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National Travel & Tourism Week Continues at Capone’s

Now that summer has officially started, it is time for Kissimmee and Orlando’s theme parks and tourist attractions to welcome the crowds that flood Central Florida this time of year. May 4th through the 12th, helped kick off the summer promotion when the tourism industry celebrated National Travel & Tourism Week. One event which promoted this was Experience Kissimmee’s kick-off event held at Old Town on May 8th.

Capone's Dinner & Show flapper girls at Old Town in Kissimmee

Capone’s Dinner & Show was in attendance at this event and had a great time. In fact, Capone’s is still honoring National Travel & Tourism Week for 2 more weeks! All tourism workers can take advantage of this great deal. A special ticket offer at a DEEPLY discounted rate for all tourism workers is available through June 14th!

From now through June 14th, all Tourism Industry workers can attend Capone’s Dinner & Show for the low price of $12.99 + tax and minimal gratuity ($17.39 with tax and minimal gratuity). This offer is valid for tourism employees only. Proof of employment is required. Want to bring a friend? No problem! We also have a special offer for them. Guests of Tourism Workers can attend the dinner show for $19.99 + tax and gratuity ($24.88 with tax and minimal gratuity).

Just go to Capone’s website to get the coupon/details for this offer. With summer heating up and tourists coming to our area, tourism employees should get out while they can and enjoy a dinner show! This special offer from Capone’s is the perfect way to celebrate. If Memorial Day weekend was any indication of our tourist season, get ready for a busy summer!

Capone's Dinner & Show Event Display

Disney’s Renovation of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom Orlando

A major renovation of Fantasyland has been in the planing stages for some time now, but now Disney has begun hiring contractors for the massive renovation. Starting in early 2012 Disney plans on opening it’s new Little Mermaid attraction and Pixie Hollow a new meet and greet area for Disney’s various fairies and princeses to interact with guests.

While Universal Orlando prepares to open it’s newest theme park within a theme park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the coming weeks. The appeal at Universal Orlando’s expansion will be mainly aimed at boys.

Disney’s revamp of Fantasyland will be going after the girls. It should be interesting for families with boys and girls begining in 2012 with options for both girls and boys at Orlando’s two premier attractions. Start saving now or plan a trip this year to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and then plan on early 2012 to visit or revist the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Thinking of Buying a Time Share in Orlando? It’s a Great Time to Buy!

Typically in the past I have had a negative view about purchasing time shares but in the current recesionary times I have to say if you’ve ever thought about doing it but haven’t, now is the time to buy.

It’s all about buying smart in this market. If you have cash you can get a much better deal than if you are looking to finance. Because of the credit markets unless you have near perfect credit your going to pay a premium rate.

How to buy is probably the most important part of making your purchase of an Orlando time share a great vacation value. Don’t try to go to  fast take the time to research what’s available. Your best value is going to be in the resale market. Many units in new and older developments are being foreclosed upon, unit owners who want to sell or are forced to sell. You can purchase units being sold for less than half of what the developers are selling the same units for.Unless a Time Share Developer is willing to give you a big cash discount I definitly say buy second hand.

Think about vacations ten years from now and will you want to go to Orlando every year? That’s why you should also make sure the development you are buying in is in a strong trading alliance enabling you to trade locations.

Look at the annual maintenace fees because this is money you will have to pay every year. Don’t buy sight unseen be sure to see the development and also the unit you are purchasing.

If you think a time share is something you’d enjoy then act now it won’t be such a buyers market forever. Should you have any questions about purchasing a time share in Orlando I’d be happy to help.

Electrical Light Parade Coming Back to Orlando

Several years back the Electrical Light Parade was moved to Anaheim California but this summer it is coming back to Orlando. The night will again be lit at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World by multitudes of lighted floats. Billed as the summer of Nighttastic a rejuvenated parade returns to Orlando updated with all new LED lights. Many Disney fans are going to be delighted to see it’s return.

Disney is making a strategical move to help it’s key summer season business and my belief is it’s part of Disney’s plans to try and keep their key childrens market. They will be facing a huge new player when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens inside Islands of Adventure Universal Orlando this spring.

Speaking of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter have you seen Universal Orlandos new commercial that debuted during the first half of the Super Bowl? I have seen it one other time on TNT since then and the commercial almost makes it seem that it’s open but at the end of the commercial it says coming this spring. An official opening date has yet to be announced.

I will keep you posted and as soon as I hear the official opening date I will be sure and get it on the blog fast.

New Hotel/Attraction to Open in Orlando CoCo Key Water Park Resort is Geared to Kids 4-11

An iconic old International Drive hotel that originaly opened as a Hilton is being totally rebuilt into a kid friendly concept with a huge water park as it’s center piece. With locations in seven states it has proven brand appeal and this hotel offers day passes! Such kid friendly perks such as face painting, hula hoop contests and much more are geared to win the hearts and souls of their target audience young kids and their families. Not a guest of the hotel, no problem day passes are offered for ONLY twelve dollars. That’s an incredible value for a half day attraction. It should definitly steal business from the other Orlando area half day attractions such as Gatorland, Ripleys Believe It or Not, Fun Spot, The Titanic Exhibition and WonderWorks.

Reasonable rates are definitly part of the attraction for folks that stay at the hotel with rates starting at just $99.00 a night this hotel should be popular with a wide variety of people. Live in Orlando? This will be a great staycation option for families with children while the kids enjoy supervised fun, parents can hit International Drive hot spots along the free I-drive trolley route including Prime Outlets, Pointe Orlando, nightclubs and more. Florida residents will also find this new hotel/attraction an attractive inexpensive getaway. Tourists with children from all over the world will make the CoCo Key Water Park Resort a prime destination. It’s scheduled opening date is March 25th, 2010.