Capone’s Dinner & Show, 4740 W. Hwy. 192 (W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway), Kissimmee, FL 34746

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"Great show VITO is the BOMB!"
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Date of review: Mar 15, 2011 - New
We just returned from a most entertaining night! What a great dinner theatre show! The food was really good- drinks were good - however, the staff makes the evening!! They are so personable and get into character. They are friendly, polite and fun! We were a group of 10 - 8 adults and 2 kids. I reserved the night before - we went an hour early (6:30) and did the preferred seating option. We were a mixed group of men and women, aged 10 - 77 and all had a great time. We want to recommend VITO !!! terrific server - interacts well and reads his customers perfectly! What a great server! Do this show if you?re in Orlando - you will not be disappointed! * Date of visit: March 2011

"New Years Eve was a blast"
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Date of review: Mar 12, 2011

My hubby and I have been to Capone's three times for birthdays anniversaries and New Years Eve. We had a blast each time. The Gangster era atmosphere is great and everyone stayed in character. The show was a riot and I loved the interaction with the audience. The buffet [pre-COVID-19] was delish and our glasses were never empty, all in all we lobe Capone's and are going again to see Al and the gang in April. * Date of visit: January 2011

"Great fun.... Best Value in Orlando"
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Date of review: Mar 8, 2011

This is truly one of the best kept secrets of Orlando entertainment. When asking about fun things to do in Orlando besides the theme parks, no one mentioned Capone's. We found it on our own doing internet searches. Thank God we did! This is definitely the absolute best value (less than $60 for 2 - which includes show, buffet [pre-COVID-19], beverages - including beer, wine, etc). The food is adequate, standard, family-style buffet [pre-COVID-19] fare, not spectacular by any means, but for the price it was fine, fresh, met expectations. The entertainment though was exceptional and my husband and I see a lot of shows from local dinner theater, to national touring companies, Broadway and Off-Broadway. Everyone including the wait staff were engaging, comical and most importantly stayed in character the entire time. Simply, we loved it! Would definitely come again and will recommend to others! * Date of visit: March 2011

"So much fun, we ached from laughing!"
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Date of review: Feb 28, 2011

We had a group of 6 and all thought the food and drinks good. The waiters we so "sassy" and made it so fun, ours had a gun in his belt! But the best was the show. Very funny and cute. Cast were hilarious! * Date of visit: February 2011

"Fantastic Funny Show and Good Meal."
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Date of review: Feb 19, 2011

My wife, 13 year old daughter and myself attended. It was an Excellent evening. Our Waiter Vinnie was Exceptional and the Actors were absolutely Fantastic. The food was Good. We were in Orlando area for 3 weeks and this was the Highlight of our trip. Way to go Capone's!!!!! * Date of visit: June 2010

"We left thoroughly entertained with full bellies."
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Date of review: Feb 14, 2011

She was a tall long-legged dame, her full time gig was in the photography business. Pictures so good, they say you could kind of see through them. She really knew how to serve a guy. Gina, our server, was great fun as she efficiently kept our and many other tables fully stocked with drinks and laughs all night, that she deserves a raise or at least a promotion. Her mastery of improve was impressive. At one stage, while juggling all of this, she even changed into costume for a dance number. She and all of the servers and actors were never out of character. Anyone who complains of poor service or even rude behavior, just didn't?t get it, and has no business going to a comedy show.

The 'buff-it' as it was spoken in the vernacular, was plentiful, good quality and in comparison to other buffet [pre-COVID-19] meals, hot. The array of foods proved to be more than I or any in our group could fully sample.

The show was first rate. There was clever interaction with the audience. Miss Jewel kept things moving as MC and proved herself to be a star, with her great pipes. There were small undercurrents of sexual innuendo in the program which were cleverly enough veiled to protect the tender ears of young audience members. Children may not have caught all of that hidden humor, but they were entertained enough that they all seemed quiet and well behaved.

