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Capone's Dinner & Show - Kid Approved!

Date Submitted: 1-10-10

Jeff V. wrote: My family visited Capone's the week before Christmas and had a blast! Our 5 yr old daughter Lily heckled Bugs and Fingers and they even incorporated her into the show. We had just spent a long fun day at Disney, but Capone's was the highlight of our day! Great fun, food and service!

The best part was when Lily heckled Bugs and Fingers. "You are Silly!" They stopped the show and said "Miss Lily is heckling us! We're being heckled by a 5 year old! At this time, the spot light was on Lily who stood up, pointed at them and said "I'm 5-and-a-half!" Fingers then tried to take a sip of Lily's drink to make sure she wasn?t drunk, but Lily covered it up with her hands and said "It's a Shirley Temple!" LOL!

Capone's Dinner & Show wrote: I'm glad you had such a good time! One of our issues in selling Capone's Dinner & Show to first time visitors with children is it apropriate for younger audiences. Thank you for validating our answers to those questions.

Kids of all ages love Capone's Dinner & Show!

Kids will love Capone's Dinner Theater.


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Save a night for Capone's, you'll be glad you did!


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