Capone’s Dinner & Show

Guest with actors at Capone's Dinner Show

A trip to Orlando is best experienced by visiting Orlando dinner theaters. Worry not! Orlando offers a lot of dinner shows.

One of the best Orlando dinner theaters is Capone’s Dinner & Show. There is no reason to miss it, but there are five simple but compelling reasons to visit the “joint.”

1. It offers great entertainment.

Capone’s Dinner & Show offers nothing but fun. Guests enjoy their time travel to the 1931 gangster world of Chicago. The show makes the audience roar with laughter, because it features hilarious gangster action and audience interaction. Toes tap to the beat of the dinner show’s musical productions. One delightful fact is that the shows are never the same. Aside from the comedy and musical exhibitions, guests are also entertained by the staff who are also in character.

2. It offers great entertainment, together with a great dinner.

As an exceptional dinner show, it combines a splendid show and good food. Unlike other Orlando dinner theaters, Capone serves a 4-course dinner from a vast menu. Fresh dinner is guaranteed to boost guest satisfaction. Guests spoil themselves by eating Capone’s American and Italian specialties. A great dinner will never be complete without a gulp of enticing drinks and Capone offers not just drinks but unlimited drinks. Eat and drink all you can. Guests end their dinner with the delicious dessert as a part of Mama Capone’s menu.

3. Children, teens, and adults are all welcome.

Capone’s Dinner & Show is a fantastic place for family dinners, romantic dinners, friendly dinners, or even just simple dinners. Guests who are either kids or kids at heart have something to enjoy from the show, food, and services. Check out their website ( for some positive testimonials of previous guests.

4. Exciting games, prizes and perks await the guests.

Tickets cover the parking fee, secret password, dinner plus dessert, a great show, and a gangster shoot-out. For kids who are 4 to 12 years old, tickets cost $45.99 while kids 3 and below can enjoy these all for free. For paying guests, 50% discount coupons are being spread. Upon arrival, guests have two options: wait outside and enjoy the gags of a few gangsters or proceed to the Four Deuces Lounge without using a password. This ensures that the guests are already having fun even prior to their entry. Inside, guests scream with pleasure as the goons fire a painless shootout. In this portion of the show, great prizes are often slipped to members of the audience.

5. It has over 25 years of providing the best entertainment and the best food.

Al Capone is recognized as one of America’s most notorious gangsters. On the contrary, Capone’s Dinner & Show is recognized as one of the best Orlando dinner theaters. Thirty years and still counting years of entertainment and food make it a legend in the dinner show industry. As a celebration, no one should miss its all-new show with its new storyline.

Last Updated on August 5, 2022