The only criticism we could make is that after giving our secret password, entering the theater and being directed upstairs to the balcony, where we purchased a round of drinks ($9.30 for a rum-runner and a light beer) we were seated. The location was very nice, a balcony view down over the theater. But when the staff, all characters in the show, came to call our names, it was very difficult to hear them. I think that they should be equipped with bullhorns. A scrolling LED sign would be just too out of sync with the era.

To best enjoy this venue, go with a group of four to eight and make some effort to dress to suit the 1930?s. Or at least pick up a feather boa or striped hat in the gift shop while on the way in. I would go back again. * Date of visit: February 2011

"Better and better each time!"
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Date of review: Feb 10, 2011

February 10th, 2011 was my fourth visit to Capone's. Each time it has gotten better and better.

Just paying for our ticket is an enjoyable experience. I never mind waiting outside prior to showtime. The interaction with the cast before, during, and after the show is completely marvelous. They stay in character the whole time and will keep you laughing.

The seating is a bit tight at times, but it really isn't that bad. If you book early, you can usually get an outer seat where there is only people on one side of you. If you're going at a busier time, you can usually ask for the balcony as well, though that looks over the stage.

Out of the four times I've been, I've never had an issue with the buffet [pre-COVID-19]. It has always been fresh and well-stocked. I think all that I've tried thus far is tasty. I have never tried the dessert, but the people I have gone with have said it's good. I'm just not a dessert person.

The wait staff is the best! They're hilarious and they are a great addition to the show.

The show itself is the perfect length and I feel it's a good mix of comedy and singing -- two of my favorite things. All of the cast is very talented and they really are great at keeping the show going.

After the show is done, everyone seems to leave with a smile on their face.

Be sure to try to arrive thirty minutes prior to the scheduled show time, just so you can get that awesome character interaction experience. I also suggest trying to book reservations early, so you can get a good table.

Definitely stick around after the show and get pictures with the cast! It's a blast! Definitely check out this place at least once! It is a great night out and it guarantees you a smile! * Date of visit: February 2011

"Fantastic time and value !"
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Date of review: Jan 26, 2011

I would highly recommend this attraction to any adults, when in the Orlando area. For $26 (when using a 1/2 coupon which is so easily found) you get an all you can eat buffet [pre-COVID-19], unlimited drinks (alcohol included) and a very entertaining show lasting almost two hours. Souvenirs are also very reasonably priced.

You will be entertained right from the parking lot, by the cast which is always in character. The more you play along with the theme (of being in Al Capone's speakeasy) the more fun you will have.

The food quality is actually pretty good, and I am amongst the pickiest of eaters out there. Anyone who complains about the quality of the food, must have unrealistic expectations. You can?t even go to a bar and get unlimited drinks for $26, let alone an all you can eat buffet [pre-COVID-19] and entertaining show to go along with it. You will not have a hard time getting your drinks refilled either, they are always topping off your glass without you asking.

There are many dinner theatre options in the Orlando area, but this is hands down the best value. The material is not raunchy, but certainly suggests profanity and sexual humor indirectly. For that reason, I would say if you have the option of having someone watch your kids for the night, take advantage of that. If that is not an option, you should still see this show, as kids will not likely pick up on many of the innuendo?s.

I would highly suggest making reservations for this. I did not, but was extremely lucky to get in anyhow, with the last two remaining seats.

Be advised that you will have two options upon arrival:

1. Go up to the cash bar, and buy a minimum of 1 drink per person.

2. Wait outside in the general seating line for about a half hour. You will be in a covered area, and entertained by one of the cast while waiting though.

Be sure to bring a little extra money for souvenirs, and to tip your servers ($5 per person is typical for the tip) * Date of visit: January 2011

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Date of review: Dec 30, 2010

Our party consisted of a range of ages - 12,15, 42, 65 and 79. There was a bit of a wait when we arrived, but it was all worth it when we got in. The whole cast are in character the whole time, so some of the best moments were before the show actually started. The whole cast did an excellent job.

