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Capone's All-New Show!

Become a member of a Chicago crime family for the evening. At this 'family gathering,' Al Capone himself will inform the family that there is a 'rat' in the organization. Help Al 'take care of it,' while enjoying the never-ending amusingly unconventional characters in the show. Returning to the new show are your favorite characters - Miss Jewel, Bunny & Fingers. We are also bringing back a crowd-favorite from our original show - Detective Marvel!

Here is a synopsis of the new show... from 2012

The show takes place approximately 1 year after the current show and the big news is Bunny & Fingers are now the proud parents of Francis Alouicous Salvatorio, Jr.; AKA “Little Pinky.” Of course Fingers struggles trying to juggle the responsibilities of fatherhood with the pressure of being a big time gangster in Capone's organization while Bunny is selling “cheap crap” from the gift shop to raise money for Pinky’s college fund.

Which brings us to the return of a favorite character from the original show - Detective Marvel. Boy does he have an ax to grind. While Fingers has moved up in Al's organization, Marvel has been demoted to Beat Cop and is determined as ever to shut the joint down.

To raise money, Fingers has reluctantly taught Bunny to play craps which leads to her and Babs and Bubbles getting arrested - and it’s up to Fingers to bust them out of prison. Of course he fails miserably but not to worry - the girls manage to escape from the chain gang without his help and return to Capone’s “on the lam;” a little depressed but not so much that a good tap number can’t cheer them up. Marvel follows in hot pursuit and interrogates the guests to try and track them down.

It all works out in the end as the girls are set free, the rat is revealed and Jewel & Marvel end up handcuffed together (in a good way).

All new script, all new music (except for one returning hit “Anybody Who Is Anybody”) and all new dance numbers from all your favorite characters should make for a spectacular, family-friendly evening of “dinnertainment.”

During the action and adventure, a good ol' gangster giveaway will occur. These are NOT your standard issued Tommy Guns fill with ordinary ammunition. You won't mind being "hit!" Everyone can get into the action! The new gangster giveaway is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Win prizes and have fun! It's a blast!

Come see the all-new show at Capone's Dinner & Show. You'll be glad you gathered with "the family" for an evening with the best "outfit" around!

Capone's Dinner & Show - all new dinnertainment!



4740 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (Hwy. 192)
Kissimmee, FL 34746

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