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On the list of Orlando's top dinner shows, the MurderWatch Mystery Theatre was performed at Disney for many years. The show is no longer in existence. The information provided here is for reference only.

Since these guys are no longer around, come see our wise guys instead!

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MurderWatch Mystery Theatre

MurderWatch® Mystery Theatre performs whodunit shows with crimes, clues, detectives, and interactive twists. All MurderWatch® Mystery dinner theatre productions have music, mayhem, audience participation, and lots of fun and prizes! MurderWatch® mystery shows have the most audience participation and the best prize packages compared to any other mystery show! If you like mystery games, you'll be thrilled with these live action plots that catch you in the act!

Murder mysteries are great for corporate meetings, team building, training or sales and Marketing seminars. This is fun entertainment for your employees, your friends, your family, and for you, the Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie fan!

Planning an event for the holidays? This year, get the Christmas 'spirit' in a murderously funny way! To kick off your jolly holiday, Dreamland Productions offers a cast of back-stabbing suspects prepared to make your 'spirits' rise! Our prices are designed to meet any budget, so you won't be dreaming of a Fright Christmas! It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas party planning time, so Have Yourself a Merry Little Mystery at MurderWatch® Mystery Theatre. This year, Deck The Halls With Crime and Laughter! All MurderWatch® Events are available for your convention, party, banquet, or vacation group. Call us for information regarding prices and availability. Office: 352-508-5523 or Cell: 352-617-8808 - e-mail:

Any MurderWatch® show can be designed to accommodate the client: the song sets can be shortened or lengthened; audience dance sets may be added; pre-show and post-show music is available as requested.

Dreamland Productions has the ability to adapt any of their copywritten shows for convention or party group information. This practice of including "inside information" as clues in the show creates a higher level of audience participation. It also allows the client to target those special people in the group that everyone enjoys as possible suspects in the mystery. Upon request, we can include award presentations and special corporate or personal announcements as part of the show. Dreamland Productions' actors will memorize any profile material necessary to enhance your event.

All MurderWatch® Mystery Theatre productions culminate with a winning detective from the audience who receives a prize package of exciting gifts to take home as a reward. This prize package includes a custom printed t-shirt, a keepsake photo and the coveted MurderWatch® watch - a watch built inside of a handcuff!!!

MurderWatch ContempoMurderWatch® Contempo

Prepare yourself for an evening of Mystery and Intrigue. Professional actors sit among you in the audience. MurderWatch® Contempo Anything can happen and when it does...every one is a suspect! Is the person sitting next to you simply a guest or a professional actor involved in the mysterious events? It is the audience's assignment to solve any crimes committed. The events progress to the process of elimination that can point the guilty finger at any of the guilty suspects! This two-hour production includes two live music sets of popular tunes. (MurderWatch Contempo© 'Short-Show' This one hour 'budget' mystery production includes one live music set.)

Resorting to MurderResorting to Murder©

Resorting to Murder (Great for kids!) Sherlock Holmes is vacationing in Florida. His detective partner wife Shirley Holmes cannot enjoy the fun in the sun... things here remind her of a recent case in Wonderland! She thinks she spies Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee on the loose causing havoc at the Resort. Since she is accustomed to working with a partner Shirley must select a new partner... someone from the audience... someone who's short and lucky - Shortluck Holmes! Shirley is convinced that even though this is Florida not Wonderland there may still be mysterious events occurring all around. She commissions Shortluck Holmes to help her solve the murderous plots as they unfold. Ultimately four versions of the mysterious events are presented. The audience must choose the version they think is correct. After selections have been made and the Super Detective has been chosen the events are comically reenacted. These two hours of family fun include two sets of merry music.

Mystery Mayhem and the MobMystery Mayhem and the Mob©

Mystery Mayhem and the Mob© Don Thomasino is taking his "family" out for dinner to celebrate the engagement of his daughter to race car driver Marco Grimaldi, distant relative of the Monaco monarch. Management of the restaurant wants to provide the highest quality of food and entertainment for The Don and his family. But the manager has been warned - he must also ensure The Don's safety from his enemies as well as the authorities who are always trying to catch The Don "in the act". It's the audience that gets "caught in the act" of this two-hour MurderWatch® production of Italian music and Mafia mayhem, as all join in this celebration of love -- Italian style

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Since these guys are no longer around, come see our wise guys instead!

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4740 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (Hwy. 192)
Kissimmee, FL 34746

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