Personally I was unimpressed with the buffet [pre-COVID-19], but the rest of my party all thought it was pretty good. There was certainly a lot of choice and it was kept well stocked. I didn't like them trying to sell you all sorts of personalized souvenirs, but most people did purchase them so they obviously do quite well out of it. We may have bought some of our ones, but they had spelt the name wrong so we didn't.

I would highly recommend it.

"Lots of fun & laughter - we had a blast!"
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Date of review: Nov 17, 2010

What can I say - Bottomless Drinks and delicious buffet [pre-COVID-19] for $25/person!!! The staff were very friendly , played their "mobster & doll-face" parts to the hilt and got the audience involved. Our waiter, Vito, was the hi-lite of the evening! The buffet [pre-COVID-19] was excellent and offered a great variety. (Don?t expect a gourmet chef meal - more of a home-cooking style.) One of their methods is to seat couples across from each other. That way, you visit with the strangers seated on either side of you. We met a lot of interesting and fun people. The actors were very good and the play/singing/dancing was very entertaining - we couldn't believe it was 10 PM when we were leaving! An all-around fabulous experience!

"Highly Recommended!"
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Date of review: Nov 10, 2010

I love Capone's! This was my third visit. Be warned that the whole staff stays in character the whole time. I've seen people get offended by this, but it's part of the experience! Play along & you'll have a great time!

The food is good, too, although the dessert (a small slice of pound cake) left much to be desired.

"Transported back in time"
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Date of review: Sep 24, 2010

My husband and I visited Capones 9/19/10 on our "budget" anniversary get away. Total of $60 for a wonderful show and okay food. We had a blast, were called bums, and told where the can was or that their were some bushes outside. Our server was Bullitts and he was totally fantastic. It really took you back and the people working their stayed in character the entire time. The food was buffet [pre-COVID-19] style, so its what you?d expect from a buffet [pre-COVID-19]. Everything was pretty good, just not a big selection. My only warning is to pay attention to how much you drink. Drinks are included at no aditional cost and they will fill your glass before its half empty. I'm not a big drinker, so by the end of the evening I was wobbly. LOL. Also they don't try to pressure you into buying anything - wich is what I absolutely hate about the other dinner theaters in the area. I wouldn?t suggest taking kids. I have two (9&13) who I don't think would get it or enjoy it. But my husband and I LOVED it. I can?t wait until my grandmother comes down from NJ so we can take her there.

5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Aug 22, 2010

We had a blast last night. This was enjoyable. The show is entertaining and family oriented. They give you about an hour to enjoy the buffet [pre-COVID-19] which is constantly being filled. However, it was the show itself that keeps you laughing and enjoying the evening. We all loved it.

"One of my favorite parts of our vacation"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jul 20, 2010

My husband and I went here on the first night of our Orlando vacation, July 14, 2010. We arrived early to get drinks from the bar. (non-alcoholic, we don't drink.) They were a bit pricey but bery good and you get a big glassful. We paid extra to get the Bunny souveneir glasses you can keep. After a while the actors came to round us up, completely in character, to lead us to our tables. We were seated on the bottom in the very front, which we loved. Immedietely we were greeted by our very enthusiastic and funny waiter, who entertained us each time he came by, which was often, to refill drinks and see if we were ok. They called us to the buffet [pre-COVID-19] in shifts so that the wait wasn't too long. The food was plentiful and delicious with a lot of variety. We had ample time to eat and get seconds (loved those breadsticks!) We were seated with a family of 8 and they were nice to chat with. The show was very funny. Each character ws distinct and enjoyable. They were all talented in ad lib as well as dancing and singing. We just loved the whole thing. I do wish the picture packet came with one free picture, that?s what the Sea World Luau dinner did, but I do understand that Al Capone's is so reasonably priced that they have to make money somewhere. We spent $6 on a photo magnet, $25.00 each for tickets thanks to an online coupon, $10 tip, and $16 for two drinks in etched glasses. Total cost was just over $80 and well worth it. We would go again for sure!

