Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

Like any other well-known Orlando dining theaters, the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show offers a good dining experience and dollar-worthy entertainment. Unlike other celebrated Orlando dining theaters, the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show offers a one-of-a-kind dining event and commendable entertainment through a combination of a palatable dinner and an exhilarating murder story.

Guests can avail the different menu options of the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show. Meal upgrades are also available. They can devour the platefuls of hors d’oeuvres, different salad dishes and their choice or choices of scrumptious gastronomic delights such as Cornish Hen or Cheese Lasagna with the option of having meatballs. Prime Rib is also offered with an additional cost of $ 3.20. Guests can end their good dining experience by choosing their yummy mystery dessert to compliment the bracing murder story. Glasses at the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show go bottomless because of the offerings of unlimited drinks which include beer, wine and soft drinks.

What makes the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show ahead of the pack of many competing Orlando dining theaters is their offerings of not just one good dinner show but their offerings of 13 high-quality dinner shows. All shows revolve in a storyline of murders and mysteries. Members of the audience can participate by solving them. The participating members of the audience can be rewarded with exciting prizes, most especially if they solve the puzzling mysteries and are able to identify the actual culprit of the murder stories. They can do these with the aid of the performers who are giving them clues along the show.

One story in this one-of-a-kind Orlando dining theaters is the mystery murder story of the old man, Gerald Keenan. The latter’s relatives, Nurse Faber, Mr. Chen and guests are part of the story’s characters. It happens in a birthday party setting. The old man celebrates his 80th birthday. In his birthday, he reveals his intent to change his last will but someone will not like his ideas. This man (or woman) will later on kill him. Then the hunt for the murderer will begin by the interrogation of a detective. It will end with the big reveal as to who the murderer really is. Rewards will be given to the audience’s members who played a part and those who solved the crime correctly.

Another story is the mystery murder story with a pinch of musical production, entitled as “The Show Must Go On.” The story will start with the holding of auditions of veterans and amateurs for a Broadway production. Aside from the auditioners, a director, a producer and an owner will play crucial roles as a murder is being done. The director will end up covering the crime and it will end in a musical scene.

Last Updated on December 20, 2023