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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend from Al’s pals!

Just a quick note from Al and the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show to wish all Mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day weekend. We certainly hope that whatever your plans are for this special time, you’ll think of Mom and include her (if you can).

Special Mother’s Day Show

Our Mother’s Day Show is filling up fast. There’s no shame in treating the lady in your life early if you must. Friday and Saturday shows may not offer a free flower for all the dames, but there will still be plenty of laughs. Besides Mom won’t have to do the dishes after eating at our all-you-can-eat buffet. Our evening shows start at 7:30 p.m. this weekend.

Capone's Characters at Mother's Day dinner show in Orlando

The above Orlando dinner show photo features who else, but new “momma” Bunny June with Fingers and Francis Alouicous Salvatorio, Jr.; AKA “Little Pinky.” The parenthood experience was featured in the 2013 show. There were many hilarious moments in which all mothers related to during this scene. The 2017 anniversary new show has even more funny instances. The all-new show is faster paced and a delight for the entire family.

Read Some Recent Reviews of the New Show at Capone’s…

Orlando dinner show review sent in by ‘G. Shorey’ on Facebook, written April 30, 2017.

“After years watching your old show and enjoying ever minute of them. You all rose to the high level of another great performance of smiles grins and laughter ? The food, waiter Vito and staff made it special too! I know it was new and the new will be perfected even more. Good luck in the future. I’m sure the Shorey’s and friends will be there many mores times.”

Another Orlando dinner show sent in by ‘K. Kunecki’ on Facebook, written May 3, 2017.

“My daughter and I loved the show. laughed a lot! Food was great. Our waiter was wonderful…Definitely will be back:)”

Another Orlando dinner show sent in by ‘Frankiefluffy’ on Trip Advisor, written May 6, 2017.

“Great funny value for money night out – Went here last week it was first night of the new show and was great very funny night time show including food and drinks, plenty of food choice and very tasty, glasses were filled up as soon as you took a sip from them, staff and area all in character settings. You can go dressed up or casual, large free car park . Still suitable for children if you need to take them with you. Will recommend and go again on our next visit.”

The wise guys/gals and Al, here at Capone’s Dinner & Show, thank everyone for their positive reviews. We love our repeat offenders! We also love having your friends and families join us year after year as our guests. You are the reason our show and service continue to be the best in Central Florida.

Don’t forget to treat mom this weekend if you’re able. Of course, we think a dinner show is a perfect way to have fun with your entire gang! See you at Capone’s and happy Mother’s Day!

The Diamond Horseshoe Table-Service Dining

Beginning this coming Sunday, March 13 The Diamond Horseshoe table-service dining will begin. This is a new dining option within the Magic Kingdom Park. Lunch and dinner will be served daily at a cost of $33 per adult (plus tax) and $19 for children 3-9 years old.

The Diamond Horseshoe Table-Service Dining

The Diamond Horseshoe Table-Service Dining Menu

BBQ turkey sandwich on cornbreadThe feast will begin with a salad followed by your choice of entrée. The main dishes include the choice of BBQ pulled turkey served over cornbread, spit-roasted ham served with country beans or stewed beef served with mashed potatoes. Seasonal veggies are included as well as all-you-care-to-enjoy cornbread. Beverages of soft drinks, tea, coffee and milk are included.

There isn’t a vegetarian option on the menu, however, they’ll have something if you request it from your server. The meal is completed with your choice of dessert. An apple tart or a Campfire Brownie (a brownie on a graham cracker crust, topped with a toasted marshmallow). Yummy!

At this time, it is unclear if The Diamond Horseshoe Table-Service Dining is a seasonal option or if it will continue into the summer. Reservations are available from March 13 to May 30 by calling 407-WDW-DINE. It is also unclear if the Stage Show will return. At this price there is sure to be some sort of entertainment! Hopefully, it will be more than a piano player. In the 90’s The Diamond Horseshoe stage show, which included can-can dancers, was very popular.

If The Diamond Horseshoe Table-Service Dining is well accepted, it could very well become yet another Orlando dinner show people will return to year after year while visiting Disney. Only time will tell. However, for about the same price there is a Kissimmee dinner show that has proven itself over and over….Capone’s Dinner & Show, of course.

