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Mango’s Tropical Café to Offer More Than It’s Menu

There are so many great places to eat in the Orlando area.  Nearly every type of cuisine can be found. Next year, a new restaurant will open on International Drive and offer something no other restaurant can – and it has nothing to do with the menu. Can you say South Beach?

Mango's Tropical Cafe in Orlando

Mango’s Tropical Café

Mango’s Tropical Café will be opening next year near the corner of I-Drive and Sand Lake Road. This is where the TGI Fridays restaurant used to be. Where Walgreens is now, will be relocated and a parking garage will be built in its place. What is the reason for all of the space and parking needs?

Not only will this area host a new restaurant, an entire entertainment complex is going to be built that will change the Orlando skyline. SKYPLEX will break ground in 2015 and will include the world’s tallest roller coaster, The Skyscraper™. It is named that because it takes up very little space on the ground, but is 570 feet tall! Next to it will be the Orlando Eye – 400-foot tall observation wheel scheduled to open in the first half of 2015.

Mango’s Tropical Café will include 55,000 square feet of entertainment space. You’ll be able to dine there, enjoy live entertainment, shop and experience South Beach without leaving Orlando. You’ll have the option to go on a thrill ride (before you eat if you have a weak stomach), dance and have a view like no other complex offers from the glass elevator ride 55 stories into the air.

Skyscraper Roller Coaster

The Skyscraper Roller Coaster

The world’s tallest roller coaster will send riders 50 stories into the air with incredible heart-pounding inside and outside loops, dives, spirals and inversions. The ride will last 3 minutes and will reach speeds of 65 mph. Details to note:

  • Over 50 stories tall
  • Price for unlimited rides is expected to be under $20
  • There will be full inversions on the coaster
  • Ride time will be around three minutes
  • Height requirement is expected to be 48 inches
  • The track will be 5,200 feet long
  • It will reach speeds up to 65 MPH

The ride is scheduled to open in 2016 with an estimated budget around $200 million. Mango’s Tropical Café will open before the ride is built next year. Construction is sure to complicate matters in this busy tourist area, so be prepared for a little inconvenience during this phase. Once complete, it is sure to be a great draw for the area.

Capone’s Dinner & Show is pleased to be located just down the road from International Drive. The location provides a quick trip for many tourists to get to our popular dinner show. Perhaps you’ll be able to see our location from the top of The Skyscraper once it is built. Until then, find us on our location page and enjoy a night away from South Beach at a fine 1930’s gangland Chicago establishment.

A New Place to Chill: Minus5 Ice Bar

How soon we all forget about one of the coldest winters experienced this year. The warmth of Spring should be the attraction in Orlando, however, it is a cold experience that is creating all the buzz. The new Minus5 Ice Bar is now open on International Drive.

Minus 5 Ice Bar You no longer have to travel to the desert of Las Vegas, or the city of New York to experience a bar made completely out of ice. The chain has opened an Orlando version of this chilly place to meet. Each location features décor made from famous attractions in the city of its location. Las Vegas has the famous “Welcom to Las Vegas” sign and many casino references in its Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino location; New York has “Lady Liberty” featured in its bar. Orlando’s icy version includes references to the major theme parks as well as palm trees, surf and other Florida attractions.

Everything is made from ice, and I mean everything (except the floor)! From the bar at which you sit, to the seat you sit on and the glass containing the drink in your hand – all made of ice. Even the walls are made of (or covered with) ice! At a chilly 23 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need to bundle up to spend much time here.

Go surfin' at the new Minus5 Ice Bar in Orlando

Since many of us Floridians don’t own a heavy coat, use of a parka and gloves are included in the admission price. Regular admission is $17 for adults 16 & over, and $10 for children (yes, children are allowed). If you want a couple cocktails included in your admission, the price is $37. You may upgrade your package to $55 and have the use of a fur coat, one drink and a souvenir hat. If you want a 5” X 7” photo and 2 drinks, the upgrade costs $75.

Minus5 Ice Bar is located downstairs at Pointe Orlando (9101 International Drive) and is currently open Sunday – Thursday from 3pm to midnight, and Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 2am. Private events can be scheduled by contacting the new bar at 407-704-6959. For more information visit their web site at Minus5Experience.com.

I’m not sure I’ll be visiting this new attraction in Orlando very soon. I’m a warm-weather person all the way. How about you? Are you ready to chill out at this new bar? Leave a reply (below) on Al’s blog.

New Attraction Opening in Orlando: Galaxy Fun Orlando

Indoor Playground

Fun activities will be available in Orlando next week for children under the age of 12. This high-energy age group is perfect for theme parks, and just like Legoland, this age group is also being targeted by a new attraction opening February 24 near International Drive in Orlando. Close to the heart of the tourist area, and close enough for locals, an attraction such as this is just what kids need when it is raining outside, too hot, or just looking for a new way to burn a little energy.

Galaxy Fun Orlando is located next to the World Bowling Center at 7500 Canada Avenue, Orlando, FL 32819 (just off i-drive). For local residents familiar with the area, this is where the old ice rink used to be. It has been transformed into a 48,000-square foot indoor playground with three gigantic areas:

  1. Galaxy Fun OrlandoMaxi Rocket – for kids 4-12 (max 60 inches)
  2. Mini Rocket – for kids under 4 years
  3. Mezzanine – restaurant, Wi-Fi, arcade

The Maxi Rocket playground has more than 100 slides, ramps, tunnels, cannons, bridges and more. Kids can run throughout this multi-level playground until they are exhausted. There is even a specially designed Brazilian street-soccer court if they are up for some indoor soccer.

The Mini Rocket playground separates the big kids from the little ones where children can play with their parents. This new attraction has been specially designed for smaller sizes and abilities. Let your child explore like never before!

