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Welcome Back!

If you're not already a repeat offender, it's not too difficult to become one! Visit our joint, see the show more than once and you'll be 'hit' as a repeat offender. Yous see, we've got a reputation to uphold. We can't be lettin' our good fellas leave the organization. Thank you for your positive response and visiting us again!


Repeat Offender:

Mug Shot

A repeat offender is a person who has already been convicted for a crime, and who has been caught again for committing the crime and breaking the law for which he had been prosecuted earlier. The definition of the term and requirements related to a repeat offender vary depending upon the crime that is committed.

In many cases, the crime is hiding out in a joint like Capone's speakeasy during prohibition.

“If yous had the family’s protection,
chances are yous wouldn't have been prosecuted.”

Now that you're part of the gang, rest assured, you're well-protected. We love our repeat offenders!


Me and my wife have gone to this dinner show 4 times now. You would think we would be bored of it by now. However, we love it and plan on coming back many more times. On our recent visit, we were on the balcony and it has the best view and most interesting family saying. We had Skunk and Snaps as our mobsters and they were hilarious!!! They stayed in character the entire time and that’s what we love. The only opportunity that I could recommend is having more consistency with the actors. In some cases we have seen 3 or 4 different actors play the roles. Sometimes it benefits and other times it does not. That being said I would recommend anyone to go see this awesome show and be ready to be transferred back to the 20’s!!
- David G., February 18


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