Dining out can be considered a treat by just about anyone. During the month of September, dining out can be downright magical! Magical Dining Month is celebrated every year, and the list of great restaurants that participate keeps growing. The event started this year on August 18 and continues through October 1, 2023.

Visit Orlando Magical Dining Month

This special celebration consists of participating restaurants in Orlando, Kissimmee, in shopping malls/centers as well as several located within Orlando theme park resorts. Each location features at least one three-course, prix fixe dinner for only $40 or $60 per person. Many restaurants will advertise what the menu is on their website.

Sometimes, the draw is more about the restaurant itself. The location entices people to take advantage of this offer, regardless of what is being served. Want to check out one of the hot new restaurants in Winter Park? Now you can, for just $40. How about something downtown? Or the Milk District, Mills 50, or even one of the restaurants at a theme park? The list is plentiful and they all offer a three-course meal for either $40 or $60 during the Magical Dining event.

You may not think a prix fixe dinner sounds very appealing. Rest assured, the restaurants are going to feature some of their best cuisines for your Magical Dining experience. Choices being devoured at a plethora of restaurants include steak, seafood, sushi, Italian, Caribbean, Latin, American favorites and more. There are so many restaurants, you’d have to eat out at least twice a day. You still would not fit them all in within the month of September!

Magical Dining Month Participation

You do not need a special membership or card to receive this offer. Simply select the participating restaurant, make a reservation (or call the restaurant), and ask your server for the Magical Menu when you arrive. Then enjoy! For an easy-to-find list of participating restaurants, check out Visit Orlando’s website.

After your meal, you’ll leave with a full tummy and a warmth knowing that up to two dollars from each meal is donated to one or more local charities. This year 6 different charities will benefit from Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining. Go ahead. Indulge your inner gourmet with an appetizer, entree and dessert at a variety of trendy bistros and upscale dining destinations. At the end of September, you’ll be happy to have had the opportunity to eat out in such a magical way.

Half-Price Dinner

Capone’s Dinner & Show would like to remind families that our price is hard to beat. Adults are only $36.99* and children are $24.99* every day of the year when you purchase your tickets online. This includes the show, a delicious dinner and drinks! During this time of the year, our show begins at 7:30 p.m. and is wrapping up within a couple of hours. It’s a great time to dine magically in Orlando and experience Capone’s Dinner & Show!


*plus tax and gratuity. Groups with at least 15 adults can get a fantastic group rate.

Last Updated on August 31, 2023