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Holiday Show Begins Thanksgiving Day at Capone’s

On Thanksgiving Day Capone’s Dinner & Show opens its spectacular holiday show with songs of the season, festive holiday décor and elaborate costumes. For many families vacationing in Orlando, Capone’s has become a tradition. After all, the dinner show has been pleasing audiences for over 28 years! Adding new features and updated scripts, keep the show fresh and fun. Not to mention the audience interaction, which is never the same two nights in a row!

To add even more holiday cheer, a Gangster Giveaway was incorporated into the seasonal show six years ago with much success. It’s full of action! Be ready to “catch a bullet” and win prizes. The gang at Capone’s has really stepped it up with even more prizes during the holidays and a script that will keep your gang on their feet. It’s a raucous-fun time for all ages.

Purchase your dinner show tickets now!
Thanksgiving Night – 7:30 p.m.

Half-Price Tickets

The menu during the holiday show at Capone’s includes a delicious buffet filled with traditional favorites, such as smoked turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more. A separate meat carving station also serves up hot, freshly prepared London Broil Steak and Herb & Cheese-stuffed Roasted Pork Tenderloin and scrumptious ham. Paired with a Soup & Salad Bar and a create-your-own Pasta Bar, your meal will truly be a feast! By the way, drinks are unlimited (including alcoholic beverages) and dessert is included too!

Please Note: Due to the pandemic, the buffet has been replaced with a 4-course meal until further notice. We continue to offer plenty of options on our menu and large portions.

Carved Turkey served during holiday show

Tickets to the holiday show at full price (who pays full price though?!) are $69.99 plus tax per adult and $45.99 plus tax for children ages 4-12. Infants up to 3 years of age are free, however, they do require a ticket for seating purposes. If you purchase your tickets directly from Capone’s website at alcapones.com, you’ll pay half price! (Adult: 34.99 + tax = $37.61 and Child: 22.99 + tax = $24.71) For those who do not want to make a purchase online, use the half-off coupon and call the box office at 407-397-2378 to make your reservation. This is a spectacular show and meal for less than $40!

Want to be treated like a VIP? For an additional $12 per ticket ($9/child), you can enjoy many perks including an option to visit Al’s Four Deuces Lounge prior to the show. You might even be challenged to a card game by one of the wise guys!

Holiday Show

The holiday show opens Thanksgiving Day and continues through January 1st. Reservations are not required but are highly recommended. If you’re looking for a great deal on a festive New Year’s Eve, check out Capone’s New Year’s Eve Gala. Tickets for the Gala are full price, and include everything the holiday show offers and much more!

Step back in time to the prohibition era for a night of music, dancing, action and comedy. The gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show is always in character, and always ready to show you a great time. Whether it’s your first time or you are a “repeat offender,” one thing’s for sure, you’re gonna have a blast!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Gang at Capone’s!

Happy Thanksgiving

The Wise Guys and Dames at Capone’s Dinner & Show would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re looking for something fun for your family to do on this holiday, join us! Our spectacular holiday show begins tonight and runs through New Year’s Eve. On Thanksgiving Day, our show begins at 7:30 p.m. Laugh off the stuffing and join us!

Check out this special offer – – – save half off tickets! Only at Capone’s Dinner & Show can you receive such a great deal on an evening out. Your ticket includes:

  • Free Parking
  • Dinner: Delicious 4-course meal, including dessert
  • Drinks: Unlimited beverages (we don’t charge extra for alcoholic drinks like most other dinner shows)
  • Show filled with singing, dancing, stand-up comedy
  • An opportunity to take home a prize from our all-new gangster giveaway!

We’ll be holding down the joint and waiting for you to join us this Thanksgiving Day. Fill up on our buffet filled with holiday favorites. You’re gonna have a blast!

Thanksgiving Day Alternative – Capone’s Can Save the Day!

Thanksgiving Day Alternative – when things just don’t go as planned…

Big Al, here. Jus’ wantin’ to put a bug in your brain; a notion in your noggin.’ We’re gearing up for the holidays here at my joint – Capone’s Dinner & Show. I think there are more elves runnin’ ‘round than wise guys these days! Anyways, what I want yous to think ‘bout this Thursday has nothin’ to do with being thankful. Well, I guess it does in a way.

You sees, I’m bettin’ that some of yous is going to have a day much like famous Thanksgivings everywhere. Not in a good famous way ‘neither. The day jus’ doesn’t go as planned. Yous got the relatives comin’ from all over the country. Who doesn’t want to come to Florida for the holidays? They’re already tired of the cold up north, and some have even had to shovel snow this season for goodness sakes, so what’s not to love ‘bout coming to your place for Thanksgiving?

Capone's is a great Thanksgiving Day alternative.

A burnt turkey isn’t in the plans, but Capone’s Dinner & Show should be!

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Things don’t go as planned. Usually this has to do with the bird. The TURKEY. I’ve heard so many horror stories ‘bout the bird. If yous want to read some for yourself, go over to abcnews.com and read ‘bout these poor saps. Why people have such a hard time cooking a turkey, I have no idea. Mama Capone fixes up a fine looking bird every night of the week. It’s nice an’ brown, juicy, tender, yum, yum. A fine steak, ham and pork roast are also on our menu.

Get the Free-loaders Outta Your House

So where I’m headin’ with this notion is… If you end up with a house full of relatives and something doesn’t go as planned, don’ try to save the day, jus’ head over to my joint. It’s a great Thanksgiving day alternative. We’ll be servin’ up a buffet of holiday favorites as well as a holiday show that’ll knock your socks off. It’ll also get all those free-loaders, I mean relatives, outta your house for an evening.

It doesn’t matter if there are jus’ two of yous, or an entire gang, sometimes, it’s jus’ easier to go out to eat on Thanksgiving day. Sit around all morning and afternoon. Watch the parades and games on TV, then head over to Capone’s Dinner & Show. It sure beats cleanin’ up after a mess too. Everyone will enjoy the meal, the entertainment and will have a Thanksgiving to remember.  All ages love our dinner show – it’s a family-friendly experience.

If you have a Thanksgiving horror story you’d like to share with Al, please comment here on our blog.

If it’s planned far in advance or a last-minute, oh-my-gosh-what-are-we-gonna-do, ditch-effort to save Thanksgiving Day, me an’ my wise guys an’ gals are here for you and your gang. Our Orlando dinner show is a perfect Thanksgiving Day alternative plan. And for that you can be thankful!