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Spotlight: Mako Roller Coaster – SeaWorld

On June 10, 2016, SeaWorld Orlando opened a new attraction, the Mako Roller Coaster. It is (for now) the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster among Orlando’s theme parks. It is so unique, it is classified as a “hypercoaster.” What makes Mako so hyper?

Mako Roller Coaster

Photo © SeaWorld Orlando

Mako Roller Coaster Facts:

  • it has a height of 200 feet
  • no inversions, yet you’ll experience plenty of weightlessness
  • nine moments of air time
  • no shoulder harnesses, only lap constraints
  • lockers are available near Mako’s entrance to store items that may fall out of pockets during your air time
  • high speeds – up to 73 mph
  • track is 4,760 feet long (nearly a mile)
  • the experience lasts about 3 minutes
  • 3 coaster trains with 7 cars per train and each train can carry up to 28 riders
  • Each coaster train weighs 21,418 lbs.
  • Must be 54” tall to ride

Even before and after riding the Mako Roller Coaster, you can become totally immersed in an all new realm. A realm of sharks! Within the queue (line to wait in for the ride), you’ll experience a 48,000-watt, intelligent surround-sound system that plays an original soundtrack. This soundtrack was inspired by sharks and is 32 minutes in length. There are interactive learning stations where guests can learn about different species of sharks. In addition, they can learn what sharks eat, facts & myths, and how humans are a threat to some sharks to the point of extinction. Very interesting.

Learning About Sharks

As with any experience at SeaWorld, expect a great learning opportunity now that the Mako realm has been added. An all-new Shark Touch Pool is now open. Guests can now touch a shark! Guests can also learn about and interact with other sharks (brown-banded bamboo sharks, white-spotted bamboo sharks and epaulette sharks) at the Relaxation Station located near Wild Artic. This newly added realm is all about sharks, and because of this, it is thrilling and creating quite a ripple.

The Mako Roller Coaster is a great reason to revisit this Orlando theme park. It is a roller coaster to put on your must-do list. If you enjoy thrill rides, you can also experience these other roller coasters while you are at SeaWorld:

  • Kraken – floorless ride with open air seating.
  • Manta – head-first, face-down through inversions and loops.
  • Journey to Atlantis – water coaster.
  • Shamu Express – perfect for younger children.

Mako sharks, also called “blue pointers,” are known for their speed and ability to quickly change course to pursue their prey.

Now you can experience the Mako shark’s movements to some degree by riding the Mako Roller Coaster. It will leave you breathless. For tickets and additional information on Mako and other attractions, visit SeaWorldOrlando.com.

Mako Roller Coaster Thrill Ride

Photo © SeaWorld Orlando

Mako Rising – Mako™ Rollercoaster at SeaWorld Orlando

Mako RisingMako Rising is SeaWorld’s new live presentation featuring Mako™ the Orlando theme park’s new hyper coaster. During this event, guests will have an exclusive preview of the new roller coaster “surfacing June 10” at SeaWorld Orlando this summer. During Mako Rising, SeaWorld will be hosting a live, limited run preview and sneak peek – with other benefits.

Mako Hyper Coaster

If you love roller coasters, this is a great chance to an insider’s interactive sneak peek. Mako™ will be Orlando’s tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster. It is named after one of the ocean’s fastest known sharks. Be prepared for speed, turns, a little splash of water and perhaps a huge “bite” of fear!

Mako Rising Shares Facts about Mako

  • The Track is the longest in Orlando at just under a mile long, at 4,760 feet. (Hulk was 3,700 ft.)
  • At it’s highest point Mako™ will reach an altitude of just over 200 ft, the next biggest one in Orlando would be Rip Ride Rock’it at 167 ft.
  • Mako will have 3 coaster trains with 7 cars per train and each train will carry 28 riders. Each coaster train weighs 21,418 lbs.
  • You will need to be at least 54 inches tall to ride, that is 4ft 6in.
  • It will be the fastest coaster in Orlando clocking in at 73 mph (Space Mountain’s top speed is 27 mph, and Hulk clocked in at just over 60 mph)

Orlando Theme Park Ticket Offer

A great theme park ticket offer goes along with being an insider. From now until April 24, you’ll get 12 months of free admission to Aquatica when you purchase a SeaWorld Annual Pass.  Pass members also receive Mako exclusives, such as free parking, no block-out dates and access to other year-long events. Plus, guests who attend the sneak peek receive special in-park offers.  Presentations run daily at 11:45am and 2:45pm at SeaWorld’s Nautilus Theater.

This summer, take a ride on the newest, tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster in Orlando, then share your experience with the Wise Guys and Gals here at Capone’s. SeaWorld Orlando and Mako Rising – Mako™ hyper coaster are located just north of Capone’s Dinner & Show.  Our dinner theater is a great place to wrap up a day, including a day at Aquatica.

