Orlando International Airport Tips for a Better Experience

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Orlando International Airport Tips – what you need to know…

Thousands of travelers come and go from Orlando International Airport (OIA – coded as MCO when booking flights). When I first moved to Orlando, it was a small airport with one terminal and less than a dozen airlines servicing it. It now has three terminals (an “A” side, “B” side, and now a “C” terminal), and 30 various airlines flying in and out nearly every day. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful airports, however, it can be a little tricky to navigate. Whether you’re coming or going, hopefully, these Orlando International Airport tips will improve your experience at OIA.

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More Than One Terminal

First and foremost, know which terminal you are arriving at or departing from. The “A” side is on the northern side of the airport, the “B” side is south of it, and the “C” terminal at the far south side. Everything you do is determined by which terminal you are using – where you should park, check in, claim baggage, etc. This is based on the airline you are utilizing. Knowing your terminal is one of the most important Orlando International Airport tips you need to know.

In 2022, Terminal C, located at 10200 Jeff Fuqua Blvd. South, added 15 gates capable of handling domestic or international operations, and accommodating up to 20 aircraft. All gates are equipped with facial recognition technology for an easier and more secure boarding process. For more information about the new terminal, visit the OIA website.

Airlines generally fly in and out of one specific terminal. Here is a list of airlines and which terminals they service (subject to change, please check OIA’s website to confirm):


“A” Terminal

“B” Terminal

“C” Terminal

Air Canada
Air Transat
Alaska Airlines
Copa Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Taca Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
Aer Lingus
AirTran Airways
British Airways
Delta Air Lines
Miami Air
Spirit Airlines
Sun Country
US Airways
Aer Lingus
British Airways

Parking at OIA

Secondly, pay attention to where you are parking (if you are not in a rental car). The outer lots (Blue and Red) offer a shuttle to the terminals. This is the most affordable on-site airport parking at about $10/day. You’ll need to tell your shuttle driver if you are “A” or “B.” When you return, you’ll need to remember if you are parked in the blue lot, or red lot. The blue lot (now called OIA Park Place) is near the front or north side of the airport, while the red lot (now called OIA South Park) is on the back or south side. Terminal “C” has its very own parking garage, yet connects to the other terminals using the Terminal Link (APM).

Free Parking at Capone’s!

If you are parking in the terminal parking garage ($15-$25/day), remember which level you are on. OIA has placed some very cool sculptures/art to help you remember – birds on the top garage levels, including wading birds, owls, flamingos, etc. and mammals and reptiles on the lower levels including alligators, bears, frogs, panthers, etc. Don’t be surprised if your kids remember which level you parked on before you do. They look at the cool stuff like that!

Other parking options include valet parking at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, cell phone lot parking (free) if you are picking someone up and several off-site parking businesses near the airport for less than $10/day. Now that you know this important Orlando International Airport tip, parking will go smoothly and the cost won’t surprise you.

Transportation to OIA

Transportation options include buses and resort transportation, as well as taxis, limousines, and off-site shuttles. Be sure to ask your hotel if they provide free transportation to/from the airport. On-site rental cars include (subject to change) Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, NationalThrifty, Payless and a few others. Other rental options are just off the airport property and provide shuttle service to/from the airport.

Additionally, the new “C” Terminal has The Train Station which conveniently offers direct boarding access to Terminal Link (APM) Station and up to three regional rail systems (SunRail commuter rail, BrightLine inter-city rail, and possibly a third system serving the International Drive/Convention Center area). It also supports ground transportation activity including taxis, shuttle buses, and public bus operations. If you are dropping off or picking up a Brightline passenger, enter and exit the airport from the south (Access Road) if at all possible. It eliminates a hectic drive through the main airport. Tip: Heintzelman Blvd./Goldenrod is a great exit to use off the Beachline (528) to get to the train station without much traffic.

Where to Hang Out, Waste Time & Meet Arrivals

Once you are inside the airport and have your baggage checked, you’ll enter a common area. All kinds of services, restaurants and shopping are available here. Our Orlando International Airport tip is to allow yourself time to peruse the shops.

