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Love Audience Interaction? Meet Bullitts: Featured Wise Guy

Guest Service Spotlight

Most of my guests are lookin’ for a fun time and audience interaction when they attend Capone’s Dinner Show. So’s that’s why havin’ palookas… I mean personable fellas, workin’ at my joint is so important. Yous sees all the dames, servers and wise guys at my speakeasy are special, but this month’s featured ‘goon’ is Bullitts. (Don’t ask me why he spells it that way, it’s just the way it is.)

Meet Bullitts, he offers plenty of audience interaction at Capone's Dinner & Show

Bullitts made his way down from Pawtucket, RI several years ago. In February of 2004 he joined our gang and has been a loyal member of ‘the family’ ever since. Probably ‘cuz he needs the kale to feed his ever-growing family. Yous sees Bullitts has seven children – hince the name, Bullitts. Yous can believe we’ve heard him say, “no ‘shooting blanks’ jokes, folks” more often than we can count! Even at home, Bullitts has an audience, so it jus’ stands to reason why he’s so good at gettin’ a crowd involved. One thing’s for sure, all those mouths to feed keeps Bullitts on his toes and workin’ hard at my joint.

One of the things Bullitts likes best ‘bout working at this Kissimmee dinner show is the atmosphere. He loves interacting with guests and being a goofball. There’s nothin’ like a goofy gangster runnin’ ‘round makin’ people laugh. Speakin’ of runnin’ ‘round… There was a time Bullitts’ hands were full of glassware and his belt decided to break. Wow! What a show! Even with his pants fallin’ down – stopping the show in laughter – Bullitts didn’t skip a beat. What a pal!

Audience Interaction at Capone’s

At Capone’s Dinner & Show, one of our guests’ favorite part is the audience interaction. We can get everyone involved somehow. Even the kids. Then there are some people that jus’ love to heckle. If you’s one of ‘em, Bullitts can out-heckle the best of hecklers! I’d bet on it, if I were a gamblin’ man. Alternately, if you’d rather not get so involved, ask for a table farther away from the action when yous make your reservation. We understand not everyone loves being in the spotlight like Bullitts does. He likes it so much that he wishes we had more than one show a day! Yous know what? Some days we do have two shows! Visit our showtimes page and see when matinees, early shows and late shows take place. More than likely Bullitts will be here waitin’ on yous.

As it is (unfortunately), there are times our guests take the audience interaction a little too personal. Our wise guys are pretty quick to pick up on the high-hats that can’t take a joke. But seriously folks, if Bullitts can joke with a lady in a wheelchair tellin’ her he’s going to switch out her oxygen tank with laughing gas, then yous can lighten up too, capisce?! It’s not like we’re going to put yous in front of the chopper squad if yous smile a little. Forget-about-it…We’re here to have fun!

How to Meet Bullitts – Buy Discounted Dinner Show Tickets!

If you’d like to meet Bullitts, or any of my wise guys and gals here at Capone’s Dinner & Show, we’ve made it easy. Jus’ make your reservations online and get half price tickets! Come to our speakeasy an’ be part of the great audience interaction that Bullitts an’ the gang make happen every evening. Your entire family (including your 7 children) will enjoy the show and can play a part in the action. The laughter will do yous good, and the evening will be one for the history books.

Make Reservations

While you’re a guest at Capone’s Dinner & Show, be sure to meet Bullitts. He’s here nearly every night of the year. When he’s not, well, you can only imagine what he’s doin’ at home. We love our family & invite you to be a part of it too! Join us one evening soon.

Spotlight: Fun Spot America – Great Entertainment

Fun Spot America has offered great a entertainment value in Orlando since 1997 when the first of two locations opened. The International Drive location go-kart tracks became a famous attraction for local residents and tourists alike. A second location on Highway 192 in Kissimmee opened in 2007 with other rides, such as the SkyCoaster. Both locations offer plenty of arcade games, thrill rides and family fun.

The famFun Spot Americaily-owned and operated amusement parks have used the tag line, “It’s HUGE!” for years. Now more than ever, that statement rings true. Their International Drive location has recently expanded from 5 acres to 15 acres with even more room for growth. This expansion includes a food court, new flat rides, a new go-kart track and two new roller coasters.

Fun Spot America Highlights

Fun Spot America has bragging rights in a couple areas. For one, the Kissimmee location SkyCoaster ride is the tallest in the world at 300 feet. The Orlando location’s SkyCoaster is second at 230 feet. This thrill ride provides a great view of the attraction area, as you are lifted high up into the air. Hang on! You’ll be swinging and swaying as you drop down to your original location.

Secondly, the White Lightning roller coaster is Orlando’s only wooden coaster. It is a steep, twisting ride with drops and plenty of airtime. Located at the International Drive location, it is paired with another coaster called Freedom Flyer, a suspended steel roller coaster with inverted rolls. Kissimmee’s location has plenty of thrill rides too. Included in their lineup is the Rockstar Coaster that contains sharp tight corners producing plenty of G-forces. One ride found at Kissimmee and not Orlando is the fun Bull Ride. Perfect for the cowboy-wanna-be in your group.

