Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

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The different Orlando dinner theaters sell different entertainment and different menus. However, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is the only one among many Orlando dinner theaters that take their guests to the high seas for a swaggering experience. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure does not simply sell; it sails.

This one-of-the-best Orlando dinner theaters is famed for its active audience participation. The pirates are led by the sleazy Sebastian the Black. Together with the charming Princess Anita and her entourage, they unite in bringing the optimum audience interaction. The pirate crew is going to capture Princess Anita, her court and the guests, whether adults or kids, as their hostages. This capture secures the heart of the audience as they will experience a tidal wave of joy in the rough seas ahead while performing impromptu roles in the show.

One of the world’s most interactive dinner shows is staged in a pirate ship which is engineered extravagantly and splendidly. This highly structured setting allows the best possible audience participation, sea gangster action, marine acrobatics, romance in a splattering story and hilarious pirate comedy.

Prior to the show, guests enjoy the abundant appetizer buffet serve not only for the royalties but also for the commoners. Guests at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure are considered special guests of His Majesty King and Her Royal Highness, Princess Anita. Being special guests, the guests can take pleasure in the offerings of various kinds of salads, delicious snacks and exceptional sauces.

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Great entertainment plus a great dinner is the formula of all Orlando dinner theaters. The aforementioned grand gesture of dining is displayed prior to the show. During the show, guests can satisfy their cravings for the Pirate’s cuisines such as Caribbean Rice, Pillager’s Pork and baked potatoes. They can also devour the servings of creamy vegetable broth and salad dishes. A fortune of Treasure’s Chicken is also part of the menu. To compliment the show’s sea theme, fish dishes are added to the optional menu. Platefuls of mashed potatoes and chicken fingers are offered to kids. Guests can conclude their dinner with a delicious ice cream. However, additional cost may apply and the menu maybe changed.

Guests end their night at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure by joining the sea bandits in their good-time party at the Buccaneer Bash. The Buccaneer Bash features a 70’s disco set up that captivates the hearts of the adults. Here, guests meet, dance and have some fun with the pirates.

Adults can also choose to go to Treasure Tavern. It can also be found within the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure compound at 6400 Carrier Dr., Orlando, FL 32819. It offers a 2-hour show for adults packed with acrobatic exhibitions, riotous comedy, great music, dancing and delightful dinner. It also offers loads of rum. Guests enjoy the famous Rum Punch for free.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023