"Capone's was awesome"
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Date of review: Feb 21, 2010

I have been to Capone's, it may have been a while ago (oldest son was 4 or 5 and is now 18) but I remember everything. It was awesome. The show was so spictaculare. @ the very end of the show they took everyone in the at gun point it was the best think I had ever done. The food was really good. I'm a picky eater and I ate almost everything they had. I'm not a drinker but their bottomless Rum Runners were awesome as well. I would defenatley go back again. sorry for the typos but u get the picture.

5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Dec 20, 2009

The show was WONDERFUL!!! Worth every penny and then some. Great food, servers, actors, show and photographers! Would recommend this evening of entertainment to ALL! Brought family from out of town - they loved everything that night at Capone's! They really loved the mugshot and newspaper! We will take all of our out of town guests to this wonderful evening of entertainment and great food!

"You HAVE to go to Capone's!"
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Date of review: Aug 7, 2009

I don't know what some people?s problems are, but I had an excellent time at Capone's! I went with my daughter and wife in August ?09 and I had low expectations, to be honest. Little did I know there was such a great cast.

Once you enter, it's set up like a speakeasy from the 30?s and all the actors interact with you. We arrived to the show late, didn't book or anything(also 1/2 off isn?t bad at all!), and were given a seat close to the stage. One of the actors let us in, the main mama lady(beautiful singer), and then we were seated by "Fingers," another hilarious main actor! Bunny and her sisters were excellent, too! I was surprised they actually sang and danced and didn't lipsync. They also do a tap show, it's amazing. I was unaware when we were seated in our host "Vinnie?s" section that he would be part of the show, as well. He was a great server who had some funny one-liners and parts in the show!

We were lucky enough to be seated to the very side the stage, which is where most of the interaction occurs. If you want thee most interaction with the actors and show, be sure to come on a birthday, anniversary, or just sit in the front row where they?ll make fun jokes with you or act flirty. It's hilarious!

This is definitely the place to go in Kissimmee if you want unlimited drinks for a good price! I think I had 8 or 9 rum & colas and a Capone Rum Runner, the drinks definitely flow here and it's good for the show(make sure to have a designated driver!)! The more you interact, the better the show is, these actors are great at improv! The women are beautiful and talented, Bugs Moran and Fingers are hilarious, and the servers are all in character the whole time, too!

The food is set up like a buffet [pre-COVID-19], I didn't have any problems with the food, it was pretty good to me! You have lasagna, Italian bread sticks, corn, green beans, salad, turkey and ham and a few other things. It all tasted good to me and didn't have anything wrong with it. You also get a nice little pound cake near the end of the show.

The drinks were great. I guess they make them in pitchers so they can pour them out into your cup directly, so they were fairly strong(good in my book)! They make it a point here to get you good an liquored up, it makes for an even better show!

Overall my family had a great experience at Capone's!! The actors were the shining point of the show, with talent and exquisite improv skills, it's amazing to see such good actors in a dinner show, I feel lucky! The women have beautiful voices, are all very pretty, and the men are the main comic ingredient to the show and excellent actors. The food was basic buffet [pre-COVID-19], but very well done, and the drinks are sure to be enough for you! I cannot stress how good the actors and waiters were, they really make the whole thing worthwhile! They?re so talented, it would be a shame if you were to leave Kissimmee without seeing them! Thanks guys and gals, for a great time!

