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New Disney Restaurant: Cornier One-Liners Than Al’s Gang

A new Disney restaurant opened at Magic Kingdom last week. The Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen is now open and located in Adventureland where the Adventureland versanda restaurant was formerly located (across from the Swiss Family Treehouse). The anticipation in regard to this restaurant has been whether the corny Jungle Cruise humor would be a staple at this Disney dining experience. It is!

Like Capone’s Dinner & Show, the staff at this new Disney Restaurant keep in character and can dish out the one-liners, just like the Jungle Cruises we’re all used to.

You do not need to attend a Disney dinner show to be entertained while eating at a Disney restaurant. In true Walt Disney style, the restaurant itself is entertaining. However, at this new restaurant, the service personnel do entertain guests with silly one-liners in their dialogue. Some staff keep it to a minimum; others not so much. This could change the longer the new Disney restaurant is open and the wait staff grow into their “parts.” However, if you’ve been on a Jungle Cruise, you’ll expect this type of guest interaction and welcome the nostalgia and humor it provides.

New Disney Restaurant Details

The 222-seat restaurant is divided into three sections: the crew’s mess hall, the old family room (a jungle-inspired parlor) and grandpa’s old secret meeting room for the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (the S.E.A. room). Each is beautifully decorated with jungle-themed carpet and fixtures. With every detail in place, you are sure to feel like you are sitting with Dr. Albert Falls himself, back in 1911 when the Jungle Navigation Company was started.

New Disney restaurant offers great souvenir mugs

Schweitzer Slush from The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen at Magic Kingdom Park

The menu features cuisine from Asia, South American and Africa and offers several entrees without meat and with shrimp, chicken, lamb, pork and beef. Prices are along the lines of what you’d expect at a sit-down Disney restaurant. Topping the menu is Dr. Falls Signature Grilled Steak at $34. Several desserts are worth trying, especially the Kungaloosh, a chocolate cake with  caramelized bananas and cashew-caramel ice cream topped with coffee dust. Be sure to order a specialty drink (non-alcoholic option) of Schweitzer Slush or Punch Line Punch which comes in a nice souvenir mug.

Other Disney Restaurant News

The Flying Fish Cafe at Disney’s BoardWalk will close at the end of January for a few months. It will be renovated changing both the restaurant design and the menu. It has been around since 1996, and the update will revitalize the popular Chef’s Counter and wine dinners which have made the restaurant so popular.

A new Disney restaurant called Tiffins is scheduled to open in 2016. It will be located within the Animal Kingdom. With indoor and outdoor seating, this new Disney restaurant is sure to be a popular new spot with waterfront views, especially if it is near the new show, Rivers of Light (debuting in the spring). The new show will take place between Discovery Island and Expedition Everest on the Discovery River. During the show, mystical hosts will call on animal spirits through water and light to entertain the guests. With the Orlando theme park working on Pandora (the Avatar section opening in 2017) the new show and new restaurant are sure to be spectacular.

Experience Capone’s Dinner & Show and the new Skipper Canteen – compare the corny jokes and one-liners. Let us know (here on Al’s blog) who you think stays truer to character. Either way, enjoy dinner, then get out! Or as Alberta might say, “Oh that was rude… Please get out.”

Orlando Dinner Show Featured on Food Network

If you enjoy watching chefs, food contests, discovering restaurants, and just about anything food-related, chances are you’ve tuned into the Food Network a time or two while watching television. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, you have the opportunity to see one of our very own Orlando dinner shows being featured. Pirate Dinner Adventure will be one of the restaurants included in the series called “Craziest Restaurants in America.”

This particular show is titled “Big, Bigger, Biggest.”  Where will this dinner adventure fit in? The only clue given is that the episode will cover restaurants “from a 15,000 square foot saloon in a cave, to an eatery where amazing high flying divers make a splash.” Since the Pirate Dinner Adventure features a ship and audience participation, it doesn’t sound like the “craziest” location that will be aired in this show.

Other episodes within the series have focused on “Eat at Your Own Risk” which covered restaurants such as the Catfish Plantation, a 120-year-old Victorian house said to be haunted; Joanies Blue Crab Cafe in the Everglades, surrounded by alligators; and Heart Attack Grill where you can order the Octuple Bypass Burger (see photo below). In another episode called “Too Hot to Handle” cuisine such as the triple hot wings, guests can ring a bell to be rescued with milk, vanilla ice cream or other soothing remedies. Other upcoming series are titled “Weird, Weirder, Weirdest,” “No Passport Required,” and “Off the Eatin’ Path.”

Tall Hamburger

The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas offers the Octuple Bypass Burger. Eat at your own risk!

Chef Graham Elliot is the host of the show and features restaurants all over the U.S. He finds the most-unique, most-outrageous, most-outstanding and even the most-bizarre food establishments that dish out delicious meals and memorable dining experiences. Of course, not all restaurants are as crazy as an underwater cafe or a zombie-themed bistro, however, most of these restaurants leave their customers saying, “Wow!”

