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You’ve Got A Friend in the Orlando Fringe Festival

If you’ve been around Orlando long enough, chances are you know someone that performs in the Orlando Fringe Festival. Perhaps you have friends that are regular Fringe supporters. Or kids at your child’s school or daycare talk on and on about the fun they had at Kids Fringe. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Fringe Festival!

The Orlando Fringe Festival is a 12-day-festival that is founded on the concept of offering 100% uncensored, 100% accessible theatre, music, dance, art and madness to all types and ages. The Orlando Fringe is the longest running Fringe festival in the U.S., and 100% of the ticket sales go directly back to the artists within The Fringe. Each year, the festival takes place during the 12 days leading up to Memorial Day. This year’s festival is May 17th through 29th.

If you do your homework before heading down to Loch Haven Park, you’ll know where to park, what show to see and how to make sure you are able to get into the show(s) you want to see. Most everything you need to know can be found on the Fringe’s website at You may also find information from our previous year’s postings about the Fringe Festival:

Kid's Orlando Fringe FestivalKids Fringe Theatre Festival

Weekends are for kids. Kids Fringe is free and a lot of fun. Children can bounce away in the bounce house, meet a creature, dress up in a real theatre costume, play a drum and take funny pictures in the photo booth. It’s a great way to introduce your child to the arts and let them see for themselves how it can enrich their lives.

However, many of the shows are NOT for children. Be sure to read each show’s description and follow the guidelines. Remember, the shows are not censored.

2017 Orlando Fringe Festival Show Highlights

So the wise guys and gals have been browsing the lineup for this year’s Orlando Fringe Festival. We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to plug a few shows that caught our eye. Of course “A Brief History of Petty Crime” sounded intriguing to big Al! Another production that has received great reviews is “High Tea: Another British Comedy.” It has earned several best-of awards.

Other shows which piqued our interests include:

“Snack,” a first-time appearance with plenty of comedy centered about food!

“Roller Derby Saved My Soul” which is back by popular demand.

“6 Quick Dick Tricks: A Dirk Darrow Investigation,” a murder mystery adventure.

“Beau & Aero: Crash Landing” promises laughs with few spoken words (kid-friendly for 7+).

“Judy Garland: Stuck in a Bear Trap with Nothing to Wear”has been reviewed as laugh out loud funny.

Flori-duh an Orlando Fringe Festival fund-raiser show

…and a one night only show “Flori-DUH” – hosted by fringe favorite Mike Delamont and Morgan Cranny shares completely true stories and tales from Florida in a way that you’ll never forget! Hope you can still get tickets!

Fringe is a great way to experience something a little different here in Orlando. Find a friend or two and go see a couple of shows. On the weekend, take the little ones along. You’re sure to find the Fringe a friendly experience.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Are You Ready?

The Easter Bunny has come and gone, now for some Mother’s Day gift ideas. With Easter being late this year, there are a lot of folks that might be surprised to know that Mother’s Day in Orlando is just around the corner! So soon, in fact, that many sons, daughters, husbands and significant others are not ready for this special date. Are you?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

How will you honor the mother in your life this year? The #1 gift is giving flowers. While this is nice, it should be way down on your list of thoughtful ways to show your appreciation. Flowers are pretty, but come on, they die! It’s not practical and most moms I know, really don’t WANT them for Mother’s Day. Plants are a little better, but at least offer to help water it every once-in-a-while.

Then there are the gifts of candles and perfume. Nice smell, but just a way to make up for, or cover up the dirty laundry/odors Mom has to put up with each day.

If you’re giving her a technology product, make sure it is for HER. Don’t give her the fish finder you’ve been dreaming of, or the gaming system the kids have been begging for. Personally, I bought 3 iPods for my children years before someone was thoughtful enough to buy one just for me!

The spa/massage/pampering gifts are very nice; you’re getting warmer. Jewelry is great – if you can afford it and the selection matches her taste. Save the receipt in case she wants to exchange it. Chocolates and candy are nice – if Mom isn’t on a diet or weight conscious. If she is checking the scales, help her out by not placing these temptations near her.

Taking her out to dinner is an excellent Mother’s Day gift idea. Not only does it give her a break from kitchen duties at home, but she also gets to spend TIME with her loved ones, which is quite often what a mother really wants on Mother’s Day. Time that is spent honoring her, not forcing her to plan a meal, clean up, entertain, care for others, etc. Time when others are caring for her.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - dinner show ticketsMother’s Day Orlando Dinner Show

If you’d like to cover more than one traditional gift for mom this year, take her and the entire family out for a dinner and a showCapone’s Dinner & Show! Go ahead and get the kids up early and serve Mom breakfast in bed. (PLEASE clean up the kitchen before you let her see the mess you’ve made!) Print out the special Mother’s Day page Capone’s has online and insert it in her mother’s day card. Give it to her early in the day, so she knows that by late afternoon/early evening, you’ll have the kids all cleaned up and ready to go to the show.

