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June’s Grand Prize Winner at Capone’s Dinner & Show

Al and the gang wish to congratulate Cristy Miller for being June’s Grand Prize winner at Capone’s Dinner & Show Sunday, June 25th. During our “25 Years of Memories” anniversary celebration we’ll be giving some lucky stiff a grand prize on the 25th day of each month. Next month it could be you! The next grand prize will be awarded on Tuesday, July 25, 2017.

Make Reservations

Cristy, a.k.a. Chris (now that she is one of Al’s gals) came all the way from Pennsylvania just to see the show! Imagine that. What a dedicated broad! If Chris had been around during the Progressive Era, she would know that PA has quite a history with speakeasies. In fact, in the early 1920s, there were as many as 16,000 speakeasy establishments active during Prohibition. Known for their breweries, this part of our Nation didn’t give up easily on its giggle juice. If you’d like to read more about Chris’s home state during Prohibition, Annie Anderson has written an excellent article.

This was Chris’s first visit to our speakeasy dinner show. She discovered our joint by reading an advertisement. Glad it caught her attention! Hoping to earn her approval, the gang worked very hard, as they do each evening. Of course, the prize she won would have gotten anyone’s approval. At the end of the evening, thankfully, she gave us a thumbs up! She’s not the only one approving of our job here. Capone’s Dinner & Show has recently been awarded a Certificate of Excellence for the 7th year in a row by Trip Advisor. But more on that later…back to our June’s grand prize winner.

June’s Grand Prize winner

“Chris” was the big winner of June’s anniversary prize, seen here with the gang with thumbs up indicating her approval.

June’s Grand Prize Winner Experience

Chris’s favorite part of the evening was the show. The new show really is our best yet. Experience it yourself. You’ll feel like a true part of this prohibition era speakeasy as you dodge questions from a snooping Detective, watch dancing dames, hear smooth and exciting jazz vocals, and laugh at our quick-witted gangsters. Don’t be surprised if you become a part of the show!

The least favorite part of Chris’s experience was “nothing.” Nothin’! Zilch! Zippo! A big goose egg! Just the way we like it. From the time you enter the theater to the time you depart, our mob is trying to make your experience at our Orlando dinner show great in every way.

Chris’s prize was two and a half Cs in her pocket, plus a C note to spend in our very own gift shop. But wait, that’s not all. She also received 4 free tickets to Capone’s Dinner & Show! Now she can become a repeat offender and drag some other members of her gang in with her. You’d think she would spend her winnings on her return visit here, but no. She claims she is spending her winnings at some clip joint called Disney. Guess the mouse will be glad to hear that!

Again, we’d like to congratulate June’s grand prize winner, Cristy Miller. The gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show hopes that the evening’s experience was the cat’s meow and will be a great memory for years to come.

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Best Orlando Dinner Show for Birthday Celebrations

Dinner Show Caters to All Ages

An easy solution to celebrating a family member’s birthday is to purchase tickets to the best Orlando dinner show for birthday celebrations. Capone’s Dinner & Show is the best for several reasons. Where else can you find something fun for a wide range of ages? At many birthday parties either the kids are happy, or the adults are happy, but rarely both. I mean, how many Chuckie Cheeses can one adult endure?! And your kids are thinking…another boring dinner with the grandparents! Well, not at Capone’s! Their gang caters to all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. Everyone in your party will be happy at the end of the evening.

Read the many testimonials from families with children at this link. Be sure to have your child nearby to play the online game. It’s a blast!

Honoring the Guest of Honor

Making an evening fun for any age is just one basis for being the best Orlando dinner show. Another reason Capone’s scores so well is how they treat the honored guest. The birthday boy or girl (any age) will have special recognition during the show. You never know; they may even be dragged, um, I mean invited up on the stage! Be sure to provide as many details about your honored mobster when making your reservation.

Specialty birthday cakes ordered at Orlando dinner show

Order your specialty birthday cake to enjoy during the show at least 48 hours in advance at Capone’s Dinner & Show.


If you want your cake and be able to eat it too, Capone’s has you covered. Did you know you can order a special birthday cake for your dessert during the show? Specialty cakes are available for groups of 15 or more adults (discounted tickets too). Be sure to order it at the same time you purchase your cheap group tickets. At least 48 hours prior notice is required for the cake.

Planning a special party or large group gathering? Check into Capone’s facility rental! Events can be planned to include the dinner show or not. It’s a great venue!

Delicious Dinner Buffet

A birthday just wouldn’t be a birthday without a great meal. Mama Capone makes sure something for everyone is on the nightly buffet. Dozens of items for every taste can be piled upon your plate. Check out the menu online! There is also a fresh salad bar. For meat-lovers, a hot carving station features 3 types of meat. Best yet, it is all included in your ticket! Drinks too. One of the best beverage selections of any Orlando dinner show around. Beer, wine, mixed drinks and many non-alcoholic beverages. Be sure to treat your little ones to a Shirley Temple! A fun treat at any age.

Free Birthday Present?

If your gang is caught in the cross fire during the show’s gangster shoot out, your birthday party may be the recipient of a gift/prize or two. During the excitement, the guns are a blazin.’ Your chances are pretty good at catching a bullet. However, if you walk out of the dinner theater without a prize, be sure to linger in the gift shop. You’re sure to find a few momentos worthy as a birthday gift at a very reasonable price. Many souvenirs are available to help your guest of honor remember the fun evening they had, no matter how bad their memory is getting!

Birthdays can be a lot of fun. They can also be a drag – especially the older you get. Getting older shouldn’t stop the celebration. After all, no one knows how many birthdays they have left, so you should celebrate each one by doing something FUN!  Be sure to celebrate the next birthday in your family with “the family” at Capone’s Dinner & Show – the best dinner show for birthday celebrations. You just might start an annual tradition like so many others have done. Have fun and have a happy birthday!!