5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Jun 24, 2009

We went to FL. with our family on vacation JUNE 11TH on the 15TH we went to the show it was FANTASTIC, the food was GREAT, the showSPECTACULAR, the staff made allOF 14 of us fill very WELCOME, we will most DEFINITELY go back CAPONE? S DINNER SHOW. LINDA E YUKON OKLAHOMA

"Laugh until you cry kind of show"
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Date of review: May 28, 2009

I had the opportunity to go see this show last night and it was surprisingly good. The food was okay, but the show was extremely funny. If you want to laugh ?till you cry, then you should go see this show.

I've seen all dinner shows in the Orlando area and this is by far the funniest of them all. My friend and I had a really great time and would definitely recommend it to anyone. The show exceeded our expectations!

"Fun time ,Great Place,Good Food"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 19, 2009 3 people found this review helpful This place is decorated like an old Al Capone's hangout.From giving the secret password in a small hole in the door to going upstairs and looking over the rail to watch the show you will be enjoying the entire evening.The dinner was good, service was great ,and the show was fun. If you could not tell we all enjoyed ourselves.Everyone was in character and the place had a realistic feel. I would say to get the second floor tables if in a group of 6 or less and bigger parties should take the stage level.Get there early we had a great time before the show started.

"Best deal in Orlando"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 18, 2009

We had a wonderful evening at Capone's. For $25 you recieve unlimited buffet [pre-COVID-19] dinner, unlimted cocktails, wine or beer. And a fantastic show. You cannot beat this for an evenings entertainment. The fun starts before you even get in the door.

"Capones dinner show Orlando 2-18-09 loved it!!!!!!!!"
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Date of review: Feb 23, 2009

This was our first time ever going to the Capones Dinner Show in Orlando Florida and i brought my sister,daughter, and friend and when we pulled in the we noticed the animated paintings on the outside of the building. YOU CANT MISS IT!!!!! You first enter through the gift shop which offers very resonably priced souviners of your visit. From the start, giving your password, and entering the showroom you immediately become part of the festivities. As soon as you enter, you and your party are photographed in a lineup. A great rememberance to take home with you.

The food is delicious and plentiful. We were surprised by the wide variety of dishes that are offered and seem neverending. This along with unlimited drinks and a yummy dessert far exceeds the very reasonable price for dinner and show.

The performance was such fun to watch and be a part of. A very talented cast drew you into the show and took you back to that era. We sat next to a couple who said they come often to see the show and enjoy the meal. We can certainly see why and plan to return!!!!!! This was a great highlight to our vacation!!!!!!!!!

"Had a Blast!"
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Date of review: Jan 10, 2009

My mom and I went to Capone's Dinner and Show Jan.5/09 during a trip to Orlando for my birthday. I had read good things about the show online and the price was definitely right (with 1/2 off coupon found on their website it was $24.99 US per person for the show, a buffet [pre-COVID-19] dinner, dessert and all beverages (alcoholic or not). We were a bit late for the 7:30 seating because our hotel screwed around getting us a taxi. Also, one of the ticket desk reps at the hotel tried to talk us out of going claiming it was the worst dinner show in Orlando. Not because it is terrible, but so that she could try to up-sell us tickets to higher priced shows being sold by the hotel. My guess is they make a commission of some sort. I am so happy we ignored her and chose to see the show anyway because once we got there, we had a blast! It worked out fine that we were late, as everyone was eating dinner and we hadn?t missed anything. We were seated at the end of a full table right in front of the stage. The people at our table were really nice, good humored and we felt very comfortable. The view was great, and after learning my name from the birthday announcements, the cast kept me feeling involved through the whole show which made for lots of laughs for us!

The food is typical for a buffet [pre-COVID-19]... a bit bland to my tastes but decent and abundant (having been to a few all inclusive resorts, I think this tends to be safest bet to please the highest number of people). There is something for everyone. Dessert was spice cake with tasty coconut frosting.

