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New Orlando Attraction: Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience

It’s time to get creative at a new Orlando attraction! The Crayola Experience opens July 1, 2015.

This week marks the much-anticipated opening of a new Orlando attraction. The Crayola Experience in the Florida Mall makes its debut Wednesday, July 1. A lot of kids (and adults) have had this on their list of fun things to do this summer for quite some time. We even posted about it nearly one year ago!  Now that the attraction will be open, it’s time to get creative!

The Florida Mall is located at 8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32809.  The Crayola Experience covers a two-story retail space in the mall where the former Nordstrom retail store used to be. It is on the far east side of the mall next to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Currently the Crayola Store is open for business and fronts the Crayola Experience. This store is 6,000 square feet in size on the lower level. The attraction will add another 70,000 square feet of colorful fun upstairs. This makes it a big deal in more ways than one!

No where else does creativity and technology merge together using Crayola’s most popular colors. See all of the things to do in our previous post. The original attraction in Easton, PA (headquarters of Crayola) has proven that children thrive in this unique hands-on experience. Now residents and visitors in the Orlando area can have this same experience.

Tickets cost $16.99 each. A few of the activities cost extra if you decide to participate in them. If you are an Orlando resident and shop at the Florida Mall often, go for the annual pass at $29.99 each. After all, to experience everything this new Orlando attraction offers, it will take up a good portion of your day. When would you get your shopping done?!

The Crayola Experience offers a great way to beat the heat in the Summer and avoid unfavorable weather conditions throughout the year that make attending outdoor attractions a challenge. The many activities it offers will certainly spark the imagination. There are so many interesting things to try at this new Orlando attraction, the entire family will enjoy it.

Create some lasting family memories this summer and check out this new Orlando attraction. Your memories will be a vivid as Blueberry Blue or Grasshopper Green or any other color you can imagine. They won’t melt away in the Summer heat either!

New Attraction Coming to Orlando: Crayola Experience

Crayola Experience

As if the Florida Mall isn’t a great place to shop in Orlando already, next summer it will be even better! Not only will you be able to shop within the mall, you’ll also be able to experience crayons like never before! A new attraction called the Crayola Experience will feature 25 hands-on activities.

This colorful family-friendly attraction will cause you to rethink the crayon. Remember your first box of 64? Oh, have they come a long way from that! At this new attraction you’ll be able to:

  • name and wrap an authentic Crayola crayon
  • star in your very own coloring page
  • create wearable art featuring your family
  • scribble on a chalk floor with chalk (what kid wouldn’t want to do this?)
  • play within a play area as colorful as, well, a box of crayons
  • doodle on an interactive screen
  • interact with animated crayons that mirror your every move
  • create spin and drip art
  • melt and mold crayons into other shapes
  • see how crayons are made
  • create your own hand-drawn puzzle
  • choose from hundreds of unique Crayola products and souvenirs
  • grab a bite to eat and recharge
  • and of course, color to your heart’s content

Currently, the Crayola Experience is only located in Easton, PA, near where the original Crayola factory is located. The 111-year-old company has over 1,500 proprietary products and technologies and employs over 1,300 people. As children change the way they play, so has this company’s ability to evolve. The Crayola Experience is a way to continue to share in the creation of colorful memories.

Opening dates for this new attraction in Orlando have not been released, nor has the cost to experience it. See our newer post for opening information and ticket costs. The Pennsylvania location charges an online price of $15.99. Senior admission and group tickets are also available. The attraction also offers events, group parties and facility rentals. Look for Orlando’s location to be similar. For more information, visit their website crayolaexperience.com.

The Florida Mall is a great location for this new attraction. Many families and tourist are familiar with it and the many shopping opportunities it provides. This new attraction would supply guests with at least a half day’s worth of fun activities, leaving just enough time to find some bargains while shopping in the mall. Next summer’s looking bright (and colorful)!