Stage Show & Buffet Withstanding the Test of Time

Capone’s Dinner & Show offers a true “all-you-can-eat” buffet. You are not limited on a choice of one entrée item. Try them all! Come back to the buffet line a second time if you’d like. Want salad? Hit the salad bar. There are several meat-less dishes offered, as well as a meat carving station. All of this, plus a show that has rewarded Capone’s a certificate of excellence five years in a row from Tripadvisor.

If The Diamond Horseshoe table-service dining in Magic Kingdom Park falls short of your expectations, head down the road to Capone’s Dinner & Show. There won’t be any saloon doors to walk through, but the secret entrance into this speakeasy will take you back to an era of fun and entertainment. The stage show is spectacular and is open year round.

New Dinner Show Concept for Cirque du Soleil

A new dinner show concept is in the works which combines a Cirque du Soleil performance with a nice dinner and champagne. It will be spectacular. The only issue is you’ll have to go to Mexico to experience it!

Cirque du Soleil features 19 shows at various venues around the world. The new Vidanta Theater in Riviera Maya will be their first dinner-and-show venue. The Canadian-based company states it will be a place where “performance and culinary creativity” meet.

The 600-seat theater is being built and promises to be a very intimate building with a natural pool and the beauty of the Yucatan’s jungle. The theater is located between the Cancun International Airport and Playa del Carmen in the heart of the resort area. It is expected to be complete sometime in May.

Vidanta Theater

Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Grupo Vidanta

This new dinner show concept could easily come to Cirque’s shows in the United States. The Las Vegas and Orlando shows would be a perfect location, however, the large theater size and audience could be a challenge. Since smaller shows and a drastic change in the venue layout would be required, it appears you’ll have to go to Mexico to experience this dinner show. I have my passport – let’s go!!

Currently there is no word on the new dinner show’s theme or how much tickets will cost. The Orlando Cirque du Soleil show is themed La Nouba – the story of all stories, the site of all mysteries, where dreams and nightmares sleep side by side. Attractions tickets generally run from $63 to $150. The Vegas show at the Bellagio, “O” is an aquatic masterpiece of surrealism and theatrical romance. Show tickets generally range from $109 to several hundred dollars (VIP).

If you are looking for an intimate Orlando dinner show, Capone’s Dinner & Show offers the best show in a smaller theater setting. Raving reviews keep this dinner-and-show concept alive and well after more than 20 years. The show and cuisine are not advertised as “exquisite,” but rather “good, plenty, affordable and fun.” I highly recommend it. No need for a passport, just a secret password to enter the theater. Fun!

Capone’s Dinner & Show Feels the Love

Capone’s Dinner & Show is feelin’ the love this Valentine’s Day – every day, actually. Over the course of a year, the theater has hosted close to 400 productions with many sold out shows. The wait staff has served over 100 thousand drinks (not all alcoholic beverages – lol), and the kitchen has prepared so many meals, it’s mind boggling. The fan base is comprised of folks of all ages, and Capone’s loves them all!

Capone's Dinner & Show

Currently Capone’s Dinner & Show has 7,250 likes on Facebook. If “likes” were “love,” that would be a lot of love! On Trip Advisor, Capone’s has more reviews from the community than any other active Orlando dinner show. Over 700 of the 900+ reviews rate this attraction “very good” to “excellent.” With these positive reviews, Capone’s has earned a certificate of excellence three years in a row. The love just keeps growing.

Orlando Dinner Show Reviews

Here is just a small sample of some of the most recent reviews of this Orlando dinner show:

“We were very pleasantly surprised with the great food selection and taste. Plus the show was very entertaining and a lot of fun.”

“This place is so awesome- the show is so much fun and so funny! The buffet style meal is top quality, with plenty to eat and chose from. ONE SUPER DINNER SHOW NIGHT OUT!!!! We have done this show numerous times, and always have a ball!”

“We do enjoy our show and dining. Good shows and good food. Good prices also. and its even good for the kids to enjoy. We visit every Aug and we will until you all shut the doors.”

