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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Are You Ready?

The Easter Bunny has come and gone, now for some Mother’s Day gift ideas. With Easter being late this year, there are a lot of folks that might be surprised to know that Mother’s Day in Orlando is just around the corner! So soon, in fact, that many sons, daughters, husbands and significant others are not ready for this special date. Are you?

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

How will you honor the mother in your life this year? The #1 gift is giving flowers. While this is nice, it should be way down on your list of thoughtful ways to show your appreciation. Flowers are pretty, but come on, they die! It’s not practical and most moms I know, really don’t WANT them for Mother’s Day. Plants are a little better, but at least offer to help water it every once-in-a-while.

Then there are the gifts of candles and perfume. Nice smell, but just a way to make up for, or cover up the dirty laundry/odors Mom has to put up with each day.

If you’re giving her a technology product, make sure it is for HER. Don’t give her the fish finder you’ve been dreaming of, or the gaming system the kids have been begging for. Personally, I bought 3 iPods for my children years before someone was thoughtful enough to buy one just for me!

The spa/massage/pampering gifts are very nice; you’re getting warmer. Jewelry is great – if you can afford it and the selection matches her taste. Save the receipt in case she wants to exchange it. Chocolates and candy are nice – if Mom isn’t on a diet or weight conscious. If she is checking the scales, help her out by not placing these temptations near her.

Taking her out to dinner is an excellent Mother’s Day gift idea. Not only does it give her a break from kitchen duties at home, but she also gets to spend TIME with her loved ones, which is quite often what a mother really wants on Mother’s Day. Time that is spent honoring her, not forcing her to plan a meal, clean up, entertain, care for others, etc. Time when others are caring for her.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - dinner show ticketsMother’s Day Orlando Dinner Show

If you’d like to cover more than one traditional gift for mom this year, take her and the entire family out for a dinner and a showCapone’s Dinner & Show! Go ahead and get the kids up early and serve Mom breakfast in bed. (PLEASE clean up the kitchen before you let her see the mess you’ve made!) Print out the special Mother’s Day page Capone’s has online and insert it in her mother’s day card. Give it to her early in the day, so she knows that by late afternoon/early evening, you’ll have the kids all cleaned up and ready to go to the show.

Pick up any nearby friends and relatives on the way and get ready to have a blast! Capone’s is giving all mother’s a flower on Sunday evening, so if flowers are a tradition as a gift for you, Capone’s has you covered. If taking her out to dinner is tradition, Capone’s has you covered. If taking her to a show is tradition,Capone’s has you covered! It’s fun for all ages, so the mother in your life doesn’t have to choose between an evening with adults or an evening with kids – everyone gets to enjoy dinner & a show!

Tickets are just $32.99 per adult (when you order online) and $20.99 per child (4-12). If you have a large group, you can get a group discount, but you’ll have to call 1-800-220-8428 (ask for Lori) to find out more details about group rates. It’s a simple solution for a great gift for the mother in your life. Hope you’re ready for a fantastic Mother’s Day in Orlando! We are!!


Easter Around Orlando & at Capone’s Dinner Show

Happy Easter from Capone's Dinner & Show

Easter is a fun time to be in Orlando visiting the attractions and Capone’s Dinner & Show. This Friday is Good Friday, and throughout the Easter weekend, crowds are expected to be higher at the theme parks than the past few weekends. Special offers can be found for various theme parks and attractions.

Easter Dinner Show

Capone’s Dinner & Show is open every day of the year, and on every holiday. With a delicious buffet with all-you-can-eat access, this is a great choice for your evening meal. On Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 each paying adult guest receives a free Capone’s shot glass, and each paid child ticket receives a fun fedora hat! Along with half price tickets, it’s like finding the golden egg!  Many families return year after year, because it is such a great experience for all ages.

Holy Land Experience

The Bible-themed Orlando attraction, Holy Land Experience, will join Pastors Tye and Shante’ Tribbett as they launch liVe Church at Holy Land Experience on Easter Sunday. The Grammy award-winning gospel musician Tye Tribbett will present a powerful message & song beginning at 11:00 a.m. This is a great way to celebrate the religious holiday in Orlando.

Easter Sunrise Services

Most churches in Orlando offer an Easter service and a few have them scheduled at sunrise. A few theme parks and attractions celebrate Easter with sunrise and early morning services too. SeaWorld Orlando and Bok Tower Gardens in nearby Lake Wales, are two of them.