Tune in on Wednesday, June 17 at 10:00 p.m. or on Thursday, June 18 at 1:00 a.m. to watch the “Big, Bigger, Biggest” episode when Orlando’s Pirate Dinner Adventure will be included in the list. If you want to see it in person, this dinner show is located at 6400 Carrier Dr, Orlando, FL 32819. If you enjoy a smaller venue that features a crazy cast of characters, “tune in to” Capone’s Dinner & Show which features a great menu and show every night of the year just south of Orlando in Kissimmee.

Disney Dining Updates & Kissimmee Restaurant News

There have been some recent updates when it comes to Disney Dining and Kissimmee restaurants. Most of the focus is on the menu. Like Capone’s Dinner & Show, the menu is constantly monitored for quality, freshness and consistency. Food items must also follow the public’s eating trends. That’s why Capone’s added a salad bar, meat carving station and pizza a few years ago. The guests love it!

What’s trending these days in the theme parks and area chain restaurants? For starters, what is taken off the menu is often as important as what is put on the menu. Just as Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins will be cutting salt, sugar and calories in their menu items over the next two years, many new restaurants are removing additives from ingredients used in their menu items, and also introducing healthier dishes.

Amphicar at The Boathouse

Guests go for a ride in a Captain-guided tour aboard an Amphicar. If planning to dine at the new Lake Buena Vista restaurant – The Boathouse – be sure to include this adventure. (photo by Matt Stroshane)

New food and beverage offerings available at Downtown Disney’s new restaurants, The Boathouse, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto and Dockside Margaritas provide healthier choices for diners in the Lake Buena Vista area. The world-famous Dole Whip is being served at the Pineapple Lanai which goes nicely with the Polynesian-themed dishes and tiki cocktails at these new restaurants.

Walt Disney World Resorts is also offering new allergy-friendly menus to many of its quick-service and table-service locations. The new menus provide allergen content for each menu item, allowing guests to make informed choices on what to eat. From appetizers to entrees and desserts, common allergens such as gluten/wheat, milk, peanuts, tree nuts and fish are noted.

Later this month, the Harambe Market is set to open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It will provide park guests with a taste of African-inspired street food. Two of the most noted venues are Kitamu Grill and Chef Mwanga’s. Kitamu Grill will feature skewered chicken and a kabob flatbread sandwich. Chef Mwanga’s will be serving up a spice-rubbed karubi rib with green papaya-carrot slaw. These new food items are sure to be intriquing enough for guests to try out.

Mini FrappuccinoIf you are watching your diet using portion control, you’ll be happy to know that those delicious Frappuccino’s at Starbucks are now offered in a smaller portion. Recently Starbucks Corp. debuted a new 10-ounce “Mini” size to its Frappuccino line in response to customer requests. The size is smaller than the 12-ounce “Tall,” which was previously the smallest size on the menu. It will save you about 60 calories, 12 grams of sugar and about 20 to 30 cents. However, this smaller size is only available through July 6.

It is difficult to be on a diet when spending an evening with the gang at Capone’s. The delicious dinner buffet is filled with American and Italian favorites. Take smaller portions of your favorites or skip the buffet line and enjoy the fresh salad bar. Better yet, just go all-out and eat what you please. An evening at this Kissimmee dinner show is a treat. You can go back on your diet tomorrow.

Bon Appetit!

New Italian Restaurant Coming to Disney

By Christmas time, you could very well be dining at a new Italian restaurant at Disney’s BoardWalk. The new restaurant, Trattoria al Forno, plans to open some time in December, offering Old World techniques in cuisine from various regions of Italy. It is sure to be worth the wait.

Trattoria al FornoThe style of dishes will come from the name “Trattoria” which equates to a restaurant serving simple food. For example, the Neapolitan pizzas come from the region of Naples, Italy where classic pies are made with a simple tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. The cheese, by the way, is handcrafted and made daily at the restaurant.

The menu will also feature dishes from the second part of the name “al Forno” which means that many items will be baked in an oven. A wood-burning oven will provide the perfect flavoring for baked dishes such as lasagna, braised beef Bolognese, roasted fish with vegetables, slow-cooked lamb shank with polenta and more. The new restaurant will also offer grilled items.

The new Orlando restaurant will also consider the vegetarian guest with a nice selection of meatless dishes. The pastas are sure to be a favorite along with the eggplant rollatini and the roasted potatoes. It’s hard not to love anything with a Genovese pesto, in which Trattoria al Forno will prepare fresh.

