Attraction Guides

We’ve put together attraction guides because the Orlando/Kissimmee area has so many attraction choices, it’s difficult deciding what attractions to visit.

We don’t sell tickets and have nothing to gain by steering you towards one Orlando or Kissimmee attraction over another.  Honest attraction information and reviews make out blog a great source in deciding where to visit. Continue to check back with Al’s Blog as we review each park and individual ride attractions. We provide information about each of them that can help you plan your visit to the Central Florida area.

Generally speaking, purchasing major attraction tickets on the Disney, SeaWorld, Universal, and LegoLand sites is the best way to go. When it comes to the smaller attractions you can save by purchasing your tickets from online ticket resellers because they drive the majority of the smaller attractions traffic. There is one exception Capone’s Dinner & Show cuts out the middleman and discounts direct to their guests.

View Our Resourceful Attraction Guides:

Primary Orlando/Central Florida Theme Parks
Secondary Orlando/Central Florida Theme Parks
Orlando/Central Florida Water Parks
Orlando/Kissimmee Dinner Shows
Natural Attractions
Animal Attractions
Concert/Performing Arts Venues


Attraction Guides


Last Updated on May 13, 2024