You probably have more dining options in Orlando than just about any place else in the world. Obviously, the chain restaurants are just about all here. But you’re on vacation. Do you really want to eat at another Out Back? Be adventurous! There are so many really cool places in Orlando that can enhance your experience and maybe even save your pocketbook a few bucks.

Your eating choices include:

There are many Chinese restaurants, Thai, Indian, Vegetarian, and down-home styles of low-cost restaurants, but you should find out where the locals go or ask locals which are their favorites. Depending upon the concierge in your hotel or ticket salespeople, it is not always advisable to trust their advice, because often they are rewarded for referrals. So instead, ask a salesperson at a store, the front desk of your hotel, or go to read reviews. Even here though you have to be careful because a lot of local ticket resellers will steer you away from a choice if they can’t make money; many are hardcore for the most part.

Orlando Restaurant Spending Limits

If you really want more bang for your buck and just want a fast dinner, then try one of the many Golden Corral Buffet Grills around town. For about twenty dollars they deliver an unbelievable selection of fresh food buffet style. Incredible salad bars, bakery, carving station and so much more make it a great choice for a quick, affordable dinner.

There are of course the more costly experience options of which Orlando has ever so many. From the LOUD Hard Rock, Rain Forest Cafe or Planet Hollywood type of experience to relaxed fine dining choices locally owned. Want a little wild and crazy? How about the Monkey Wine Bar at Pointe Orlando with its female impersonators? Be it tame or extreme – you have choice overload.

Dinner Shows are also quite popular here in Orlando some are available all over the country and also locally based one-of-a-kind types of shows. They run the gamut from Medieval Times Dinner Tournament which is probably the largest dinner show operator in the U.S. to places like Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show and Capone’s Dinner & Show. Unique to Orlando and great value for your entertainment/dining dollar. We’ve been in the hospitality business in the Orlando area for over 30 years and know the Orlando area well. If you’d like advice on dining options, we’ll be happy to share our knowledge with you. Happy hunting!

Last Updated on May 13, 2024