An Italian restaurant isn’t complete unless it features great wines, and the Trattoria al Forno plans to offer Italian wines from regions including Veneto, Tuscany and Piedmont. In fact, over 60 bottled wines will be available and more than 25 wines by the glass. Signature cocktails and Italian beers will also be offered. A special signature-blend of Italian coffee will also be featured, roasted specifically for this new restaurant.

A cappuccino will go well with the planned menu of desserts. Sweets being planned for the menu include tiramisù, gelatos, and a signature dish called bomboloni (Italian donut holes) with dark chocolate and vanilla gelato. Is your mouth watering yet?

The best way to stay informed about this new restaurant is to visit the Disney Parks Blog. Once the opening gets nearer, you’ll be able to make reservations online by visiting Disney’s web site. The price range has not been announced at this time. This new restaurant will join the Flying Fish Cafe, Big River Grilled, ESPN Club and others at the BoardWalk. Kouzzina by Cat Cora® will be closing in September; read more about that in a previous post. Many other places to dine near Disney can be found at the Marketplace, Pleasure Island and in the Downtown Disney area.

Capone’s Dinner & Show is often categorized as an Italian Restaurant, and has been featuring Italian/American food for over 20 years. We prepare fresh pasta every day for our evening dinner shows. Our pizza is a hit, along with our other Italian dishes. So if you’re craving Italian food, and cannot wait until December, be sure to plan an evening and dine with us and take in the show. Good food, good laughter and good times are had by all at our Orlando dinner show. Once December rolls around, be sure to make a reservation at the new Italian restaurant Trattoria al Forno. If you like Italian cuisine, it is sure to be spectacular.

Orlando Restaurant News – Capone’s Offers 2-show Saturdays

Orlando dinner shows are selling out and most of the Orlando restaurant news this week concentrates on summer crowds. Vacationers are pouring in, school is out, and business is in full gear. Every type of restaurant is benefitting – from the fast food chains to the fine dining restaurants.

2-Show Saturday Summer

To accommodate as many guests as possible, and still offer a great show, meal and service, Capone’s Dinner & Show will be doubling up on Saturday night shows in July & the first week of August. It’s going to be a 2-show Saturday Summer. The best way to guarantee a seat is to pre-pay for your tickets. Buying them online is easy, not to mention half price. No need to search for a local coupon.

Pre-paying Reservations

Many food enthusiasts are accustomed to pre-paying for a reservation. Did you know that some restaurants are now using pay-up-front reservations to control their fine dining business? Restaurants like Next in Chicago and Trois Mec in LA are using this system to ensure that their kitchens have enough food on hand. No need to worry about that at Capone’s Dinner & Show. This Orlando dinner show prepares a spread like no other dinner show buffet around. Every night, and on two-show nights, you can bet, Mama Capone will be stocked and ready. Come hungry!

Home-made Pasta

Did you know that Capone’s makes their own pastas? Yes. Fresh pasta is on the menu every night. Pick your pasta, choose from a variety of sauces and make an Italian feast of your very own. There are so many options on the delicious buffet, you may have to create several combinations. Have fun with it! 

New Orlando Restaurants

Speaking about pasta, have you ever eaten at a Noodles & Company?  They have nearly 400 restaurants in the Rockies, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions and now are expanding into Florida. Word is they got tired of the cold and the harsh winter was harse on profits. Their first restaurant in Florida is located at Lake Buena Vista, 12529 State Road 535, Orlando, FL 32836. They offer pasta prepared in a variety of ways – American, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese and Thai flavors. The menu also includes soups, salads and sandwiches. Customers order at the counter, then are served at tables with china and silverware. You don’t see that very often in Florida!

Noodles & Company billboard

Another restaurant chain that could make its way to Orlando is PDQ. It is a popular restaurant chain serving chicken sandwiches in the Tampa area. Its owners are starting a new line of restaurants which also might come to Orlando some day – WTF! Well, that isn’t the name of the restaurant, but it IS what the owners are having fun with calling the new chain Wow! That’s Fresh. This “fast-casual” chain will be similar to Panera Bread where guests will order up front and pick up their own food and gather their own drinks with minimum wait staff. It will have a good variety of dishes to choose from.

Using Google Works Both Ways

Finally, something else in restaurant news that is trending in fine dining establishments is the use of Googling customers. You read that right! Search engines can be used two ways – a person can find a good restaurant AND a restaurant can learn more about a reserved guest. I don’t know of any restaurants around here that are using this technology – yet. However, I read an interesting article about it, and wanted to pass the information on. Read the article on Good Food. If you know of an Orlando restaurant that uses this as a way to please their guests, let us know! Feel free to leave a comment below on Al’s Blog.

Enjoy dining this summer at Orlando restaurants and be sure to take your kids to an Orlando dinner show. Capone’s Dinner & Show is a great way to introduce your child to theater. Everyone in your gang will enjoy the show, meal and service. If Saturday’s are too busy for your family, choose another night. Capone’s is open every night of the year. Bon Appetit!