Regardless of how you spend your Easter weekend, the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show want to wish you a “Hoppy Easter!” We hope you get to spend it with your family, and “THE Family” at Capone’s Dinner & Show. The fun begins at 7:30 p.m. (arrive early), so get hoppin’ and purchase your tickets online now at half price!


Celebrate Valentine’s at Capone’s Dinner Show

Celebrate Valentine’s at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Reservations at some Orlando restaurants are difficult to get on this sweetheart holiday. Movie theaters are packed on any evening, but Valentine’s can be even busier. For these reasons, and many more, you’d best have your plans in order, and your plans should definitely include Capone’s!
Valentine's at Capone's

Tuesday, February 14th – 2 shows – 5:00 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.


Capone’s Dinner & Show makes it easy for their guests this year offering 2 shows. Surely one of the shows will work into your busy weekday schedule! The early show (5pm) offers everything the late show (8:30pm) offers which includes:

  • free parking
  • a secret password to enter the speakeasy (general admission)
  • dinner – all you can eat buffet including the salad bar and meat carving station
  • yummy dessert
  • show filled with singing, dancing and stand-up comedy
  • gangster shoot out – with an opportunity to win prizes!  

Capone’s has been celebrating Valentine’s Day for 25 years, entertaining guests of all ages. The ability to appeal to such a wide range of ages is one of the reasons for this Orlando dinner show’s success. Another reason is the entertainment value. The show is funny, action-packed and has just enough romance to top off your Valentine’s experience. The food quality has dramatically improved over the years and the menu now features many homemade dishes, including fresh homemade pasta! A new meat carving station and fresh salad bar ensure there is something for everyone, even the kids. Add to this the unlimited beverage selection, which includes over 15 choices; beer and wine too!

Valentine’s VIP

Want to treat your date like a V.I.P.? VIP Upgrades* are offered on a limited basis for each show. For an additional charge of only $12/adult and $9/kid (4-12), your upgrade will include (in addition to the above):

  • early admission into Al’s Four Deuces Lounge
  • casino chips for table games
  • one free drink in a take-home souvenir glass
  • center section seating or choice private tables
  • first-in-line privileges (entrance, seating and buffet)

Discounted Rates for Valentine’s at Capone’s

Regular rates for this Orlando dinner show are $65.99 for adults and $41.99 for children (ages 4-12) and free for children 3 and under. However, you can mention the internet special when calling in your reservation and receive 50% off or purchase your tickets online and get them at half price. Your ticket purchase covers everything except gratuity! Where else can you go on Valentine’s Day weekend and only spend $32.99/adult and $20.99/child and get all of this?

Black feathered boaCapone’s Dinner & Show also offers costume accessories to help get into the era and spirit. Purchase a boa for the lady and a fedora for the gent, and you have instant participation without a lot of hassle! Be sure to order your dress-the-part costumes at the time you make your reservations and save 10% by entering the promotional code “Outfit” when checking out.

If you still need to make last minute Valentine’s plans, just go to and make reservations or order VIP tickets and relax. You’re going to have a great time. Your special someone is really going to enjoy the show, and you’ll come away smelling like…well, a dozen roses! Please Note: The roses are YOUR responsibility…Al don’t want nothin’ to do wit’ dat.

*There are a few restrictions concerning young children in the VIP section, so please call if you need clarification.


VIP Valentine’s Experience at Capone’s!

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away. Have you made your reservations? Do you have special plans for your sweetheart this year? Don’t delay another minute – CLICK HERE – and make the best decision to spend Valentine’s Day with a fun, loving group of mobsters and dames. The gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show will treat you like a VIP and make your special date an evening to remember.

Order VIP Tickets

“I’ve been living in Florida for the past 10 years and I had never been to Capones. My husband finally took me for my b-day on valentines day and i had a blast! I laughed from the minute I walked in through the doors untill i left the show. I enjoyed it very much and i’m looking forward to returning with my family. Ms. Jules had a beautiful voice!” – Maria C.

Avoid a “Valentines Massacre” and celebrate Valentines Day Tuesday, February 14th at the early (5:00 p.m.) or late (8:30 p.m.) show with the gang at Capones Dinner & Show. Our action-packed speakeasy & cabaret has just enough comedy and romance to satisfy any romantic interest. Fall in love with our talented performers as you dine at an all-you-can-eat Italian/American buffet. Unlimited drinks are included too!

