Sea TurtlesThe first attraction of its kind will open this Friday, April 27, 2012 at SeaWorld Orlando. The building it is located in was once the Manatee Rescue attraction near the Journey  to Atlantis ride and the Whale & Dolphin Theater (“Blue Horizon”). It has had an overhaul like never seen before. TurtleTrek is a domed, 3-D film shown within a structure that includes 34 projectors, 344 screens/panels and 22 hidden speakers (talk about surround sound).

Entering into the dome, you may not even notice that you’re walking into a theater as the lighting will be at a minimum. You’ll move towards the ‘beach’ where you’ll be introduced to the hero of the film. The little turtle has hatched from her egg and life has begun. The story is told from her perspective and the audience will follow the 25-year span of her life including friend and foe.

The new Orlando attraction will hold about 200 guests who stand on a center platform to watch the film, which is just under 7 minutes. You don’t have to worry about whether your ‘seat’ is a good spot or not to watch. Action happens on all sides and you’ll rotate and move during the film. While at TurtleTrek, you can view a variety of adult and juvenile sea turtles, including hawksbill and green sea turtles. Watch these exquisite creatures gliding past from above, or through a below-water window.

Get ready to experience life as a tiny little turtle being attacked by a giant ghost crab. You’ll also get caught in a fishing net and experience everything the ocean (and man) offers – good and bad. Get ready, also, to fall in love with a turtle sporting orange markings in a pattern of sunshine!

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Last Updated on April 25, 2012