The servers are always in character and do their best to keep everyone happy. They also have some involvement in the stage show, which is fun! Our server was Toni, and she was a real doll. Great sense of humor! The show was fun and witty. The costumes are flashy and appropriate to the era. We got a real kick out of them! You can tell everyone involved puts 100% into their own roles and the show as a whole. Is it a Broadway production? No - but if you are looking for Broadway, you should go to New York, not Orlando. Overall, I?d recommend this show for anyone who wants to have a really fun and inexpensive night out! I had a great time and will definitely go back if I'm ever in the area again.

"Fun time at Capone's"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Dec 23, 2008

My wife, myself, and my in-laws went to Capone's on December 1st. It was the third time for my wife and myself, and the first time for my in-laws. The premise is that you are in a speakeasy run by Al Capone. As stated in other reviews, the food is nothing to write home about, and you?re not attending a Broadway show. However, if you go with an open mind and the intent to have some fun, you won?t be disappointed. The first time we were there was in 2000, and it seemed that most if not all of the wait staff was the same. They are very personable, and stay in character throughout. It's fun to play along yourself, by wisecracking with them. Certain alcoholic beverages are included in the price of admission and your waiter will keep the booze flowing. The show was geared to the Christmas season and was a blast! Remember - this ain?t Broadway!!! Lighten up and go with the flow.

This is a nice escape from the theme parks and an enjoyable night out. You?ll only pay "full" price if you try real hard. 1/2 price coupons are available online at their website, and in all the local tourist magazines.

"Great night out"
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Date of review: Oct 1, 2008

This show was fun from beginning to end, we went in early and had a drink in the lounge after getting our mugshots taken. The bartender was great, my daughter loved her shirly-temple, and was accused of asking too many questions ( LOL, thought she was a copper). When we were brought down stairs by Fingers, our waitress met us at the table, already refilling our drinks, which remained full the rest of the night. The buffet [pre-COVID-19] was average food, good though, everything was edible. Miss Jewel let my daughter try on her special jewelry from "Al". They all posed for pictures with her, Bunny even taught her how to pose like a lady. The show was entertaining, and it was a full house. We bought the drink cups, and the waitress packed them up tight for us at the end of the night. Be sure to get the 1/2 off coupon, because after buying souveniers and your mugshots, you will pay what you would have paid without the coupon, don't forget to tip your waiter or waitress they deserve it, excellent service.

Of all the places we went while in Florida this is the one I would absolutely do again.

"The last of the great speakeasies!"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Aug 7, 2008

This is defintely a place I'm going to take all my friends to when they come to visit the area. It attracted a full house, even on a week night, and the place was full of laughter the entire time. The buffet [pre-COVID-19] was a tasty and basic menu (great for those who have children with simple appetites) with foods such as salad, turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, pasta with marinara or alfredo sauce, sausage and peppers, etc. They continued to refill your glass with your selection of "bootleg liquor" throughout the show. The performers were lively, talented, funny and really made you feel like you were in an authentic underground speakeasy! I recommend this show to anyone who is looking to leave dinner light-hearted with a full belly.

"Great Family Entertainment"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 28, 2008

We went with the family, 4 boys ages 12-17, very hard to please and everyone loved this show. The food was great for us, plentiful, lots of choices and not too fancy. The show was campy, fun, and a great deviation from the theme parks. My kids are asking to go back. Look for the discount coupons and go. This is a fun night out.l

"Lots of Camp, Lots of Fun"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Mar 27, 2008

I went in to this show with somewhat low expectations, but was very pleasantly surprised at what a great time we had. The process of getting in the door and being seated (ticketing first, then waiting in line and knocking with a secret password) is maybe a tad bit complicated, but it was well worth it. All of the servers and performers were extremely friendly. The food was average -- salad, pastas, ham, etc. -- but plentiful (even though you were allowed to go back to the buffet [pre-COVID-19], most people I noticed were getting two plates on one trip so they wouldn?t have to). The drinks were definitely plentiful and they just kept coming. Our glasses were refilled often and quickly (the last drink, I didn't even need, but it was poured before I could stop of course I couldn?t let it go to waste). The show was cheesy, campy, and lots of fun. If you are expecting Broadway, what are you doing at a dinner theater in a tourist area? But if you just want simple fun, it is a great place to go and a great value. I would definitely go back if I got the opportunity.