Fill your thrills at the theme parks, then fill yourself with food and laughter at our Kissimmee dinner theater. Tickets are half off when purchased online. Unlike Mako which opens this summer, Capone’s is open every night and has been for over 25 years!

Wild Days at SeaWorld (and Fun Nights at Capone’s)

Starting this weekend Wild Days at SeaWorld returns for another year of presentations, interactions and games. The three-weekend event features areas SeaWorld is known for: nature, education and wildlife rescue. Much of what is offered during Wild Days at SeaWorld is included in your park ticket, however, there are additional expenses you might want to consider to make your day at SeaWorld even more memorable.

Wild Days at SeaWorld

First Weekend – January 16-17: Wild Weekend with Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna is an animal expert we all recognize and can learn a lot about animals from. He will speak about various animals, his travels and experiences at the Nautilus Theater on both days at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Arrive at least a half hour prior to the show. Make sure to visit the 14 Explore Zones throughout the park. This is a fun way to involve children, because they can earn special trading cards while learning. The Explore Zones are available each weekend during this special event.

If meeting Jack Hanna and having a photo taken with him is something you’d like to do, why not sit down and have breakfast or dinner with him? During the first weekend of Wild Days at SeaWorld you have that opportunity. Jack Hanna will entertain guests with animal facts and stories as well as answer questions from guests at the upscale Shark’s Underwater Grill®. Breakfast tickets start at $49.00 each and dinner show tickets start at $59.00 each. The real perk in these meal tickets is that you also receive reserved seating at the show and get a complimentary family photo!


Second Weekend – January 23-24: Penguin Lovers’ Weekend

This weekend the primary focus is on the adorable penguins at SeaWorld. Animal ambassador Julie Scardina hosts the shows at the Nautilus Theater and will teach you a lot about these adorable birds. You will also learn a lot about her interesting career.

If meeting a penguin is of priority, go to the Glacial Collections gift shop. Penguins will be available throughout the day for people to see. If touching a penguin or learning more about how SeaWorld cares for their penguins is of special interest to you, add on a Penguins Up-Close Tour starting at $59.00. This 45-minute walking tour will take you behind the scenes of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins where you’ll hear from several animal experts, get to ask questions and even touch a penguin.

Penguin at SeaWorld

Third Weekend – January 30-31: Sea Rescue® Weekend

SeaWorld has rescued more than 27,000 animals and many of their stories are fascinating. Learn about their rescue, rehabilitation and return from the people that work in this area every day. Check the show schedule listing on the date that you will be at the Orlando theme park to see the available shows. If you view the weekly television show “Sea Rescue” you’ll definitely want to hear first-hand accounts of these marine animal rescues.

A great addition to this weekend would be the SeaWorld Behind the Scenes Tour starting at $29.00. The tour lasts around 75 minutes and takes you behind the scenes. You’ll discover how animal experts care for rescued manatees and sea turtles. Plus you just might get to touch a shark and interact with a penguin!


Special Offers at Wild Days at SeaWorld

During all three weekends, SeaWorld is offering a BOGO special on their feeding trays. At three different feeding stations, you can buy a food tray and get a tray for free! The coupon is located in the in-park event guide and can be redeemed at the Stingray Lagoon®, Pacific Point Reserve® and Shark Encounter®.

Another special offer during Wild Days at SeaWorld is for a 20% discount when purchasing a Cup That Cares or a Create a Cup that Cares. They can be found at the Expedition Cafe, South Pole Beverages, Glacial Collections and Sweet Sailin’ Candy Shop. The coupon is also in your in-park event guide.

Fun Nights at Capone’s

There might be some Wild Days at SeaWorld, but every night at Capone’s Dinner & Show is fun…and a little wild. After your day of looking at penguins wearing silly suits, watch the wise guys suit up for some fun and action during this one-of-a-kind Orlando dinner show.

If you like BOGO specials, purchase your dinner show tickets online and get them half off – or buy one, get one free, however you want to look at it! If you are having dinner with Jack Hanna one night of the weekend, Big Al and the gang can wait to have you join them another night. Capone’s offers their BOGO special every night,* and they’re just down the road from SeaWorld.

*Not open Super Bowl Sunday, or valid for the New Year’s Eve Gala.

Repeat Celebration, Expansions and Water Park Rumors

Last week’s theme park news brought us information about expansions, celebrations and a possible new water park in Orlando. Of course all of the Central Florida attractions are in a constant process of upgrading and adding new features or events. While the new addition of Diagon Alley to Universal has brought a lot of guests to this Orlando theme park, they are not stopping there. Crucial to their success is to constantly renovate and reinvent what they offer – and they are.

Repeat Celebration: A Celebration of Harry Potter

If you follow Universal Orlando on Twitter, you know that the announcement was made last Thursday that they are planning a repeat “Celebration of Harry Potter.” This special 3-day event which will run January 30 through February 1 will repeat the very successful event held last year while Diagon Alley was being built.

