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The Votes are In - Who is YOUR Favorite Wait Staff?

Capone's Dinner & Show: The votes are in for favorite servers and Baby Face took the prize! Joey was a close second especially with families. Honorable mention for Bullets he came in third. I have to say though Johnny gets the vote for best service and keeping drinks full. You can go to our discussion board and read all the results; Topic: Favorite Mobster! ..?

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Loni P.: Every server in the place made sure that every glass was constantly full and the food was excellent. Alhough it was buffet [pre-COVID-19] style, it was WAY above buffet [pre-COVID-19] quality. The show was fun and I would definitly recommend this to anyone planning on coming to Orlando on vacation. It is not your average tourist attraction and with the internet special, the price is unbeatable.

Roxi M.: Fantastic Show. Great time. The server "VITO" was superb! Added to the show experience tremendously!! He was always there BEFORE I needed him. He was attentive and FUN!!! Next Time we come back we will definitely request him again!

Ron T.: Vito is THE MAN!!!!! We were there on Jun22 and I gotta say it Vito he be da man!! This is from the "78" year old "sugar daddy. Great Show!!! Hey Vito "I'm empty"!!!

Michelle R.: We had a wonderful time last Saturday, June 12th. We?ve been to the show several times and we agree this was the best presentation we've seen. Thanks to Joe 2 Slow for GREAT service. It's always a good time but wow...this show was amazing. Thanks to all involved in the show.

Stuart H.: This is a great night out. Entertaining and funny with a cast and crew that live the whole evening. Great value for money and suitable for the whole family. Thanks to "Mickey" our waiter who seemed to be on a one man mission to ensure my glass stayed full and treated us like you expect "family" members to be cared for. We had done other shows but Capones is the only one the family talks (and still laughs) about!! If you can only do one show in Orlando. DO THIS ONE!!!

Jerry O.: The show was great as was the people and the food. Well priced. Our waiter was Slow Joie and he was great and kept the drinks filled. We all laugh so hard we were crying. We are going backto the show again, can?t wait

Danielle M.: went last night & had a blast. well worth the money. vito is awesome. cast is great. will come back definitely.

Tony D.: we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary on the 23rd we had the best gangster to serve us, we give you two thumbs up and we give you two votes for the best waiter this vots for you VITO. Thanks from Tony & Arlene D. from South Carolina . You were great. We will tell everyone about this show

Capone's Dinner & Show: Congrats on your 23rd!!!!! Glad you spent it with our gang. Thanks for the thumbs up and votes.

Henry P.: We had a great time with Baby Face!! Thanks to the cast for the show, we will be back!

Marie L.: My husband and I went there Saturday for our anniversary had a blast!!!

Angela G.: Hooray for Capone's!! Brought some new friends in on Saturday. VITO was great as usual...and... what a memory he has!!! Lol! We had a great time. THANKS!

Angi P.:Fingers is AWESOME!!!!

Dawn M D.: I am partial to Fingers...he is my pick

Angela A.: It's a toss up for me between Fingers and Bugs.

Michelle R.: Bugs by far!

Trisha M.: Has to be Fingers.

Ken H.: Larry. ;D

David T.: Me it's got to be Bullets , He?s class act all the way

Ana M. R.: Baby Face... I hope he is still there.. I haven?t been a couple of years.. Have to go soon with my

hunny.. A must See show !

Capone's Dinner & Show: There reeally so many old time Mobsters that have been with us for a long time. Johnny, too slow Joey and Vinny are all very popular. Your gangster can really make your evening a hit!

Heather S.: Bottles!!!!!!

Capone's Dinner & Show: Baby Face is still here

Lisa G.: Baby Face Is the bomb!!! Love Him Lots

Dondi W: Come on it has to be Johnny- he keeps your glass filled from the time you sit down and keeps you laughing even when the show is?nt going! I request him everytime I go to Capone's!!!!

Ana M. R: Good to know 4 the next time Babyface is not there I could request Johnny..

Capone's Dinner & Show: So far Baby Face is in the lead. He?s been with Capone's the longest so he should be in the lead!

Lisa G.: Yay For Baby Face...& He?s My Bro.

Danielle W.: Vinny all the way!

Tom W.: BabyFace!!!BabyFace!!!BabyFace, He is funny as hell, we request him and if he?s not there, we don't come!I vote for Babyface!

Angela G.: Our favorite is Vito!! He is a GREAT waiter and he kept my group of 9 rolling with laughter!! =)

Brittany D.: Our favorite is Bullits!!!!! We had such a great time!

Bill T.: Vito is the best!!

Angi P.: VINNY:) No doubt... he is the BEST!!!!

Trisha M.: Joey is the best by far.

Dawn M D.: Don?t think I can choose. I enjoy Vinny and Face, but Johnny makes a fantastic Sangria!

Lisa S.: I have been to Capones many times and I have to say Baby Face puts on the best show. I have seen

him rattle off 20 minutes of jokes straight. He had me and my husband rolling many of times and brought me to tears one time making fun of my father. Out of all the servers I have had, Baby Face is the king!

Vicky B.:I Like Baby Face also! I have never seen him break out of character (or is that the way he really is?) Baby Face has my vote!

Trista K.: joey2slow awesome waiter

Doris F.:Bottles all the way!!!

Sheila R.: Joey2slow is great. When we have the kids with us he really makes them laugh alot.

Kellie H.: JOHNNY! On the ball, with full glasses the entire time!

Jennifer S.: Paulie!!!! He?s da Gansta!

Sheleena V.: The best waiter would be VITO!! He kept our glasses full and kept us laughing all night! After the great hospitality that night I have to say Capone's was the best dinner theatre experience in Orlando!

Diane M.: BULLETS!!!He moves as fast as his name, BULLETS is the BEST!!!

Michelle R.: Although Vinny and Baby Face are great, I have to say Joey2Slow is the greatest! Thanks Joey!

Mark W.: Joey2slow was fantastic - kept my glass full all night!

Angela G.: We have been to the show twice in the last 9 months and our favorite mobster has got to be Fingers!!

Kelly N.: Baby Face has a great act and very good service! Baby Face should win

Who gets YOUR vote? Come and see.


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