"Fun experience, best value dinner show in central Florida"
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Date of review: Feb 12, 2008

We went to Capone's last evening (Feb. 11, 2008) for the 6th time. We live right around the corner (can walk...or crawl home, if necessary) and have taken many visiting family and friends over the years.

They recently changed the show and last night was our first time with the new production. We found the changes very enjoyable (fun to see something different), but still hokey. The new Bunny June was extremely talented - the best performer we've ever seen at Capone's. She plays a larger role in this new show. But we do love Miss Jewel and missed the many songs she usually does. I?d like to see some changes to the evolving new show, but think it has real potential.

The buffet [pre-COVID-19] is also evolving and was a better experience than before. The food is OK to good at Capone's and nobody should leave there hungry. In particular, we found the salad and dessert to be better this time than our previous visits. Our server told us to expect more improvements in the near future.

The people at Capone's are the best. Everyone is friendly and outgoing. Some of the servers participate in the show and add a lot of humor.

I rated it 5 stars because the food is good, the show is great fun, the people are wonderful and Capone's is an exceptional value.

"Thanks Babyface!"
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Date of review: Oct 24, 2007

This was by far the best dinner show in orlando!!!I laughed I cried, It was better than cats!! The best part by far was the waiters, we had a waiter named Babayface. Babyface made the whole night, I have never seen my family laugh so hard in my life! This guy was amazing, he told joke after joke working off of what the crowd was giving him. I have seen a lot of improv comedy in my time, and I have never seen anything like this guy. Never once did I see him break character while giving very good service at the same time. My drink was never empty the whole night. The special thing about this night was not so much the show(although very funny) it was this talented waiter Babyface. My wife had been sick for some time, after Babyface had got through with her she had a smile on her face for about two weeks and actually felt better! The night had some kind of healing effect on her, Amazing. At the end of the night I asked Babyface about coming to the show again, and he said that you could request his station when making reservations. I would highly recommend you do this. The food was O.K. the drinks were great, the show was funny, but the waiter made the night. Highly recommended!! Thanks Babyface

"Very nice show!"
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Date of review: Jun 17, 2007

Completely in style 3 hour dinner show. All you can eat and drink. Dont forget the half price coupon that lies almost everywhere. If you are in kissimmee go and enjoy the show. Great value.

"You've got to go"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: May 1, 2006

Ok so the food wasn't five star but what do you expect for $20?? If it's a fist class meal you are after then don't go to dinner shows ! If you don't laugh at the show you don't have a sense of humour (removed during your charisma bypass) This was one of the best nights we had lots of laughs and loads of fun

Jason Brighton England

"Had a great time at Capone's"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Feb 23, 2005

Capone's is one of the best dinner show's my fiancee and I have ever been to! This is especially wonderful considering they are almost always offering half-off admission (making the show about 22 dollars with tax for an adult)! The food is pretty tasty (my only complaint about the buffet [pre-COVID-19] was they didnt offer blue cheese dressing, but then not every restaurant does either). The entertainment is really engrossing, and my beloved and I were smiling from ear to ear the whole time (probably didnt hurt that the drink service was on top of it and we never had an empty glass). This show also offers rum runners as a drink option for those who don't want beer or wine which is usually served. Would definitely recommend Capone's, although some of the humor may be lost of younger children, so I would probably suggest saving this program for an adult?s night out.

"A smile from start to finish!"
5 of 5 stars
Date of review: Dec 30, 2004

From the time you arrive to leaving you are an important guest. Funny from start to finish,great show and great and lots of food. Unlimited beer but unlikely its more than 1% proof!!


4740 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (Hwy. 192)
Kissimmee, FL 34746

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