Outta Control Dinner Show

Among the numerous Orlando dinner theaters, the Outta Control Magic Dinner Show is definitely the one and only magic dinner show in Orlando. Its distinctive qualities as one of the best Orlando dinner theaters did not stop from there. Aside from the superb magic show, the Outta Control Magic Dinner Show also takes pride in their dining specialties, active audience interaction and dosages of entertainment from the stand-up comedy of their well-known performers.

Magic tricks at the Outta Control Magic Dinner Show are performed not just by any unknown magicians. Prominent magicians and entertainers, Tony Brent and Danny Devaney, tickle the funny bones of the audience and amuse them with their fascinating magic tricks. Tony Brent impresses the audience with his skills in magic, clever impersonations and lively and humorous ad-libbing. There will be mind-reading. Predictions will be made and these will come true. The members of the audience participate by lending their personal items to Tony Brent and he will make these items disappear, and then re-appear. In this 90-minute magic show, the audience will roar with laughter as often as every 8 seconds as comedic acts are performed along the way.

As one of the best Orlando dinner theaters, it also combines good dining to partner the wonderful and comical magic show. Guests can enjoy endless servings of mouth-watering and fresh hand-tossed cheese and pepperoni pizza. Salads and popcorn are also served along the way. The limitless servings of pizza are also combined with limitless drinks such as beer, wine and soda. Delightful desserts also bring pleasure to the members of the audience.

The Outta Control Magic Dinner Show exhibits every night starting from around 6:00 pm up to 8:00 pm. There are only 125 seats to be filled per night of the show. Unlike any other Orlando dinner theaters, guests can walk in to watch the show and experience the good dining at Outta’s. However, early reservations are being encouraged by the management since most of the time; the Outta Control Magic Dinner Show is sold out.

Outta’s ticket types are divided into 3 age-bracket groups namely adults aged from 13 and above, children aged 4 to 12 years old, and seniors 60+. The gate price for adults is $35.99 while for children and seniors it costs $25.99. The magic show is also covered by the Wonderworks combo ticket.

Last Updated on February 21, 2024