Pick up any nearby friends and relatives on the way and get ready to have a blast! Capone’s is giving all mother’s a flower on Sunday evening, so if flowers are a tradition as a gift for you, Capone’s has you covered. If taking her out to dinner is tradition, Capone’s has you covered. If taking her to a show is tradition,Capone’s has you covered! It’s fun for all ages, so the mother in your life doesn’t have to choose between an evening with adults or an evening with kids – everyone gets to enjoy dinner & a show!

Tickets are just $32.99 per adult (when you order online) and $20.99 per child (4-12). If you have a large group, you can get a group discount, but you’ll have to call 1-800-220-8428 (ask for Lori) to find out more details about group rates. It’s a simple solution for a great gift for the mother in your life. Hope you’re ready for a fantastic Mother’s Day in Orlando! We are!!

Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre Features Comedian Jon Lovitz

The Orlando Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre is featuring a well-known comedian and actor this weekend, Friday, January 8 – 10. Jon Lovitz is making a special engagement at 4 different shows. The cost of a ticket is $30. Friday’s show begins at 8:00; Saturday there are two shows – 7:30 p.m. and 10:15 p.m.; Sunday at 7:30 p.m. You must be 21 years of age or older. Sorry kiddies!Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre features famous comedian Jon Lovitz

Lovitz is widely known for the five years he was on the cast of Saturday Night Live. On this show he coined the phrase “That’s the ticket!” He created memorable characters: Tommy Flanagan the Pathological Liar, Shakespeare ham Master Thespian, Hanukkah Harry, and did hilarious impersonations of Michael Dukakis and Harvey Fierstein. Lovitz also acted in the following movies:

  • Three Amigos (1986)
  • A League of Their Own (1992)
  • The Wedding Singer (1998)
  • Small Time Crooks (2000)
  • Little Nicky (2000)
  • Rat Race (2001)
  • The Producers (2001)
  • Small Time Crooks (2000)
  • Hotel Transylvania I & II (2012 & 2015)
  • The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

In addition to film and stage acting, Lovitz has enjoyed a long and successful television career. His most prominent television credits include Newsradio, The Critic, Friends, Just Shoot Me, and The Simpsons. In 2007, he founded the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Los Angeles, where he gives weekly standup performances. The venue has also hosted many other famous comedians from around the world.

Early Performance on the Johnny Carson Show:

The Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre is a good destination when seeking a nice laugh over dinner. It was established over 40 years ago featuring mostly local comedians. Through the years nationally recognized improv comedians such as Robin Williams, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, and Drew Carey have performed here. Unlike some comedy clubs, this one is small enough that it feels comfortable without being too cramped or alternatively expansive. Show prices vary according to the talent, but are commonly priced around $25.

Your meal is not included in your dinner show ticket. Various appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, desserts and beverages are offered at an additional cost. Note: The theatre automatically includes an 18% gratuity to your dinner ticket. In the dim lights, you might miss it on your bill, even though they try to be obvious about the charge. The wait staff works hard and is careful not to interrupt the show, so they earn the tip.

The Orlando Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre is located at 9101 International Dr., Orlando, FL 32819. The entrance to the club is a little unusual. You enter through a restaurant that is owned by the club.

Add Comedy to Your Weekend Plans

This weekend, schedule your entertainment around Capone’s Dinner & Show and the Orlando Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre. Capone’s offers a show at 7:30 p.m. each night. Both options offer a good amount of comedy, so get to laughing! Attend both shows on any night and have a fun, enjoyable weekend. That’s the ticket!

Spotlight: DRIP Orlando Show

Why not Drip this weekend?

So it’s the weekend and you’re looking for something different to do. You don’t exactly feel like dressing up, but you are wanting to let loose. What do you do? Why not check out Orlando DRIP?! It’s Night Life + Arts & Culture + Theatre all in one, plus you get to be messy!

DRIP may be one of Orlando’s best kept secrets if you are into in-your-face (and all over your body) entertainment. The performances are held mainly on Fridays and Saturdays with an occasional show on Thursday. Most shows are for 21 years of age and up, although they do offer a rare show where minors are allowed if accompanied by an adult.

Drip Orlando

The venue is located at 8747 International Dr., Orlando, FL 32819, behind Denny’s and Señor Frogs. They are in the same building directly behind Denny’s. So if you are looking to experience an Orlando dinner show, you’ll have plenty of places to grab a bite to eat either before or after the show. Doors usually open around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. with the show starting soon after. The performance lasts about 50 minutes. Most people will stay for the party after until midnight. Where else can you go and drink orange, yellow, red and blue beers on draft? They also serve wine, champagne cocktails, sangria and saki shots.

