Listen up Orlando’s not only about Micky and Minnie there’s so much more instore for your gang and you can save some cash. Al sure would look favorably on you if yous should decide to spend a little of it at his prohibition era speakeasy. It’s a guaranteed blast!

Depening on your particular pleasure Orlando offers some real hidden gems. Orlando boasts some wonderful gardens such as Leu Gardens near downtown Orlando. A little culture perhaps at one of the areas many museums which often offer some traveling exhibits that next month could be in Washington D.C. or New York City. Traveling companies of Broadway shows often come to Orlando. Those are just a few of the cultural fare Orlando and it’s surrounding areas offer.

There are so many quaint downtown areas through out the region such as Winter Park, Thorton Park, downtown Kissimme, St. Cloud, Mt. Dora and many others. If antiquing is your thing then Mt. Dora is Al’s first choice however it’s the furthest from the attraction areas. Second place is downtown St. Cloud and it’s delightful lakefront area and numerous dining options. Down Town Kissimmee is quaint, historic, closer to the attraction areas but has fewer antique shops and dining options. It’s also along a quite busy road which is a distraction.

Most of what Al is suggesting is a great way to spend a day. That leaves your nights free and Al thinks it would be real good for your health if yous were to spend one evening of your vacation at Capone’s Dinner & Show. Visit the gang at Capone’s Dinner & Show  find out more at

Al says to one and all have a great Orlando vacation!

Last Updated on August 9, 2023