A Celebration of Harry Potter

General admission park guests will have the chance to experience the “A Celebration of Harry Potter” Expo, attend Q&A sessions with Harry Potter film talent, visit the all-new The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley and much more! If you are planning to vacation in Orlando during this time, you should check out the vacation packages (including annual pass holder packages) which will go on sale at noon on August 21. They include:

  • An exclusive Q&A session with select Harry Potter film talent
  • An evening event in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade
  • Breakfast at the Three Broomsticks in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade (one per person)
  • Reserved seating for select Celebration events
  • A specially themed Welcome Parcel
  • Complimentary commemorative merchandise item

These packages sold out last year. For more information about the Harry Potter celebration, visit their web site or keep up with news on their blog. There are a few restrictions, so be sure to research your theme park ticket deal thoroughly.

New Orlando Water Park?

A rumor that surfaced last week concerns the trademark paperwork filed by Universal Studios, which might indicate a water park is in the plans. The company filed two trademark applications related to “water park rides” and “entertainment services in the nature of water parks,” according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Possible names included Volcano Bay and Wondersea Island.

Many ticket deals for this Orlando theme park already include a day at Wet ‘n Wild. This is because Universal recently bought the land this Orlando theme park is located on. Universal Studios will not go on record about their plans, but many rumors are going around. Will they tear down Wet ‘n Wild and build a state-of-the-art Universal-themed water park? Will they combine it with an expansion? A very large plot of land by Cabana Bay is being cleared out, so there are indications that something big is going to be built there.

It seems tourists are in favor of a new water park on Universal property. Those that purchase a vacation package would find little reason to ever want to leave the property! Time will tell how this rumor plays out.

Editor’s Note: Some of the mystery of the new water park has now been resolved. Universal plans to close Wet ‘n Wild and open a new Orlando water park in 2017 called Volcano Bay.

SeaWorld Expands Killer Whale Habitats

Expansion plans are in the works for the new killer whale pool at SeaWorld Orlando. This new expansion will be connected to the existing 7 million gallon pool inside Shamu Stadium. “This will not change the way shows are done,” said SeaWorld Orlando president Terry Prather. SeaWorld officials said the new facility has been in the planning stages for years. Other SeaWorld parks (except Orlando and San Antonio) are expanding their whale habitats that will nearly double the size of their existing killer whale homes.

These larger pools for killer whales are mostly in response to the “Blackfish” effect. Public opinion goes both ways. Habitat expansion is a sign that company continues to lead the way in marine mammal display and education. Yet many feel a bigger prison is still a prison.

One thing is for sure, the celebration of great tourism business continues in Orlando. Otherwise these expansions would not happen. It all combines to make Central Florida a great vacation destination.

New Show Temporarily Cancels Dinner Show at SeaWorld

If you are visiting any of the Orlando theme parks in 2014, you’ll find many new attractions being planned. You may also find some of your favorite features being phased out or temporarily unavailable. This is to be expected. Theme parks are ever-changing. As long as you do your research before purchasing tickets, you’ll avoid any let downs or unpleasant surprises.

Orca Whales at SeaWorld

If you are visiting SeaWorld in the months leading up through April, the killer whale show “One Ocean” will not be available. The Orlando theme park is replacing it with another show, so you won’t be totally disappointed. “Shamu Up Close” will take its place while the whale stadium is undergoing maintenance.

The killer whale show is one of the park’s premier attractions. Where else can you stand 6 feet from the edge of a pool while a killer whale swims and leaps? The new show allows guests to do just that! The show is being described as more educational than the “One Ocean” show. Presentations occur every hour, but guests can watch the animals at any time during the day. “People can sit there and watch how we manage and how we work with our animals all day long,” said Mike Boos, vice president of zoological operations. This is a perfect opportunity for SeaWorld’s guests to get up close photos of themselves standing near a killer whale!

Work on Shamu Stadium is already taking place. The pool’s floor is being repainted. New acrylic panels which separate the guests from the pool will be installed. All of these renovations are routine and should be complete sometime in April.

The new show will be held where “Dine With Shamu” takes place, so the SeaWorld Orlando dinner show will also be postponed until April. You can read more about this Orlando dinner show from a previous post. Although it will be missed, guests will benefit (as they did during the dinner show) from the educational portion of this new presentation. While it is not as structured as “One Ocean,” this new show makes up for it with interesting interaction between Orca and trainer. If you remember the “Believe” show which debuted in 2006, this new show will remind you of it. Pay attention, and you just might learn a few things about killer whales!

If attending a dinner show is on your “must do” list while you are in the area, don’t worry about “Dine With Shamu” being closed. Enjoy SeaWorld during the day, then make reservations to attend Capone’s Dinner & Show. You’ll be happy to know that the buffet at Capone’s is fill-your-own-plate. Plus drinks and dessert are included too. At 50% off tickets, it’s a whale of a deal!