Many OIA shops have unique Orlando souvenirs and great gifts! Once again, pay attention to “A” and “B.” I’ve seen numerous people arrive on the “A” side and end up at “B” baggage claim wondering why their flight’s luggage isn’t there. I’ve also witnessed people leaving from the “A” side looking for their departing gate on the “B” side. Gates 1-29 and 100-129 are on the “A” side and gates 30-99 are on the “B” side (at the time of this page update). The common area is usually to blame for misguided passengers. However, it is a great place to meet your friends or family. If you need a common meeting spot when arriving or after shopping, use the fountain outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel as your meeting point. It’s easy to find someone there.

Orlando Airport Common Area

Riding the Tram/Terminal Link to Other Shops and Areas

When you head out of the common area and have made it through the security checkpoint, you’ll board a tram to your gate. There are four tram areas, so make sure you are on the correct one leading to your departing gate. When arriving at OIA, you’ll leave your gate and head to baggage claim by boarding a tram. Kids find this tram ride a fun experience (the first of many rides at an Orlando vacation?) as it glides over ponds and tropical landscaping with windows they can easily view out from. Orlando International Airport Tips: Hold on tight and be sure to look for alligators!

While there are plenty of shopping and eating options in the common area (including a Macaroni Grill, Harley Davidson, Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, and more), each of the 4 gate areas offers plenty of shopping/dining too. The restaurants include many fast food opportunities as well as nicer sit-down type restaurants, such as On the Border Mexican Grill Cantina, Outback Steakhouse and Ruby Tuesday. Some of the nicer retail shops include Sunglass Hut, Brookstone and others. So just because you’ve gone through the common area, or have left the gate coming in, don’t think you’ve missed your chance to spend money! OIA offers plenty of choices, and like most airports, the prices are a little higher than just down the road. Orlando International Airport Tips: Capone’s Dinner & Show offers some fun souvenirs in their gift shop.

The Roads Around the Airport

Speaking of down the road, the roads leading in and out are another area where you’ll want to pay attention. An extremely important Orlando International Airport tip is to drive the speed limit while on airport property! Although it isn’t always monitored, OPD has been known to welcome our visitors with some very hefty expenses right off the bat. Knowing where you are going makes it easier to speed through the airport (I admit to this and have been lucky not to get ticketed), but you’ll be better off going the speed limit and paying attention to the signage. This is where having a co-pilot read the signs and help navigate is a really good idea. Don’t worry if you miss your exit road the first time, just stay on the road which circles the airport and exit next time.

If you will be heading towards the downtown area, the Space Center, or the beaches, look for the north exit. Then quickly look for toll road 528 (aka Beach Line). You’ll want to take it east to the Space Center and beaches, or west for downtown Orlando. You may also stay on S.R. 436 (the north exit road) to get to the downtown area by traveling on it for a few miles, then jogging west. Bring your GPS, program your car’s navigation system, or turn on your cell phone driving app before you leave airport parking. However, trust your instincts and follow the signs to get off the airport’s property.

Furthermore, if you’ll be heading towards the area attractions or convention district, you’ll want to take the south exit and watch for toll road 417. Taking this west will steer you toward most of the tourist attractions. The signage is fairly good once you leave the airport property. Roads to watch for are International Drive, which hosts many hotels, the Convention Center and SeaWorld, and Interstate 4 (I-4), which will take you to other attractions, such as Disney World and Universal Studios. 417 East loops around the outer edge of metro Orlando and is recommended if you want to head north to Sanford or Lake Mary bypassing downtown.

Final Tip

Whether arriving or departing, get to the airport early. Not just so you’ll have proper time to board or wait for travelers, but so you can experience what a beautiful facility this is. While OIA can be a little confusing compared to other airports, it is not too bad once you follow these Orlando International Airport tips and know what to expect. It is one of our nation’s busiest airports, with many international passengers, and a very good ‘first impression’ of Orlando for many visitors.

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Last Updated on February 19, 2024