This is one show that will appease your artsy friends. The performances are highly visual…and messy. Imagine colored sand, raining paint and flying water which most likely will land on you. The show’s music is composed by David Traver of the Blue Man Group, so you know the senses will be excited.

DRIP Orlando Show Tickets

Tickets range in price from $35 to $79 and can be purchased online. If this is something you really want to do, be sure to pre-purchase your tickets. Only 100 people are allowed into the show. There are no seats. This is “rock concert” entertainment and you are in the splash zone (the entire building is considered a splash zone). The audience stands throughout the show.

Tickets include a white DRIP t-shirt. Be sure to dress down. Jeans, t-shirts, flip-flops and anything else you don’t care to ruin is best. Before the show starts, you have the opportunity to have your shirt styled and cut by one of the DRIP fashionistas. You can even get a little messy before the show starts! Drinks are not included in your admission ticket. Parking (first come first serve) is free, however, it is limited so you might want to consider the $5 parking in front of Señor Frogs or next door at Hooters.

Parties and Events

This weekend Orlando dinner show might also be a great way to celebrate a birthday or a location for a bachelorette party. Even corporate events are held here. They offer plenty of bathrooms, a prep kitchen, green room, backstage area, audio/visual equipment and other amenities that appeal to the meeting planner. They can even come to you and offer off-site performance installations large and small and have mastered the ability to contain and control the mess.

Even if you aren’t planning to go to I-drive on a weekend, you may want to now. If you are a neat freak, get over it! You’re going to get messy. You’re going to have fun. You’re going to DRIP!

For more information, go to or call 347-855-3747.

If you want to dress up (just a little) and not get messy, Capone’s Dinner & Show is just down the road. Dinner and show is included in your ticket for about the same price as DRIP. Oh, and drinks are included too!

Music, Dancing (& Acrobatics) at this Orlando Show

If you love Capone’s Dinner & Show, chances are you would be open to experiencing other performing arts, such as a Broadway musical. After all, Capone’s entertains their guests for about two+ hours with a lot of singing and dancing and engages the audience similarly to a Broadway show production. Want some acrobatics too? Experience a Broadway show in Orlando! It’s easy…

Between April 21 & 26, an opportunity to see one of the best award-winning Broadway shows will be featured at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. “Pippin” will be performed eight (8) times within 7 days and you should not miss it. If you think the show sounds familiar, there is a good reason. Forty years ago the show was performed on Broadway and it stole the hearts of everyone who saw it. In 2013, the musical production returned to Broadway and won a Tony award. However, this touring show has been recreated like never before, and it is receiving raving reviews.

Pippin Broadway Show

The choreography, breathtaking acrobatics and musical performances are extraordinary. Remember Sasha Allen from The Voice? She’s spectacular in Pippin! Not only do the talented troupe of performers dance and sing, they also perform acrobatics! Pippin’s set is a circus; the tent which forms the stage is literally moved from city to city. Directed by Tony winner Diane Paulus (Hair and The Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess), this captivating new production will entertain and mesmerize.

Pippin tells the story of a young prince on a death-defying journey to find meaning in his existence. Will he choose a happy but simple life? Or will he risk everything for a singular flash of glory?

If video doesn’t play, see it at this link.

Where can you get Orlando dinner show tickets? Unlike Capone’s Dinner & Show, where half-price online tickets include dinner, for this performance, you will need to supply your own dinner prior to the Orlando show (or after the matinee). A Broadway show is a must-see if you live in Orlando. Even visitors to the area should take this opportunity to see this show. Tickets and show schedule for Pippin can be found at Tickets start at $33.75 online or you may call 800.448.6322 to speak with a ticketing associate.

Orlando Theater Season Tickets

While you’re on the Orlando Broadway website, check out the season tickets. Although they are not available yet, they will be soon. Starting at $219, your season tickets will allow first access to show tickets for your friends, great seats, Broadway Bon Appetit dining discount offers (so it can be an Orlando dinner show!) and many other benefits. The 2015-16 six-show season package includes this sensational lineup:

  • Cinderella
  • Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical
  • The Sound of Music
  • Kinky Boots
  • Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage
  • Beautiful – The Carole King Musical

If you want to see a great dinner show, save a night for Capone’s. The nightly performance even accepts guests without reservations (if not sold out), so it can be a last-minute decision. If you want some acrobatics mixed in with the show, wait for April 21 and see Pippin. Either performance is sure to entertain.