B. King’s Blues Club, a dining place that serves not only best-selling cuisine but also live performances from awesome musicians. Music lovers will surely enjoy the cheerful place which allows them to sing with the musicians and dance with their loved ones. The area has a wide space for dancing and foot stomping. Furthermore, as you move your eyes around, you will see posters of various music icons and legends of blues including B. B. King, Elvis Presley, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix, and a lot more.

Fun things to do in Orlando can also be had in extraordinary dishes spiced up with hilarious production numbers. We’re talking about Orlando dinner shows. Capone’s Dinner & Show is great for all ages. Many families that are looking for fun things for the entire family will choose this dinner show. However, if you’re into voyages and pirates, then the Treasure Tavern may be the best place for you. It’s a restaurant for adults ages 18 and above. Your cold night will turn into a hot and sizzling time of searching for a wonderful treasure—a magnificent experience of delicious foods, sparkling drinks, and bubbly performers who will meet and greet you before the show. But wait, this is only a warm up. After the welcoming hospitality, the cast members of the show will proceed to the stage and will soon deliver their funny puns and punch lines. In between their major script, they will sing harmonious songs which will make your stay merrier.

Orlando Improv Dinner Show

Stand-up comedy at the Orlando ImprovSimilar to Treasure Tavern is the Orlando Improv. It is easy to experience fun things to do in Orlando by visiting the Improv, for it is a celebrated comedy club and dinner theatre in the City Beautiful. It is considered as one of the most famous spots that showcases live stand-up comedy celebrities. Your worries and furies will surely banish while you share your laughter with your family, friends, or colleagues. Plus, you will be rejuvenated with a glass of booze that you can fill with different flavors and alcohol levels. It’s such a bizarre place to chill out and unwind.