Fun Spot America Roller Coaster

Attraction Ticket Deals

In addition to a wide variety of rides and arcade games, Fun Spot America offers a unique ticket deal. It offers free admission! Buy a single day pass which includes most of the go-kart tracks and rides ($40.95), then pay as you want for additional arcade games and the SkyCoaster ride. ($40 for a single rider, $35 each for double riders and $30 each for triple riders.) If you are unsure or have a limited amount of time, you can simply pay as you ride. Another unique ticket deal is their Chauffeur pass. This is perfect for a little one that needs to ride with an adult on certain rides. The cost is only $9.95 for an adult to ride along. The rest of the time, sit back and watch with free wi-fi. What’s not to like?!

In celebration of the recent grand re-opening a special ticket deal is being offered. For only $74.50 per person, you can attend either park for the rest of this year with no black out dates! While this deal does not include the SkyCoaster ride or Bull Ride, it does include Gator Spot and all other thrill rides at both parks. Hurry! This deal expires September 5th.

Other Offers

Fun Spot America offers ticket deals a few times a year. They often offer a great birthday deal in June. Speaking of birthdays, they offer a free single day pass on your birthday. If you want to have your birthday party at Fun Spot, they offer special packages for groups (rides/food/party space). They can also host group and corporate events.

Compare Fun Spot Locations

The two locations have many similarities. Both parks are usually open from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. This makes it a fun thing to do after the major theme parks have closed. It also provides a great half-day attraction if you are looking to fill your schedule. Here are the two location’s particulars:

International Drive Fun Spot America

  • White Lightning- Orlando’s Only Wooden Roller Coaster
  • 4 Go-Kart Tracks: 3 multi-level, 1 speed track
  • 7 Family/Thrill Rides including Paratrooper, Rip Curl and Revolver
  • World’s Second Tallest SkyCoaster at 250 Feet
  • Cadet Go-Kart Track designed for 4, 5 and 6-year-olds
  • 8 Kid Spot Rides for Preschoolers
  • Over 100 Arcade Games 2 stories of indoor fun

Kissimmee, Highway 192 Fun Spot USA

  • World’s Tallest SkyCoaster
  • Bull Ride
  • 4 Go-Kart Tracks: 2 multi-level, 2 speed tracks
  • 10 Family/Thrill Rides including Rockstar Coaster and Screamin’ Eagles
  • 8 Kid Spot Rides for younger ages
  • Over 60 Arcade Games – indoor fun

For half the cost of the big theme parks, Fun Spot America is a great bargain. It is a lot of fun and will remind you of what attractions used to be decades ago.

Another attraction at half price is Orlando’s best dinner show deal at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Tickets are 50% off when purchased online. It is another unique attraction that is fun for the entire family. Either attraction will “hit the spot” for fun at a bargain price.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to Feature Angry Birds

Angry Birds Space Image

A new space encounter attraction at KSC is coming in March. Guests at this Central Florida theme park will have the opportunity to enter the Angry Birds wormhole and choose to interact with several exhibits featuring the famous birds. Even guests who are not familiar with the game may be drawn into this interactive experience.

Angry Birds is a video game that started as a simple Apple iOS download for touchscreen devices late in 2009. Its popularity prompted developer Rovio Entertainment to design versions for other operating systems, including video game consoles and PCs. The game began as a player using a slingshot to launch angry birds at pigs with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playing field. Since then, it has evolved with numerous levels, updates, versions and editions. There is even talk of a feature film or television series in the future. The game is addictive, comical and, because of its low price, has been downloaded over 1 billion times.

At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex guests will be able to interact with the Angry Birds in several different ways. They can create their own Angry Bird on a computer screen; these wingless birds have all sorts of outfits, feather/hair color and accessories. However, their eyebrows are always pointed downward in a scorned position even when the character seems to want to smile.

If puzzles are your passion, there will be an Angry Birds sliding puzzle game at the attraction which upon success will reveal an Angry Bird character. There will also be, of course, the opportunity to show off your slingshot skills in an Angry Birds target game. You can also experience the Danger Zone mirror maze, the Red Planet Laser Challenge and have a photo taken with the Angry Birds (on a green screen background) to remember your experience at this Central Florida attraction.

Angry Birds Park Logo ImageWith Angry Birds rated as one of the most mainstream and popular games out there, KSC is hoping it will bring guests in and give them yet another fun thing to do in Central Florida. It has already been a success at a Finland amusement park called Särkänniemi where an entire portion of the theme park is dedicated to Angry Birds rides and games. So who knows how far these birds will fly here in Central Florida!

The cost to enter the Angry Birds wormhole is included in the price of admission at KSC. Adult tickets at this Florida attraction are usually $50 while children cost $40. Information and tickets are available online at www.kennedyspacecenter.com.