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Fools Love Capone's in April!

Date Submitted: 3-25-10 to 4-1-10

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: Be sure and join us on April 1st to see who wins this months Grand Prize.....See you on April Fools day

Marie L. wrote: me too

Dave S. wrote: me three!

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: It's drawn on a random basis, now if I picked one of your names now I would look like I'm fixing the drawing

Karyn D. wrote: lol..It sux..I wont be there till the 2nd! I say you guys should picked based on how many times weve been there..lolol! mean check HERE to the 1st to see who wins...I thought ya meant be AT capones to see who won...wowo..I had a blonde moment! yes...dan.. marie..dave and myself should a group

Fay P. wrote: how do you enter and is it too late?? I've never been and have lived here 11 yrs.... always wanted too just busy :(

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: you are already a fan so you are elegible to win

Karen D. wrote: and now i come down with pneumonia and cant come this week.. :(

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: I am so sorry to hear that. Hope you get better soon

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: April?s Monthly Drawing Winner is Brian Fuller you have won $200.00 contact Lori Warnick at 1-800-220-8428 to claim your prize. Just want to also update all our fans on a new idea we are planning at Capone's Dinner & Show for our 20th year August 2012. We plan on retiring our mobsters and hire trainers who will train our new monkey mobsters. We want to hear our fans feelings on this planned change.

Karyn D. wrote: Monkeys? NOOOOOOO. Wait, in what capacity? Just as part of the show? I have mixed feelings here.

Angela G. wrote: Monkey mobsters?! I really love the mobsters show you have now. Not sure what a Monkey mobster is?!

Margaret H. wrote: My first reaction is NOOOOOOOOO WAY if it's like a comedy relief that might be ok but I'm not sure

Angela G. wrote: Glad you're not changing for awhile yet. Bringing my stepdaughter and 8 others in to see your existing show in May. =0) Hope that you have some good rates that month. =0)

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: We always offer a half off internet coupon on our web site

Karyn D. wrote: Monkeys around the food seems kinda ..EW!

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: What about the horses at Arabian and Medieval Times? The trainers will serve food and drinks the monkeys will be just for tricks.

Karyn D. wrote: Well..horses arent usually known for throwing feces. And it is a decent distance from the food. I mean as a part of the stage show yeah and even if they kinda came off stage and mingled a little..but I would truly be careful here. I love the show now and love the thought of changing it up keepin it fresh but it could easily just turn kinda bad. I dont mean to sound mean but you asked for input.

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: you're not that?s what we are looking for is fan input . I would LOVE more of our fan and guests feelings on the proposed changes to Capone's

Jackie F. wrote: I definitely would like to see a change - I enjoy the show and the mobsters - but we've been several times in the past 2 years and the show is always the same. Changing it once every 15-20 years is not often enough. I think there should be changes every 1-2 years.. you'll get lots of repeat customers that way.

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: You are correct about changes to the show more often and we have made changes since the sequel opened in 2007 now we are considering the next step for Capone's. Thanks for your input and have a great night!

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: Happy early April Fools Day....We do look forward to changes for our 20th but we like our Mobsters just fine there will be no monkey mobsters hurling feces! Now go get somebody else

Karyn D. wrote: LMAOOOOOOOOOO....I am so glad! I wasnt minding a little change but I love the mobsters and even though the other show have animals...I like the dirty apes that you already have...hehehe now a few script changes and new jokes occasionally... :) I love you goofballs! Happy April FOOLS back really got me!

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: Good Morning All! Happy April Fools Day

We love to joke around and have such great fans!
We?d be fools to not appreciate the best fans around...
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Save a night for Capone's, you'll be glad you did!


4740 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (Hwy. 192)
Kissimmee, FL 34746

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