Parents are sure to love the mezzanine area. Comfortable seating is provided overlooking the entire playground. Food, drinks and high-speed Wi-Fi (free) are available. The food consists of children favorites such as pizza, chicken tenders, hot dogs and cheeseburgers. The concession is affordably priced. For adults, beer and wine is also available.

The cost for this new Orlando attraction is $9.99 (kids under 4) and $19.99 (kids 4-12). Prices are also available for groups and birthday parties. Hours are Monday to Thursday 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm; Friday 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Kids must be accompanied by an adult, and adults must be accompanied by children. For more information about Galaxy Fun Orlando, call 407-247-0881 or visit www.galaxyfunorlando.com.

Once the kids have depleted their energy (is that possible?), why not head down the road to Capone’s Dinner & Show. It is a great place for parents that want to have fun with the entire family. If you thought you couldn’t have a fun night out at a dinner and a show with the kids, think again. Many families have enjoyed this Orlando dinner show. Read visitor’s comments and try it out for yourself. After all, kids shouldn’t have all the fun!

Grand Opening of New Restaurant at Universal CityWalk

Antojitos Restaurant

On Wednesday 2/5/14, the much anticipated Mexican restaurant Antojitos Restaurant at Universal CityWalk will celebrate its grand opening. The space that once held Latin Quarter, has now been replaced with an authentic Mexican restaurant. This new restaurant in Orlando is just one of the many changes going on at Universal CityWalk.

As reported in an earlier post other new restaurants are being built and some are already open. Although Antojito translates as “small bites,” this Orlando Mexican restaurant will also feature a large variety of tequilas (about 200 kinds of tequila will be on display). Order a margarita from the outdoor Volkswagen van bar! Mission-style decor (including a real 19th-century bell atop the main tower entrance) has been selected for upstairs and downstairs seating with indoor and outdoor availability. A total of 648 guests can be seated.

At this time, the hours for food service will be 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 5 p.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. It should be a great place to grab an appetizer before enjoying a movie or socializing at one of the many night life options at CityWalk. If you enjoy Mexican cuisine, it may even be worth a special trip to this Orlando attraction just to dine.

Familiar dishes will be served as well as not-so-familiar, including Guajillo Chicken with Jalapeno Cornbread and Menonita Shrimp (bacon-wrapped over manchego corn). Appetizers called Esquites Asado (roasted corn, jalapeno mayonnaise, queso fresco, chips) and Tamale Fritters with guajillo aioli are also planned for the menu. A featured dessert, molten cajeta de leche, will be served with sour cream ice cream. Entrees will run about $20, with upstairs dining being slightly more formal. Each floor has its own kitchen and everything is made fresh as guests can watch.

While there is no shortage of Mexican restaurants in Orlando or Kissimmee, this new restaurant is sure to be busy. There are a lot of fun things to do at CityWalk, and with the evening party atmosphere, Antojitos should be celebrating success very quickly. Maybe soon we’ll know if and when the bell atop this new restaurant will ring!

Animal Kingdom to Add Avatar as New Orlando Attraction

Avatar land at Animal Kingdom

Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Mark 2017 on your calendar. Avatar is coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It will be over three years before theme park goers can enjoy this new Orlando attraction, but a project this big and detailed will surely be worth the wait.

Over two years ago, Disney secured the theme park rights to this blockbuster film franchise. Our first look at this new attraction includes artistic renderings recently released by Disney, depicting guests totally immersed in “Pandora.” This is the fictional planet in which the 2009 film featured and will be the new area within Animal Kingdom. Park visitors will be able to walk among floating mountains with beautiful cascading waterfalls; float down a jungle river with bio-luminescent plants, and be able to soar in the sky on a new ride which will simulate riding a Banshee.

The attractions in Avatar Land will include at least these four experiences:

  1. A soaring-style attraction
  2. An immersive boat ride
  3. A walk-through attraction
  4. Multiple themed restaurants and stores

Avatar is currently the highest grossing movie of all time. How Disney will make it suitable for young children is to focus on the imaginative creatures, intriguing characters and the strong theme of family and loyalty. They will not focus on the plot of the movie. The issue will be when a young child experiences the theme park and then asks to see the movie! What will parents say? Perhaps the movie sequel in this franchise slated to be out in December of 2016, will focus on less violence.

When choosing which Orlando attractions to visit, we hope that guests to the Orlando area will keep in mind that Capone’s Dinner & Show is friendly for all ages to experience! A perfect way to enjoy a day at the theme parks is to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom during the day followed by an evening at this Orlando dinner show!

The addition of Avatar/Pandora will help Animal Kingdom’s night-time attendance. Some guests attending this Orlando theme park feel it is currently a half day or short day attraction. Some days during the year, it closes as early as 5:00 p.m. With a nighttime show with floating lanterns, water screens and glowing creatures, Disney will captivate their guests for several more hours. In some ways, this new Orlando attraction may even be better experienced at night! A lot of focus is going into new technologies in the park’s development and nighttime features are sure to benefit.

Some people are concerned about the safety and health of the real animals at this Orlando theme park. The additional hours and noises could possibly impact them. Pandora’s animals are imaginary creatures, so there is no concern about their addition.  Disney has assured us that the real animals will be taken to an area away from the night activities and not suffer in any way. Time will tell.

This new attraction coming to Orlando will be an exciting one to experience. Waiting more than 3 years will be the hardest part! During the coming years, parts of Animal Kingdom will be under construction and not so attractive. Let’s just hope anyone visiting this theme park between now and when Avatar Land opens will excuse the dust and return to see the final product. By the way, 2017 will also mark the year when the Orlando International Airport’s expansion is set to be complete. The expansion almost doubles the airport’s capacity…perhaps to accommodate all of the Avatar fans!