Thinking of Buying a Time Share in Orlando? It’s a Great Time to Buy!

Typically in the past I have had a negative view about purchasing time shares but in the current recesionary times I have to say if you’ve ever thought about doing it but haven’t, now is the time to buy.

It’s all about buying smart in this market. If you have cash you can get a much better deal than if you are looking to finance. Because of the credit markets unless you have near perfect credit your going to pay a premium rate.

How to buy is probably the most important part of making your purchase of an Orlando time share a great vacation value. Don’t try to go to  fast take the time to research what’s available. Your best value is going to be in the resale market. Many units in new and older developments are being foreclosed upon, unit owners who want to sell or are forced to sell. You can purchase units being sold for less than half of what the developers are selling the same units for.Unless a Time Share Developer is willing to give you a big cash discount I definitly say buy second hand.

Think about vacations ten years from now and will you want to go to Orlando every year? That’s why you should also make sure the development you are buying in is in a strong trading alliance enabling you to trade locations.

Look at the annual maintenace fees because this is money you will have to pay every year. Don’t buy sight unseen be sure to see the development and also the unit you are purchasing.

If you think a time share is something you’d enjoy then act now it won’t be such a buyers market forever. Should you have any questions about purchasing a time share in Orlando I’d be happy to help.

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