“We celebrated our first anniversary there on the 1/24. The cast “picked on” my husband the whole show and I have never laughed so much! The food was good and plentiful. Biggest meatballs I’ve ever seen. The drinks were not watered down and the wait staff took really good care of everyone. I’ve told everyone if they go to Orlando, they have to go to Capone’s!”

“Capones has been around for a long time! My family has been going for at least 12 Years… The show is constantly changing and is always entertaining! The servers are sassy and fun, the show is funny and the food is great! Over the past 6 months, the food has even gotten better! (Special thanks to Chef Teddy!!) You can’t go wrong with great food, good entertainment and all you want to drink!! Thanks Capones for a great night out! :)”

The staff at Capone’s Dinner & Show is very appreciative of their huge fan base. In a time where customer satisfaction isn’t always appreciated, the folks at Capone’s Dinner & Show are always willing to do what needs to be done to make the guest’s experience a positive one. The owner, John Kucik, states “While it’s impossible to please all guests we certainly do our best at Capone’s Dinner & Show. If for ANY reason you are dissatisfied with our dinner or show please ask to speak to a manager so we can try to please your party. Guest satisfaction is Capone’s Dinner & Show’s top priority. I am always willing to listen, so if you’re still not happy, call and ask for me.”

From their guest’s feedback, Capone’s Dinner & Show has made many positive changes throughout their (over 20 year) history to be sure guests leave happy. From better food service, enhanced sound system, theatre renovations and more, if you’re not feelin’ the love from Al and the gang, you might need a defibrillator! Get your heart beating to the songs of the show and warm up to the buffet. This Orlando dinner show has enough love to spread around. Happy Valentine’s Day from Al and the gang!

Orlando Dinner Show Anniversaries

This past year, Capone’s Dinner & Show marked its 20th anniversary and produced a new show, revamping a 10-year run from the last new show. This coming year, Arabian Nights dinner show will be celebrating their 25th anniversary. They are now featuring a new show called, “The Royal Celebration.” This is significant, because it will be the first complete revision of the show in 14 years.

The Royal Celebration
This Orlando dinner show spins a tale of romance and magic taking place on the wedding day of Princess Amirah. Her groom is none other than Prince Raswan from another tribe. These two kingdoms are the most powerful kingdoms in the Empire, so, as you might expect, it reckons to be a royal event. You can also expect a little rivalry between these 2 tribes. Can they come together as the prince and princess have?

This Orlando dinner show has not forgotten what has made it a favorite amongst dinner show guests. The horses. The famous Al-Marah Arabian horses are spectacular. They are joined with 12 other breeds including American Quarter horses, Belgian draft horses and Percherons. Just as Capone’s has kept some of their guests’ favorite parts of the show in all of their sequels, including the stand-up comedy portion of the show, Arabian Nights has kept a few of their guest favorites in this new show. For one, the Black Arabian Stallion along with its highly skilled rider remain a large part of the show and are sure to impress.

The new show at Arabian Nights features new costumes, music and interior decor. Sound familiar? It should. Capone’s Dinner & Show has shown a great amount of success when they renovated their theater, added new sets, lighting, sound and costumes. For guests that return from a previous visit, it can make a big difference.

While some of the reviews of this new show at Arabian Nights have not been well received, most horse-lovers will appreciate the incredible beauty of the horses in the show and the difficulty of the routines they perform. They are not looking so much for a plot to the show, but can enjoy the dinner show for what it is. Capone’s Dinner Show offers two different shows for their guests. This comes after numerous requests to bring back their old show once their die-hard fans had a chance to experience the all-new anniversary show. Now guests get the best of both worlds, a new show and a favorite show.

Capone’s Dinner & Show has implemented many food changes during their big anniversary year. A new salad bar has been set up with fresh seasonal favorites. Having it separate from the rest of the food has sped up the line to the buffet. This Orlando dinner show has also included a meat carving station with steak, turkey and pork. This ensures freshness and a nice variety. Arabian Nights has not changed this portion of their dinner show ticket. The bleacher-style seating and plated food remain the same. They have added VIP tickets and an unlimited drink ticket package, which, unlike Capone’s, cost extra, but is reasonable.

If you’ve attended Arabian Nights recently and have comments, please share them on our blog. We’d like to know your thoughts about the new show at Arabian Nights in Orlando.