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Attraction Spotlight Wet & Wild

Yesterday I told you about a great deal Wet & Wild is offering so I thought it fitting to today to put the attraction spotlight on Wet and Wild. Wet and Wild is Orlando’s oldest water park, however it has consitently added new water thrill rides. If your main attraction to a water park is thrill rides then Wet and Wild is without a doubt your best choice in Orlando water parks.

Many discounts are available for Wet and Wild but with a gate price of $47.95 it’s still a good deal. My suggestion is to save some cash. Ticket resellers will offer Wet and Wild Ticket under gate price, they also have discount coupons in many of Orlando tourist magazines. Florida and Orlando residents may be well served to pay gate price because right now you get the rest of the year for FREE (excludes special events). The offers change and expire, these offers are available as of January 7th, 2010.

Wet and Wild also offers a tamer side with a beach and poolside areas to enjoy the sun plus a HUGE wave pool. There are also areas devoted to younger children with much milder water fun.

Wet and Wild is a great day time event! The gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show suggests visiting our one of a kind show experience  discover more @www.alcapones.com .

Buyer Beware of Orlando/Kissimmee Ticket Resellers

If a ticket deal seems too good to be true you may be buying illegal tickets. Many resellers buy left over days on multi park tickets and then resell them to you at a low price. This practice is not legal and many a ticket reseller have been arrested for doing it. Nine times out of ten people using these fraudulent tickets won’t get caught. If your in the 10% caught you’re now waisting vacation time. The attraction will want a statement filled out about where you bought the ticket. Did you know that you bought illegal tickets? If you say no they will point out where it says the ticket is non transferable. Another way you can be scammed is resellers selling employee tickets that are again not transferable. The majority of ticket resellers are on the up and up but I advise researcing the reseller especially when buying online.

Ticket resellers can save you money on the smaller attractions because they get bulk pricing and undercut the price of the smaller attractions. The big attraction tickets are typically about the same price if they are legitimate tickets unless they can sell you on a time share tour then you can save quite a bit of money.

The advantage of booking tickets through resellers is you won’t have to wait in long lines at the big attractions.

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