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Mother’s Day Treat

Mother’s Day isn’t too far away and if you are going to be vacationing in Central Florida, that may be all the “treat” your wife or mother expects to receive that Sunday. However, for the locals, as well as visiting guests, I would like to suggest a perfect treat for your mom – a dinner and a show. In particular, Capone’s Dinner & Show.

All too often families take mom out to dinner, give her a card and possibly flowers and call it a day. While that is nice and thoughtful, why not treat mom to an evening she’ll remember? Something different. An evening that is lively – fun – entertaining AND EVERYONE will enjoy! Plus, Mother’s Day at Capone’s Dinner & Show will cover the dinner and flower part of your gift for mom.

This year Capone’s is offering an early show (5:30 p.m.) and  late show (8.30 p.m.) a spectacular show on Mother’s Day (please check showtimes). This is great for families with young ones needing their sleep for school the next day, as well as the adults and families that stay up later, are on vacation, or enjoy the later dining option. The show is family friendly, so if you need to treat your mom, grandmother, wife and children, this is the show for you! Everyone will enjoy the singing, dancing, drama, action and comedy of Capone’s show. You’ll enjoy the price too!

While both shows are fairly inexpensive, Capone’s is offering a deeply discounted adult ticket for the 8:30 show. Only $34.99 per adult (plus tax). Even if you want to attend the early show on Mother’s Day, you can download Capone’s coupon and the cost is only $34.99 per adult. Kids tickets are even less ($22.99)! Moms will receive a flower on Mother’s Day along with their show ticket and also includes their delicious dinner buffet, all-you-can-drink variety of beverages and dessert.

It’s an incredible price when you think of how expensive just a nice dinner out can be in Orlando. You’re getting dinner AND a show for about the same price! Plus all of the extras!! For details, click this link. Once you are on their site, you can print the page out and place it into the mother’s day card that you give your mom or wife. You DO plan on getting a card for her, right?!

Reservations are filling up fast, so don’t delay. Call 1-800-220-8428 to make your reservation. Treat your mom to Capone’s Dinner & Show on Mother’s Day. It’s fun for everyone and will make a memorable night for mom and the entire gang.

New Hotel/Attraction to Open in Orlando CoCo Key Water Park Resort is Geared to Kids 4-11

An iconic old International Drive hotel that originaly opened as a Hilton is being totally rebuilt into a kid friendly concept with a huge water park as it’s center piece. With locations in seven states it has proven brand appeal and this hotel offers day passes! Such kid friendly perks such as face painting, hula hoop contests and much more are geared to win the hearts and souls of their target audience young kids and their families. Not a guest of the hotel, no problem day passes are offered for ONLY twelve dollars. That’s an incredible value for a half day attraction. It should definitly steal business from the other Orlando area half day attractions such as Gatorland, Ripleys Believe It or Not, Fun Spot, The Titanic Exhibition and WonderWorks.

Reasonable rates are definitly part of the attraction for folks that stay at the hotel with rates starting at just $99.00 a night this hotel should be popular with a wide variety of people. Live in Orlando? This will be a great staycation option for families with children while the kids enjoy supervised fun, parents can hit International Drive hot spots along the free I-drive trolley route including Prime Outlets, Pointe Orlando, nightclubs and more. Florida residents will also find this new hotel/attraction an attractive inexpensive getaway. Tourists with children from all over the world will make the CoCo Key Water Park Resort a prime destination. It’s scheduled opening date is March 25th, 2010.

Walt Disney World Orlando Resort Tickets For Free

Walt Disney World is replacing the offer of a free ticket on your birthday with work a day of community service and get a free day at any one of it’s theme parks. This is great because you and your gang can all work together on a day for one of the approved charities such as Habitat for Humanity and everyone gets a free Disney ticket. So not only are you doing good, you’re getting rewarded by Disney for that community service! This offer runs till the end of 2010 so you better get hopping and pick the charity of your choice and do a day of  good for your community.

I applaud the folks at Disney for this fantastick offer.  It helps you afford a vacation and it helps others in need. You get a free day at a Disney theme park while doing good for others it’s truly a win win deal.

I’d like to suggest you check out our package plan at Capone’s Dinner & Show you can have a night at Capone’s, a day at a theme park (free with your day of community service), one night at the Quality Inn and Suites Orlando South/Kissimmee and breakfast for only $79.99 plus tax per couple. Check out our web site to find out more about our package plan.

Capone’s Dinner & Show, Second to None & Great Food to Boot!

It’s a blast from the past and fun for all ages!  Mobsters, dames, Al Capone, Buggs Moran and speakeasies take you back to another era. You see it is 1931 gangland Chicago and Al Capone invites you to experience his one of a kind show. Capone’s blends an awful lot of different show concepts wrapped into one. Beautiful dancing girls, stand up comedy, upbeat musical productions, loads of comedy and guest interaction with the cast. We also offer the most choices of delicious food on our huge buffet plus we also include with ticket price Bud Light draft, wine, cocktails, the usual soda choices, Kiddy Cocktails, fresh brewed iced tea, cranberry juice and fruit punch. Desserts included too Al’s a very generous guy. Visit our web site for full menu selection.

One of the most often asked questions we get asked at Capone’s Dinner & Show is if it is suitable for children. It’s also the hardest question to answer because so much depends on what kind of parent you are. We have had many repeat schools attend our show but if you are very conservitive and far right religiously,  then my recomendation for an Orlando Dinner Show for your family would be Medieval Times because of the quality of it’s production and it is very family friendly. However be prepared to spend more on Medieval Times visit for the best prices when you buy online and then compare Medieval Times prices to Capone’s Dinner & Show. For over 17 years we have discounted our tickets direct to the general public. There’s no middleman with Capone’s. Arabian Nights tickets you can get from resellers for just a few dollars more than Capone’s but in my opinion the quality just isn’t there. Arabian Nights gives a large margin to ticket resellers. Save the middleman profit and perhaps a time share spiel when you visit Capone’s Dinner & Show.

I hope you’ll consider checking out our web site and decide for yourself.

A night you won’t soon forget Capone’s Dinner & Show

Capone’s Dinner & Show is a blast from the moment you walk through the doors and into our theatre you will be transported to another age. You see it’s gangland Chicago in Orlando Florida and Al Capone was one of the biggest Chicago bootlegers during prohibition. One of Al Capone’s fiercest rival Buggs Moran also had a major bootleging operation in Chicago.

Capone’s Dinner & Show is a bargain with our 50% Off coupon on our web site you won’t believe what you get for your cash. Delicious buffet, hysterical live show and since Al’s a bootlegger he also throws in beer, wine and cocktails. We can do this because Capone’s discounts to the general public rather than offering large profit margins to ticket resellers, we give our guests the savings.

Our original live stage show is not so much historical but rather a fun romp in an off the cuff manner. There’s a video on our site so you can get an idea of what Capone’s Dinner & Show is about (you can also view it on Utube just go to the Capone’s Dinner Show Channel).

It’s very flattering that after last nights performance we added five new fans on Facebook. That amazes me because I know I wouldn’t go to the trouble of either signing in or creating a new account and I believe that most people are like me in that respect.

You can also call 1-800-220-8428 to hear a cast recorded preview of Capone’s Dinner & Show. Hope to see you soon at our one of a kind speakeasy and cabaret.