The VIP Valentines Day Experience at Capones Dinner & Show costs only $89.88* per couple and includes:

  • 2 Tickets for the Dinner and Show
  • VIP Seating offering our best seats in the house (choice private tables available)
  • Priority Seating – We seat Valentine’s Day VIP experience guests first (provided you are on time)
  • Early admission with casino chips in Al’s Four Deuces Lounge
  • 2 Beverages of your choice in Al’s Secret Hideaway Bar served in Capone’s souvenir glasses for you to take home

On-Site Accommodations at Seasons Florida Resort

Seasons Florida ResortMake more than just a short evening out of your Valentine’s celebration. Make overnight reservations at the on-site hotel, Seasons Florida Resort. Check in late in the afternoon and enjoy relaxing poolside. Rest up! Then walk over to Capone’s for an evening to remember. No need to fuss about who will drive or getting a taxi at the end of the evening. Seasons Florida Resort is a great choice.

Make Reservations

Amenities at the hotel include:

  • 100% Smoke Free Hotel
  • Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool and Sun Deck with Lounge Chairs and Shade Umbrella
  • Complimentary Light Breakfast Buffet
  • Free Wireless High Speed Fiber Optic Internet in Public Areas and Guest Rooms
  • High Definition Cable TV with 3 HBO Channels
  • Free Local Calls
  • Ice/Vending Machines
  • Free Parking (Car, Truck & Motorcoach)
  • Elevator Access to All Floor
  • 24 Hour Front Desk
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Area Tourist Information
  • and more!

  • Seasons Florida Resort Hotel
    Comfortable bedding

VIP Valentine’s

Whether your VIP Valentine’s Day celebration in Orlando only lasts a few hours, or is celebrated overnight, you cant go wrong spending it at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Sweethearts of all ages love our show – youre gonna have a blast!

*plus tax


Thanksgiving Day Alternative – Capone’s Can Save the Day!

Thanksgiving Day Alternative – when things just don’t go as planned…

Big Al, here. Jus’ wantin’ to put a bug in your brain; a notion in your noggin.’ We’re gearing up for the holidays here at my joint – Capone’s Dinner & Show. I think there are more elves runnin’ ‘round than wise guys these days! Anyways, what I want yous to think ‘bout this Thursday has nothin’ to do with being thankful. Well, I guess it does in a way.

You sees, I’m bettin’ that some of yous is going to have a day much like famous Thanksgivings everywhere. Not in a good famous way ‘neither. The day jus’ doesn’t go as planned. Yous got the relatives comin’ from all over the country. Who doesn’t want to come to Florida for the holidays? They’re already tired of the cold up north, and some have even had to shovel snow this season for goodness sakes, so what’s not to love ‘bout coming to your place for Thanksgiving?

Capone's is a great Thanksgiving Day alternative.

A burnt turkey isn’t in the plans, but Capone’s Dinner & Show should be!

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Things don’t go as planned. Usually this has to do with the bird. The TURKEY. I’ve heard so many horror stories ‘bout the bird. If yous want to read some for yourself, go over to and read ‘bout these poor saps. Why people have such a hard time cooking a turkey, I have no idea. Mama Capone fixes up a fine looking bird every night of the week. It’s nice an’ brown, juicy, tender, yum, yum. A fine steak and pork roast are also on our menu.

Get the Free-loaders Outta Your House

So where I’m headin’ with this notion is… If you end up with a house full of relatives and something doesn’t go as planned, don’ try to save the day, jus’ head over to my joint. It’s a great Thanksgiving day alternative. We’ll be servin’ up a buffet of holiday favorites as well as a holiday show that’ll knock your socks off. It’ll also get all those free-loaders, I mean relatives, outta your house for an evening.

It doesn’t matter if there are jus’ two of you, or an entire gang, sometimes, it’s jus’ easier to go out to eat on Thanksgiving day. Sit around all morning and afternoon. Watch the parades and games on TV, then head over to Capone’s Dinner & Show. It sure beats cleanin’ up after a mess too. Everyone will enjoy the meal, the entertainment and will have a Thanksgiving to remember.  All ages love our dinner show – it’s a family-friendly experience.

If you have a Thanksgiving horror story you’d like to share with Al, please comment here on our blog.

If it’s planned far in advance or a last-minute, oh-my-gosh-what-are-we-gonna-do, ditch-effort to save Thanksgiving Day, me an’ my wise guys an’ gals are here for you and your gang. Our Orlando dinner show is a perfect Thanksgiving Day alternative plan. And for that you can be thankful!